5 times to tell your baby a story

5 times to tell your baby a story

Parents always feel that they have no time to tell stories for their babies. In fact, there are a few short periods of time in daily life that are very suitable for telling stories to their babies. And usually at this time, the children are automatically lying in bed and quietly.listen.

  When the baby was one and a half months old, one day it was time to drink milk. I picked up the story book at hand and pointed the cover to him.

In fact, it was just fun at the time, but it turned out that he had not fully developed his eyes. He turned up, down, left, and right to read a page on a regular basis. I turned the page one more time in disbelief. HisThe eyes moved again and again and again and again.

I can’t know exactly what he saw, but the discovery reminded me that children may lead to book recognition.

So, he started reading life by accident.

  Breastfeeding, flipping books, telling stories, and doing it at the same time, some people may ask questions. Mommy breastfeeds in one hand, and books in one hand. Where does the third hand turn the books?

Therefore, I will prepare a special thick book for young children. It is easier to turn the pages with one hand, and then feed the book while telling the story.

Alternatively, you can also prepare a dozen children’s books at hand and only let the baby see the cover of each book, which is also a good practice.

  Sometimes, I choose to accompany him quietly and let him see it for himself; or let him look at the picture while I explain the content whispering-this always makes me feel like I have a neurological problem.Talk to the unresponsive baby.

In fact, the side benefit of reading while reading a book is that children often unknowingly drink up the milk and will not be unable to finish the milk because of other distractions.

  Breastfeeding mothers concentrate on enjoying the moment What if the mother is breastfeeding?

So how do you read a storybook while feeding?

When you raise your children, please be sure to use your own intuition to adapt to it. You must not stick to what the book says, so do n’t even think about reading a storybook when you encounter breastfeeding!

I think breastfeeding is the happiest parent-child time in the world. This kind of time is fleeting and it is never gone, so let ‘s concentrate on enjoying it!

  To be honest, many times the milk is fed and the diaper is changed. The baby who does nothing will still look at you with eyes wide open. At this time for the mother, reading a storybook is a time-passing, andFor children, it contains infinitely possible educational functions, so simple and easy to use, why not do it!

  Any book can be read. It is the easiest and most casual way for children at this stage to read story books. Any book in the family can be picked up at any time, and there is no need to be constrained by how to read it.

I can recite Amitabha’s Buddhist scriptures solemnly, and I can also recite Tang poems in the form of opera. As long as the babies in the family don’t cry, they can do anything.

  A friend who was studying painting in New York also showed her pictures of different artists’ works from the moment her daughter was born.

Friends said that if it wasn’t for hearing that my two-month-old son would read books, she wouldn’t have thought of helping such a young child read a story book or let her read a picture book.

Friends also found that when her daughter and daughter were older, they seemed to be very opinionated and would especially like the work of a certain painter. As long as they got the artist’s album, they would quietly appreciate it for a long time, as if they had known each other in their lifetime.What about this painter!

  How to grasp the golden age of letting children fall in love with books As long as the children are still drinking milk from the bottle, it is the best time for them to fall in love with books.

Because during the twenty-four hours of the day, children in this period are usually non-stationary except for sleeping and drinking; so whenever they are willing to lie down, they will lie down next to them (take this opportunity)Take a break and wait until you have the energy to fight again), and then just read the storybook one by one.

  1, time to drink milk from a bottle 2, time to drink water from a bottle 3, before going to bed (including nap) 4, tired when lying in bed and doing nothing 5, when the child just woke up in the morning and still obediently lying in bedAppears every day in life, so it is very suitable, and usually the child is already lying on his own.

Wet hair turns on air conditioning and sleeps

Wet hair turns on air conditioning and sleeps

The summer is hot, and many people are used to showering before going to bed, then wet their hair, turn on the fan, and sleep on the air conditioner. After waking up the next day, they feel headache or runny nose.

This is because during the day, the person’s yang is the weakest at midnight. In summer, the human body consumes a lot of energy and is easily tired. The ability to resist the disease is reduced.Qi condense when it is cold, and if it persists, it will lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis, and meridian obstruction.

