Let SALSA Burn May Passion

Let SALSA Burn May Passion

May, the warmest day of the year.

Do you feel the restless agitation in your body?

The passion in your body that is going to be sprayed out but still nowhere is stirring your mind.

So, jump to Salsa!

  In May in Beijing, whether it is a popular gym, a new dance club, or a night dancing bar, Salsa is definitely the leader, and it is currently the most popular indoor sports fashion.

Salsa, which originated in Cuba, comes from the street. Latin musicians improvise on the street, smelling dances, and the air is filled with passion and joy.

With the same proportions as Rumba, Samba, and Latin dance, Salsa is more casual in costumes and dance skills, does not require a fixed dance partner, and is more enthusiastic and unrestrained.

This is the first time Salsa was fascinated by urban white-collar workers.

Step on the strong rhythm of Latin music, swing, turn around, shake your shoulders, stretch your arms, twist your waist, give up, release yourself in this early summer.

At present, there are three types of venues in Beijing where you can jump Salsa. Different places have different feelings.

  The origin of Salsa Salsa originated in Cuba, the birthplace of Latin dance. The original meaning of “Salsa” refers to a kind of oil in sauce.

“Salsa” is not only a dance, but also a social, musical, and cultural driving force.

It is like a game, a game that everyone can participate in, and it continues to spread to all corners of the world with great entertainment, which makes people happy.

  Salsa is an exotic folk dance that pays more attention to the release of the body and freewheeling.

It’s not like people watching and walking away from the national standard dance, nor is it as boring as the three-step and four-step in the ballroom dance. It is also different from the Latin aerobics popular in the gym.

Salsa can be said to be the leader of the family. It can be happy and fitness, full of entertainment, and enjoy viewing and social functions. It can be a person dancing or two and more people participating at the same time.

  There are certain things in the world that you cannot resist once you get in touch.

Salsa is like that.

As long as you give yourself a chance to try, it’s hard not to fall in love with it.


There are many coaches and courses, and great selectivity. Finding your favorite coach is the most important for persisting in practicing Salsa; 2.

Large amount of exercise, rapid body shaping, waist and abdominal weight loss effect is obvious; 3.

Free, casual, without companions; 4.

5. Warm up with a treadmill, relax with yoga, high comprehensive index;

After sweating, I have a hot water shower + steam bath.

  For the crowd: Caring for anyone who cares for themselves There are certain things in the world that you cannot resist once you touch them.

Salsa is like that.

As long as you give yourself a chance to try, it’s hard not to fall in love with it.
When Salsa music from Cuba sounds in the main gym of the Bollywood Gym, the strong and dynamic rhythm “seduces” your limbs and torso. Involuntarily, you will start Salsa following the dance movement of the coach.

  For beginners, the first thing you need to do is relax your body and don’t compete with your knees and hips.

Just keep up with the coach’s beats and pace, and you can make beautiful Salsa dance steps.

Don’t underestimate the basic pace of training, whether it can jump out of Salsa’s feeling, it depends on this first level.

  The buttocks, waist, hips, and thighs are the main body parts targeted by Sals, and they are also difficult to exercise in other sports.

Without the reminder of others, you will soon experience the feeling of finding your own waist and waist in Salsa class.

Continuously twisting the series of movements, not only make you sweat in a short time, and immediately have the wonderful feeling of tightening the waist.

Single practice, double cooperation and multiplayer combination make the 60-minute Salsa lesson as if the blink of an eye is over.

The most interesting thing is that everyone looks at each other’s “strange faces” with each other, and laughs into a ball.

And the coach with a charming smile became the dance partner scrambled by female members.  If you want to be comfortable and sexy when jumping Salsa, you can choose sports shoes with soft soles. You must wear tight elastic clothing on the upper body so that you can see the trajectory of your waist and waist. You can wear loose and comfortable pants on the lower body.better.

Prepare a bottle of water, replenish a small amount of water, and keep prolonging, you will find a surprise change in the waist and abdomen.