Yoga practice, are you still seeing mountains?

Yoga practice, are you still seeing mountains?

I believe that many people have different motivations to learn yoga.

Some people may be for health, some may be for weight loss, and some may be popular . for whatever reason, they are all good, there is no right or wrong.

  Do you keep practicing?

  I know some friends don’t like to talk about yoga and weight loss and beauty, and think this “damages the name of yoga”.

I don’t think so.

I just disapprove that everyone is too anxious for changes in form, and ignore the feelings and changes in mind and mind.

I think that practicing yoga can achieve body shaping and beauty purposes. There is no doubt about this.

Others don’t think that yoga can only improve health and feel that it has some health effects.

I also hold an open perspective and think that speaking out loud about yoga can really improve physical and mental health, and it has scientific basis.

  However, there are probably too many yoga classrooms that will only show the effect of “building body and health”, so many terms have been coined.

“Beauty Yoga”, “Slimming Yoga”, “Fitness Yoga”, “Qigong Yoga”, etc., as well as many novel terms have been coined, which are really amazing.

Scholars are also particularly good at the disadvantages of movement in class, whether it has the effect of sweating in sports, or even a carefully crafted one for weight loss.

  My opinion is that yoga is really helpful to the body. We don’t need to deliberately ignore it, but yoga is more than that. On the contrary, it has a lot of connotations. It just depends on how we pursue it.

Just like a natural beauty, you don’t need to hide her natural beauty deliberately, but you don’t need to think that “beauty has no brain.”

  At what stage are you?

  I don’t think it’s too much for a person to know his health.

But if he only stays on this scale, it will be difficult for him to realize the joy of vision at different heights.

  Do anything, there must be progress, and different stages pursue different goals.

Yoga friends who have just started must try their best to make themselves as perfect as possible in order to overcome their shortcomings such as lack of muscle strength or poor softness. Every time I want to challenge more difficult movements.

In addition to the usual practice and experience, I will go to the bookstore to find books and study how people do it.

This is normal and almost everyone goes through this stage.

  But how long do you stay at this stage of constantly overcoming asana obstacles?

Some people realize relatively quickly that this is just a process, and some people will never tire of it, and continue to find famous teachers around the world to learn various difficult movements.

  At this time, let me remind you that in fact, asanas make our bodies stronger and stronger in our hearts.

When the body is softer, the heart will be softer.

If you just train your body to be as strong as a mountain and as soft as a girl, but your mind has not been cultivated and grown up, it will make me think that I want to train myself as a gymnast or a circus actor.

  The practice of the mind must follow the growth of yoga. It is generally recognized that the body and the mind are one.

It is also worth balancing development.

Therefore, we shouldn’t just abandon a certain project, some kind of: posture method.

My experience is that to a certain degree of asana, the requirements for self will be different. Although I hope that my physical fitness will continue to maintain the peak, it will naturally develop in a deeper and deeper direction.

  At this time, the posture is not so important.

I call this stage seeing the mountain but not the mountain.

That is, we are no longer trapped by the physically beautiful, healthy and beautiful mountain at first, we don’t have to try our best to conquer the summit, and we can see different things from the mountain.I no longer think of the things in front of me.

  Dear friends, no matter what stage you are in, please don’t be impatient.

It’s not that you can quickly complete the homework in the first stage and you can enter the second stage.

Some people develop both theories at the same time; someone takes a long time in the first stage.

However, the more you practice yoga, the more you will understand your heart. Please pay attention to small changes in your mind at all times. Maybe it’s just a small call. Don’t ignore it.