  If you sleep in the air-conditioned room after washing your hair, and blow to the cold air on the right side, it will be cold and humid, and you are most likely to get sick.

You will feel numbness and numbness in the scalp with tingling pain in the middle of the night.

In the early morning the next day, I will have a headache.

In the long run, a disease called subscalp venous plexitis is about to occur, and physical examination can touch the local scalp to thicken, thicken, and even swell up the subcutaneous mass.

The most misunderstanding of women’s fitness

The most misunderstanding of women’s fitness

In fitness, you will inevitably encounter this or that misunderstanding, whether it is male or female.

The following editors explain the most common misunderstandings in female fitness.

  Women’s fitness is becoming more and more popular, but there are a lot of misunderstandings. Don’t take care of ladies who love beauty!


Weightlifting can only cause misfortunes. Many women refuse to use barbells or dumbbells, because those women’s weightlifting exercises can only cause misfortunes to accumulate, and they cannot consume aunts at all.

This statement is incorrect.

Lifting weight can completely reduce the amount of feces in the body and will continue to consume the feces in the body’s metabolism.

Use dumbbells of the right weight as exercise equipment, and adhere to regular exercise, the effect will be more significant.


The more you sweat, the more you can lose weight. When you work out in the gym, you don’t sweat a single drop, but your partner sweats. Do you feel both worried and suffering?

Don’t rely on it. Scientific research proves that sweating consumes water, salt and minerals, not aunts.

The lack of sweating during exercise has nothing to do with whether it is good for consumption.


There is no need for warm-up preparations before the official exercise. Many women rashly assume that it is irrelevant to do no warm-up exercises. This is wrong.

A muscle that has not been moved is easily sprained because it is not fully prepared to withstand sudden large movements.

Any warm-up action can increase the adaptability of the muscles and make the joints flexible and mobile.

Keep in mind that warming up before a workout is good for your cardiovascular system, which is good for your health.


Anyway, exercise, eating and drinking is not a big problem. Many people are happy to think that they can skip the pesky diet during fitness, but it is not.

Although someone does any physical exercise, the body does consume more traces and impurities, but it does not mean that all food is given a green light.

The key is to maintain a balanced nutrition and eat more fruits, vegetables, fiber, grains and lean meat.

Only by maintaining a scientific balance between diet and fitness can the best exercise results be achieved-significantly reducing excess meat and improving physical condition.


The paralyzed abdomen with perfect abdominal device has the perfect abdomen to be properly affected, so that the market is full of well-known abdominal equipment, even to the point of flooding.

However, simple abdominal exercises (including freehand and instrumental exercises) cannot make the “big belly” smaller.

If you do not have a low-fat, low-carbohydrate recipe, do not do aerobic fitness exercises, and simply rely on abdominal exercises to shrink the belly, it is a waste of time.


Super weight-bearing exercises work better. If we observe a little correction, we will find that many women exercise with small weights on their wrists and feet, which consumes more aunts. Excessive load may cause muscle and jointInjuries and deformities of the limbs, including spinal deformation.


Once you stop exercising, the effect will soon be “sudden”, and many people will be fatter than before, so they are afraid of fitness.

In fact, only muscle mass formed by weightlifting exercises will start to decrease in the second week after you stop exercising.

But aerobic exercises, such as swimming for many years, long-distance running, aerobics, walking, and horse riding, have reduced muscle mass slowly.

Of course, such muscle mass is not eternal.

The only way to keep your muscles lasting is to maintain regular fitness exercises and a controlled diet throughout your life.


Exercise for a day, rest for a day In some strength-type fitness exercises, muscles must rest at least 24 hours after each exercise.

Many people use this as a basis for a day of exercise and a day of rest.

In fact, doing so is useless.
You can develop a rotation exercise plan, such as practicing leg muscles today and arm strength tomorrow.
Aerobic exercise and abdominal exercise can be carried out daily, so that you will not feel too boring and time will pass quickly.

  In short, don’t be fooled by some plausible fitness concept.

  It is enough to remember one thing: perseverance.

Vegetable oils help healthy meals

Vegetable oils help healthy meals

It is also a good thing to like cat winter. You can not only enjoy the fun of “hiding” in winter, but also have more time to make your own healthy meals.

