Learn about medicinal properties with Chinese medicine soup

Learn about medicinal properties with Chinese medicine soup

There is a saying: Medicine and food are homologous.

As the winter is approaching, many people will come to medicinal herbs such as angelica, wolfberry, and boil a pot of “tonic soup” to toll themselves and their families.

  However, Zhuang Ganzhu of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine told reporters that different Chinese medicines have different characteristics. Before using Chinese medicine to make soup, they must be familiar with the cold, hot, warm, and cold nature of Chinese medicine.

In the selection of materials, it is best to choose ginseng, angelica, wolfberry, astragalus and other materials recognized by the people without any substitution.

In addition, you can choose a mild soup according to your physical condition.

For example, if the body has a strong anger, it can replace Chinese herbal medicines such as mung beans and lotus seeds. If the body is too cold, you should choose ginseng as soup.

  Ginkgo Ginkgo can relieve cough, asthma, ginkgo milk drink, whitening, anti-allergic, bitter, bitter, flat, with little poison, and belong to the lung meridian.

It can converge the lungs and asthma, stop the turbidity, and reduce the stool. It should be used for phlegm, asthma, white turbidity under the belt, and frequent enuresis.

Cough and thick phlegm are unfavorable and used with caution.

  Huaishan (Yam) Ginseng Toad Huaishan Porridge Huaishan can cure premature ejaculation and tonify qi, aphrodisiac, nourish yin, soothe the nerves, soothe and nourish hair, strengthen the spleen and stomach, stop diarrhea and dysentery, reduce phlegm and saliva, and cure five diseases and seven injuries.

But those with cold, hot and humid, real evils and gastrointestinal stagnation should be used with caution.

  Codonopsis is beautiful. From the point of nourishing blood, the male medicinal chicken diet and medicinal diet has sweet taste, return to the spleen, and the lung meridian.

Have the effect of Buzhong Yiqi, Jianpi Yifei.

For weak spleen and lungs, shortness of breath, palpitations, diarrhea due to eating less, asthma and cough, internal heat and thirst.

Avoid using with veratrum.

  What is Poria Cocos Cream in Poria “A Dream of Red Mansions” for the treatment of diseases: Heart, lungs, spleen, kidney meridian, diuresis and dampness, spleen and tranquility, suitable for edema, oliguria, phlegm drinking, dizziness, spleen deficiency, food deficiency, stoolDiarrhea, upset, insomnia, etc.

  Danggui Danggui Niujin Decoction Danggui medicinal diet anti-aging beauty Ganxin, temperature, liver, heart, spleen meridian.

It has the functions of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, regulating menstruation and pain, moisturizing and defecation, anti-inflammatory and diarrhea, and removing wind and dehumidification. It can be used to treat blood deficiency and chlorosis, dizziness, palpitations, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, menstrual cramps, cold and abdominal pain, intestinal constipation, bruises,It is a very suitable ingredient for women’s conditioning.