Yoga moves show a beautiful figure

Yoga moves show a beautiful figure

Serene, relaxed yoga is most likely to make you fall in love with the bedroom at first sight.

As long as the basic elements of the bedroom are properly used: large beds, cabinets, high-back chairs . this summer you don’t need to sweat and align your back, and you can naturally build body and body easily.

  Some are healthy, others are inner peace, and others are weight loss. Of course, there is no difference between various motivations and goals. The original meaning of yoga is “combination”, which has the meaning of self-actualization.

Here are a few simple moves to make you beautiful and good figure NO.

1 The first group: Single lotus practice The lotus position is the basic sitting position in yoga. You can do this while watching TV. It can help move multiple ligaments of the human body and keep the meridians open.

  A.Maintain a normal sitting position with legs straight.

Succumb to the left leg, place the instep of the left foot on the groin of the right thigh, put your hands on the upper left, and gently do the upper and lower elastic exercise several times to make it finally touch the ground.

After slowly restoring the left leg, massage your hands and reset your toes.

  C.Change your right leg and gently press your right leg in accordance with your left leg action.

  D.The above action is repeated three to five times; pay attention not to press too hard each time.


2Second group: leaning against the wall, semi-ploughing “Ploughing” can be called a youthful permanent posture in yoga. We can use the wall and closet at home to properly upside down some parts of the body every day, which can make the leg shapebeautiful.

  A.Move the front towards the wall of a wall.

  B.Lean your legs up against the wall.

  C.The upper body lays naturally on the ground and stays in place.


3 third group: lowered posture This position helps the sleeping body to wake up quickly, and the whole body is filled with a large amount of fresh oxygen.

Long-term adherence can maintain fractures in the abdomen.

  A.Place your arms on the double of your head, with your fingers crossed and your palms facing inward.

  B.Inhale deeply, contract your body as much as possible in both directions, and tighten your whole body muscles for a second or two.

  C.Exhale and relax.

Repeat two or three times.


4Fourth group: The lizard pose can awaken the spine, promote blood circulation of the spine and nerves, and make each part of the body quickly start.

  After doing the tip, lay your body on your stomach.

  A.Arms support the mattress, so that the hips are up, the big and small legs are kept at about ninety degrees.

Skull and chin touch the ground, arms straight forward.

Maintain your previous natural breathing.

  C.Then return the tibia to the heel and rest for a while.


5 Fifth group: Back-end exercises Sometimes long-term desks will gradually lose the elasticity of our spine and form a humpback shape.

So, after an hour of work at the desk, we can use the high-back chair to relax.

  It can increase the elasticity of the spine and make the body more flexible. It is the best exercise method for the spine.

Place a small cushion on the back of the chair.

With your back to the chair, place the thoracic spine on the cushion.
Straighten your legs and contract your arms toward the back of your head; breathe naturally.

  B.After the restoration, relax for a while with the chest arched.

6 The sixth group: Cats gradually increase spinal elasticity after the chair, nourish the nervous system, improve blood circulation, increase digestion and eliminate excess.

  A.Hold the back of the chair with both hands, legs close together and straight.

  B.Inhale, raise your head, and contract your hip muscles to gradually collapse the front down.

Breathe naturally and hold for a few seconds.

  C.Exhale, drop your head, arch your hips, and tighten your abdominal muscles.

Breathe naturally and hold for a few seconds.
  D.Repeat five or six times.

  The key to the practice of yoga is not the posture, but the concentration of mind and the action of breathing. In any posture, you only need to follow the correct method and then reach the position where you can do it. Do n’t hurt, do n’t hold your breath.With the increase in the number of exercises, many movements will no longer stump you, and the softness and posture will become better and better. Don’t worry, calm down and let us work together in this early spring season!