However, in the face of the large variety of vegetable oils in the supermarket, how to choose to be scientific?

In the supermarket, in addition to traditional soybean oil and peanut oil, sunflower oil, linseed oil, tea seed oil, safflower oil, etc., a wide range of edible oils, really a little dizzy to choose.

Let’s make up for some knowledge and literacy first.

  Flaxseed oil Flaxseed can exceed 50% alpha-linolenic acid, which is many times higher than walnuts.

Alpha-linolenic acid is very effective in reducing coronary artery disease, hypertension and body tissue diseases.

Fight breast cancer and rheumatoid livestock, increase intestinal peristalsis, lower blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent constipation, and help with immune system insufficiency.

  Alpha-linolenic acid has a good effect on the human brain and neurocardiovascular system. Alpha-linolenic acid provides the brain with the required energy, can relieve fatigue, stress, promote physical recovery, and effectively reduce “sub-health”situation.

  α-Linolenic acid metabolite DHA is directly related to the growth and maturation of brain and retinal nerve cells.

Pregnant women consume enough alpha-linolenic acid daily to meet the baby’s intelligence and vision development needs.

It can also make babies smarter and brighter.

  Tea seed oil Camellia oleifera extracted from tea tree seeds contains fatty acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, and myristic acid.The growth is not medicinal and can prevent arteriosclerosis.

Tea seed oil contains more than 85% unsaturated fatty acids. Tea polyphenols, vitamin E and carotenoids are recognized.

  Tea seed oil has anti-oxidant ability, can lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids and inhibit arteriosclerosis.

The nutritional value of tea seed oil can complement the beauty of olive oil and is a high-grade edible oil.

  Safflower oil Safflower oil is the fat with the highest linoleic acid in known vegetable oils.

Mixing 30% safflower oil with 70% rice bran oil has a significant effect on reducing plasma in human serum, so this oil is called “health (health food) nutritional oil”.

Experiments have shown that safflower oil can not only reduce the serum free radicals and triglycerides significantly, but also make atherosclerosis significantly regress in some animals.

The content of natural linoleic acid in safflower seed oil is 84.

2%, the average is more than 75%.

  Sunflower seed oil is added with vitamin E and the unsaturated fatty acid “linoleic acid” necessary for the human body. The content is as high as 58% -69%.

Sunflower oil digests and absorbs 96.

5% for human absorption.

The nutritional value of 500 grams of sunflower oil is usually equivalent to 2000 grams of ordinary salad oil.

  Sunflower seed oil has a very high smoke point and is very stable. The temperature can reach 232 ℃ during refining. At 110 ℃, the oil quality can be maintained for 25 hours. It is an ideal cooking oil resistant to high temperature frying.

  Sunflower seed oil produced in cold regions contains about 15% oleic acid and 70% linoleic acid; sunflower seed oil produced in warm regions contains about 65% oleic acid and about 20% linoleic acid.

Linoleic acid can significantly reduce cholesterol, prevent vascular sclerosis and prevent coronary heart disease.

White-collar Democratic Party Panda Eye DIY Coup

White-collar Democratic Party Panda Eye DIY Coup

DIY method to remove tired panda eyes :.

hzh {display: none; }  准备材料:棉花球、冰水、冷的全脂牛奶  制作方法:  1.Mix ice water and cold whole milk in the ratio of 1: 1.

Dip a cotton ball in the mixture 3.

Then apply the soaked cotton ball on the eyes for about 15 minutes. The trick: cotton balls can be replaced with cotton pads.

  DIY method to remove tired panda eyes 2: Put the used tea bag directly around the eyes for a while, and the dark circles will slowly disappear the next day!

  DIY method to remove tired panda eyes III: Material: brown sugar, handkerchief or gauze Steps: 1 Put an appropriate amount of brown sugar into the pot and heat over low heat.

  2 When smoking, wrap red sugar in a handkerchief or gauze.

  3When the eyelids can adapt, slowly apply heat around the eyes in a clockwise direction.

  DIY method to remove tired panda eyes 4: Prepare two slices of apples with a lot of juice on closed eyes, lie down and rest for 15 minutes, do it once more, and the dark circles will say goodbye to you.

