The details you must pay attention to to be promoted


The details you must pay attention to to be promoted

Regardless of the environment in which the incumbent is located, he has planned his own career more than once, and has faced opportunities for promotion more than once.

Seeing a former colleague stepping into a high position and doing well, but still stepping on his own, without any movement, have you been unable to hold back the heart that is so eager to be promoted?

Facing the vacant supervisor position, are you gearing up and preparing to compete secretly with colleagues around you, hoping to win the final victory?

  Everyone says that the workplace is like a battlefield, not to mention the big event of “promotion”.

The office staff in them naturally work hard and do not dare to be negligent at the same time. At the same time, they are eager to be able to work independently, handle complex and complicated daily affairs, coordinate the working relationship with a view to perform well, so that superiors can be entrustedBit.

In Feng Shui, it is not necessary to focus on the following details, and you can add standard codes for promotion.

  First of all: seat placement First of all, whether it’s an office or a home study, the ideal thing is to have a backing-opening, a table, and a low cabinet at the rear.

According to feng shui science, this means that the nobles can stand up and help each other. If you want to be promoted, the chances will increase greatly if you are brought up by yours.

  In my opinion, it makes sense to say this. There is bearing behind me, and it is bound to make people feel secure, safe, and have no worries about work.

  Second: The performance of the desktop is gradually improved, and it must be kept clean and tidy. The desktop is too cluttered, which is not conducive to improving work efficiency and affecting mood.It is easy to make an impression that is not enough to take on the heavy responsibility.

  Third place: pay attention to the door of the house Of course, if the workplace wants to be promoted and reused, and wants to be promoted as soon as possible, the door (the first door to enter the home) must pay attention to Feng Shui.

Because the door at home represents whether the career of the whole family can be smoothly promoted, it should not be underestimated.

  It is not advisable to deposit debris outside the door. It is necessary to ensure that the air can flow freely. It is best to form a “embrace”.

The shoes in the shoe cabinet near the door should be cleaned and exposed frequently, and the shoe cabinet should be ventilated and kept dry.

This can eliminate odors and reduce flood gas without affecting important vents.

  Fourth: the adjustment of indoor lighting The indoor lighting and color may seem insignificant, but it also affects the promotion and promotion of office staff.

Imagine, if people work for a long time under the illumination of mercury lamps, colored lights, dim face, and dim working environment, how can they be devoted?

  Therefore, as far as lighting is concerned, the closer it is to natural light, the easier it is to mobilize people’s enthusiasm and transform to adjust to the best state.

  Modern psychology believes that bright colors can give people a sense of comfort and brightness.

Obviously, the use of color in psychology also proves the scientific nature of color in the ancient culture of Feng Shui.

Bright colors gather the energy of nobles and help promote the promotion.

Yellow stands for vitality, and placing sunflowers or yellow lilies indoors can also achieve good results.

  When it comes to workplace feng shui, the beauty of feng shui is there. Zhuge Ge Kongming’s treatment prescription for Zhou Yu is a real help.

Regarding workplace feng shui, “Very Horoscope Constellation Network” changed these four sentences of Kong Ming: if you want to be promoted, you should use your mind; if you have everything, look at feng shui.

If Feng Shui is regarded as the Almighty God without making progress and enjoying it, it will cost our millennium Feng Shui culture.

  If employees can do their best for the company, and then let themselves be in a pleasant working environment, give people a good image, the opportunity for promotion will not run away naturally.