[Effects and effects of camellia oil]_Camellia oil_Benefits_Expectation

[Effects and effects of camellia oil]_Camellia oil_Benefits_Expectation

Camellia oil is a kind of tea oil, which has a very good effect on health.

The efficacy and role of camellia oil is almost only for health, and camellia oil has a very large cosmetic effect. Women can use camellia oil to achieve the effect of eliminating fine lines, and can use hand cream.


Remove fine lines and lighten spots and stretch marks. Apply camellia seed oil to areas with fine lines, spots and stretch marks and long spots. Massage a little, and you will be pleasantly surprised after displacement.


After washing the hair with shampoo, pour into the basin with two or three drops of camellia seed oil, and then wash the hair. Massage it for a few minutes and then wash it with warm water. After washing, the hair is smooth and bright and easy to care for.

In economically underdeveloped times, rural girls and women used a lot.


Apply hand cream to coat your hands, directly with camellia oil or with camellia oil blended with pearl powder, your hands will become soft and smooth, and your nails will be translucent, like nail polishsame.


Dry lips Apply camellia seed oil directly on the dry and cracked lips. Massage for a few days, and the cracks will disappear.


The slimming effect of tea oil is mainly reflected in the “non-polyester”. Tea oil has the highest unsaturated fatty acid content, so it is easily absorbed by the body after digestion, and the digestibility rate is 97%. It is not as edible as ordinary cooking oil.Later, if it is not digested in the human body, it will be transformed into an aunt.


Skin care, moisturizing Apply a little camellia seed oil all over the body after bathing to moisturize and lubricate the skin and prevent the appearance of dry lines.

If you use it for a week or two, your skin gloss will increase, and the skin will become white, tender, smooth, and elastic.


Mosquito bites to reduce swelling and antipruritic tea oil can also be directly applied to mosquito bites, which has a good antipruritic effect.

Rather than medicines, many bumblebees in the countryside have stung a few bales, and after using camellia oil, they are all right.