  DIY method to remove tired panda eyes 5: Hot compress: most of the causes of dark circles are insufficient rest, resulting in insufficient blood circulation, so it is best to wake up immediately with a warm towel about 37 degrees to 38 degreesApply the eye, cool and replace it. Leave it for about 10 minutes, the dark circles can be reduced by half!

  DIY method to remove tired panda eyes Six: Massage: Get up and wash your face, use your hands to massage your eyes in a clockwise direction for about 5 minutes, which can promote blood circulation under the eyes, and the dark circles can become red circles instantly.

  DIY method to remove tired panda eyes Seven: potato attack method: peel and slice fresh potatoes and apply eyes for about 10 minutes.

  DIY Method to Remove Tired Panda Eyes Eight: Soak the cotton pad in ice water and apply it to the eye circles for fifteen minutes. You can’t put on a new pair until the cotton pad warms up.

Chinese medicine diet health grains for health_1

Chinese medicine diet health grain

The nutritional ingredients contained in grains are mainly carbohydrates, followed by plant proteins, which are not high in trace amounts.

Ancient doctors believed that grain could support the vitality of the five internal organs.

In 1997, the Chinese Nutrition Society adopted the “Guide to Chinese Residents’ Replacement”. The first is “food is diverse, and cereals are the mainstay.” It notices that people’s daily energy and protein should be mainly provided by food. Food is the main and fundamental part of nutrients.

It can be seen that food ranks first in people’s diet.

The basic principle of the outstanding “for support” of the ancients was “fine matching, omnivorous grains”.

  Coarse and coarse grains to eat some coarse grains We use rice, flour and fine grains that the residents eat daily, and coarse grains such as corn (noodles), millet, sorghum, beans and potatoes.

Coarse grains are particularly rich in trace elements and vitamins. Coarse grains such as corn and potatoes contain a lot of supplementary fiber.

Nutritionists believe that eating coarse grains at least three times a week can help improve health and make people’s stomachs and appetites stronger.

We know that the nutritional value of different varieties of grains is not the same. Among them, coarse grains are rich in nutrients.

Such as oat protein protein; millet contains tryptophan, carotene; legume-specific high-quality proteins; sorghum oxide fatty acids and rich iron; potatoes contain carotene and vitamin C.

  We should pay special attention to the absorption of soy and soy products.

Soy is a common food supplement, rich in protein (about 40%) and a variety of essential amino acids.

Soymilk is known as “green milk”, but it must be cooked when eaten so that it can be boiled three times, otherwise it is easy to poison.

Tofu is known as “vegetable meat”. It has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, clearing heat and moistening, urination, and antipyretic.

  Coarse grains also have a certain medical value.

For example, corn is recognized as the “golden crop” in the world. Its cellulose is 4% higher than that of polished rice and refined flour.
10 times.

Cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, reduce plasma absorption, and prevent coronary heart disease; mung bean tastes cold, diuretic swelling, neutralizes detoxification and cools thirst; cereal protein lacks lysine, and legume protein lacks methionine, glutenMixed, protein complementary, nutrition doubles.

  Fresh coarse rice is more beneficial to health than polished rice, because the more refined the grain is, the more vitamins, protein, and cellulose are lost.

Although the precipitated fiber in the coarse grains cannot be digested and utilized by the human body, it can pass through the intestines to gasify and promote the excretion of food residues as soon as possible.

  Coarse grains also have the effect of weight loss. For example, corn is rich in magnesium, which can strengthen the peristalsis of the intestinal wall and promote the excretion of body waste, which is very beneficial for weight loss.

The ears of corn (maize beard) have a diuretic effect when the corn is mature, and it is also good for weight loss.

We can make fresh corn soup for tea, or make cornmeal into corn cakes, tortillas, etc.

  Of course, if you use coarse grains instead of fine grains, it is not only unacceptable in terms of taste, but also unreasonable in nutrition.

Studies have shown that those who are overweight, meat-loving people and sub-healthy people should consume 50-80 grams of coarse grains per day. It can also be adjusted according to individual circumstances.

