Tips for using new beauty liquid


Tips for using new beauty liquid

A new term is created every other interval in the beauty market.

Recently, a new product of beauty liquid has been promoted on the Taiwan beauty website.

  Beauty liquid was born in Japan, many famous makeup brands have produced a series of products, including fresh fruit beauty liquid, vitamin A beauty liquid, oil control beauty liquid and other types.

In Europe and the United States, many brands are gradually expanding products in this field, but various manufacturers do not yet have a unified product name, some are called beauty stock solution, some are called soothing gel, and others are called light essence.

  Although there are many types, it is not difficult to identify this new skin care product.

In terms of texture, the beauty liquid is thicker than the lotion and thinner than the essence. It is like a refreshing version of the essence and has a comfortable texture.

  However, the beauty of the beauty liquid is closer to its design positioning than the traditional lotion: the effectiveness of the lotion is relatively specific, the size is thin, the main purpose is to clean the skin and replenish moisture; the beauty liquid is slightly viscous, and conditioning and repairingBetween care, there is a little more skin care effect, it can also be said to be an important replacement for subsequent maintenance, the purpose is to make the maintenance effect more obvious.

  The special design principle determines the special way of using beauty liquid.

Except for a few brands that require beauty lotion as a lotion and apply it directly to the skin, some beauty lotions must be used after the lotion and patted on the face with both hands.

Because its thick consistency of water can lock water and promote the absorption of nutrients by the skin.

  If you consult a beauty expert before using them, most of them will suggest choosing different beauty fluids according to different regions, climates and living conditions.

For example, in high-temperature cities, you can use aloe vera cosmetic liquid with detoxification effect; in the humid climate of the south, a bottle of good nutritional cosmetic liquid is enough; in the dry north, especially in the winter is still open for heating, it must beUse a moisturizing lotion and a repairing lotion.