Dispel the wind and cold food gourmet smooth ginger hit milk

Dispel the wind and cold food gourmet smooth ginger hit milk

This winter is especially cold. At this time, it is best to eat a bowl of hot desserts. Among them, ginger milk is the best.

Lily usually likes making desserts, and ginger bump milk is the first dessert she learned.

She said that a small bowl of ginger smashed milk was sweet, spicy, fragrant and slippery, and tasted “wonderful.”

In addition, Lily also reminded everyone that ginger juice also has the effect of dispel the wind and cold, delicious and healthy, eating a bowl into the stomach, the whole person will be a lot warmer.

  Ingredients for cooking: 150ml fresh milk, ginger, gauze (1 piece) Seasoning: freshly squeezed ginger spoon about 15ml, 20 grams of sugar, one piece of gauzeInto small grains.

  2 Ginger wrapped in gauze, squeeze out ginger juice and serve in a bowl, set aside.

  3 Pour fresh milk into the pot, cook over medium heat, and stir with a spoon while cooking until the pot is frothing and you can turn off the heat.

  4 Add caster sugar and stir with a spoon for 20?
30 seconds until all sugar has melted.

  5 After stirring the ginger juice, pour the fresh milk into the ginger bowl.

  6 wait 3?
4 minutes, put a spoon on top of ginger milk. If the spoon does not sink, you’re done.