  The omnivorous grains are supplemented with small amounts of starch and protein. The main crops include sorghum, millet, buckwheat, oats, barley, millet, barley, and kidney beans, mung beans, adzuki beans, broad beans, peas, cowpeas, lentils, and black beans.
China’s medium and long-term food development strategy research shows that small grains should account for 20% of the food supplied to the people of the country.

  Minor cereals not only have high nutritional value, but also contain special nutrients, such as buckwheat and rye, which have high protein content and a reasonable ratio of multiple amino acids. They are known as “beauty, fitness, and disease prevention” health food ingredients.

Buckwheat also contains chlorophyll and rutin that are not found in other grains.

Buckwheat has two times more vitamins B1 and B2 than wheat, and niacin is three to four times more.

Nicotinic acid and rutin contained in buckwheat are medicines for treating hypertension.

Regular consumption of buckwheat also has a certain effect on diabetes.

Beans are also rich in trace amounts and are the main source of human transformation and protein.

  The principle of food complementation in modern nutrition has verified that omnivorous grains are in line with the diet regimen.

For example, when eating white rice and white noodles, it is often paired with some coarse grains such as corn, sweet potatoes, soybeans, and peas, which can obtain comprehensive nutrition and improve the utilization of food.

The combination of rice and corn is a good example.

Rice does not contain vitamin A, and corn is rich in vitamin A. Rice protein contains tryptophan, which contains less lysine, while protein in corn contains almost no tryptophan, but contains lysine, lysine and tryptophan.Acid content of essential amino acids in the human body, rice and corn can complement the complementary effect of protein, make the vitamins and essential amino acids obtained by the human body more comprehensive, and improve the utilization rate of protein.

Making fish soup more delicious is just three tips

Making fish soup more delicious is just three tips

Fish soup is a very nutritious tonic. To make fish soup more delicious, you need to master a few tricks!

  There are many ways to make fresh fish soup.

Here are a few of them.


Descaling the fresh fish first, remove the internal organs, clean it, put it in boiling water for three or four minutes and remove it, then put it in the boiling soup, add the appropriate amount of onion, ginger, refined salt, and use a low heat to cook slowly, When the umami tastes out of the fire, drip on the sesame oil.


Freshly washed fish, fry in oil until slightly yellow on both sides, then pour in boiling water, add onions, ginger, boil over high heat, and cook on low heat.


Remove fresh water from cleaned fish for later use.

Put the oil in the pan, use the spring onion, ginger slices, and sauté the pan. When the spring onion turns yellow and smells, pour in boiling water. After the high heat is boiled, put the fish in the high heat.can.

Mask DIY feels very different

Mask DIY feels very different

Homemade watermelon mask.

hzh {display: none; }  原料:西瓜皮一片、蜂蜜适量。  Method: Make a mask with watermelon peel juice and honey.

  To use: Apply directly on the face for about 25 minutes.

  Note: The skin often feels beating after sun exposure. At this time, the skin needs to be calmed down before further treatment can be given.

Watermelon peel mask can cool down the face and calm the skin.

  Ingredients for self-made after-sun repair liquid: aloe vera leaves, camomile flowers, vitamin E oil, peppermint oil each amount.

  Method: Use aloe vera juice and dried chamomile flowers to add water at a ratio of 3: 1 to heat with a small fire. The water cannot be boiled. After the chamomile flowers are scattered, turn off the heat and cool, then filter out the solid matter in the soup.Take a spoonful of vitamin E oil and 3 drops of peppermint oil and mix well. Pour into a closed container and cover with cold. This will make a homemade sunscreen lotion.

  To use: Apply directly to uniform.

  Note: This method has a good effect on repairing the skin after sun exposure.

  Apricot peach mask raw material: Apricot or peach method: Wash the raw material, then peel and remove the core, then mash it into mud.

  Usage: Apply on the face, leave it on for 30 minutes, and wash off.

  Note: This mask can detoxify and cool, make the skin ruddy, and eliminate skin wrinkles. It is suitable for sensitive skin and sun-burned skin.

  Strawberry mask material: Strawberry amount method: Wash the prepared strawberries, mash them into a paste or cut in half.

  To use: Apply to exposed areas such as face and skin.

