Women can’t resist cheeky men

Women can’t resist cheeky men

Some people say that the secret of a successful love lies in “thickness.”

Everyone has a self-righteous love technique, but the most fundamental technique is the strong wrong spirit.

Anyway, the first time is to be cheeky, the second time is to be cheeky, and the third time is still cheeky-as long as the “skin” is attacked, women will be “snapped”.

  The name was Hellini.
Du Yiqiu’s female psychologist said: “Women are inherently ‘battered’.

“However, I feel that statement is somewhat biased.

Usually, women like to say to her favorite man, “I hate you!

I hate you!
“Actually, she likes each other inside.

In fact, women are not so severely perverted.

  The general argument is-women still like “love me tenderly-affectionately, caressing me in an endless manner”.

  In general, love has a “seesaw game” side as described in Chapter 44.

When the man is hot, the woman will run away, the man is cold, and the woman will be hot again.

This fact is very similar to the waves spraying the shore, and the girls playing with the waves.

However, once a man like a giant wave appears, the movement of a woman’s heart will be completely different from the principle.

  At first, she would be angry at a man who ignored that principle.

  ”His cheek is so thick! It’s annoying!

  However, as long as she overcomes her patience and courtesyly courts her, she will think so-“Guy, he’s such an unreasonable guy. His enthusiasm is really unbearable!

  ”Without you .” When the other person begged so much, she immediately stimulated her “self-pity” (self-love).

When the other person says “you are my beloved”, she must restrain her behavior, which can satisfy her “battered” mentality.

The reason why women can’t resist cheeky men is that the psychology of being loved is far more than that of lover.

  Cervantes once said to Don Quixote-“Show your love.

To a woman, to a man who loves her, although she pretends to be: “I hate you, I hate you .” But in her heart, she doesn’t hate it at all.

Sear said the same-“The man who takes decisive action against a woman (his lover), so he will be called an abominable man, only to let him not perform his own actions and give up on the way.


You’ve got courage, right?

However, I still want to remind you not to launch a reckless “offensive”.

Don Quixote is Don Quixote after all.

Collision will only attract the ridicule of others-in the end, only defeat.

  In fact, only such overwhelming men as “rough waves” can obtain the results of war by this method.

As far as movies are concerned, only Bared-like men in “Beauty in a Gone With the Wind” can achieve great results with this method.

  Lesson-“Knowing a little about warfare will bring major disasters.