Or use the cut strawberry directly to repeat the application on both ends for 25 minutes and wash it off.

  Note: This mask can nourish the skin and improve skin pigmentation.

  Cheese plus lavender mask ingredients: appropriate amount of cheese, two drops of lavender essential oil.

  Method: Add two drops of lavender essential oil to the cheese and mix thoroughly.

  To use: Apply the mask directly to the face and wash off after 30 minutes.

  Note: This mask can effectively treat the roughness of sunburned skin.

Lavender essential oil itself has the effect of soothing, stabilizing and anti-inflammatory skin, and with cheese can promote smooth and delicate skin.

  Potato carrot mask raw materials: Potato carrot carrots are prepared in an appropriate amount: the raw materials are washed and mashed into juice.

  To use: Apply directly to skin for 20 minutes and wash off.

  Note: Both types of vegetables contain a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin B, which have a great repairing effect on the dryness of the skin, the roughness after sun exposure and the sensitivity to keratinization.

  Protein lemon mask ingredients: one spoon of lemon juice, one fresh egg, one spoon of flour.

  Method: Take the eggs to separate the protein, add lemon juice, stir well, add flour to make a paste.

  Usage: Apply evenly on the face, wash off after drying, 2 weeks a week?
3 times.

  Note: This mask can make the skin soft, fresh, whitening, discoloring and dissipating facial pigmentation.

Dispel the wind and cold food gourmet smooth ginger hit milk

Dispel the wind and cold food gourmet smooth ginger hit milk

This winter is especially cold. At this time, it is best to eat a bowl of hot desserts. Among them, ginger milk is the best.

Lily usually likes making desserts, and ginger bump milk is the first dessert she learned.

She said that a small bowl of ginger smashed milk was sweet, spicy, fragrant and slippery, and tasted “wonderful.”

In addition, Lily also reminded everyone that ginger juice also has the effect of dispel the wind and cold, delicious and healthy, eating a bowl into the stomach, the whole person will be a lot warmer.

  Ingredients for cooking: 150ml fresh milk, ginger, gauze (1 piece) Seasoning: freshly squeezed ginger spoon about 15ml, 20 grams of sugar, one piece of gauzeInto small grains.

  2 Ginger wrapped in gauze, squeeze out ginger juice and serve in a bowl, set aside.

  3 Pour fresh milk into the pot, cook over medium heat, and stir with a spoon while cooking until the pot is frothing and you can turn off the heat.

  4 Add caster sugar and stir with a spoon for 20?
30 seconds until all sugar has melted.

  5 After stirring the ginger juice, pour the fresh milk into the ginger bowl.

  6 wait 3?
4 minutes, put a spoon on top of ginger milk. If the spoon does not sink, you’re done.

Workplace class to train emotional intelligence

Workplace class to train emotional intelligence

Professional quality is the basic qualities that a certain occupation of the military should have, including professional interests, professional personality, professional skills, and professional emotions. Among them, professional emotion is professional emotional intelligence.

Professional emotional quotient is the emotional performance that should be possessed by a certain profession. The level of professional emotional quotient directly determines and affects the development of other professional qualities, and affects the development of the entire career. Therefore, professional emotional quotient is the most important professional quality.The key to personal career development.

  In the workplace, whether in the military profession or in a position, “IQ decides whether to hire and EQ decides whether to be promoted” has become an important tenet for determining career development.

At present, when recruiting new employees, many companies are increasingly required to review and examine the emotional quality of applicants, and to test the applicants’ emotional intelligence through psychological tests or emotional intelligence tests.

The intellectual factors such as one’s knowledge, experience, and skills are important. However, after entering a unit, the key factor that affects and determines a person’s career development is the level of emotional intelligence. The success or failure of a person’s career is usually considered 20%.Depends on IQ factors, 80% depends on EQ factors.

  What is emotional intelligence and professional emotional intelligence?

  Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to control his and her emotions.

From the general connotation of EQ, EQ includes five aspects of emotional ability: (1) the ability to understand one’s emotions; (2) the ability to control one’s emotions; (3) the ability to self-motivate; (4) the ability to understand human emotionsAbility; (5) ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships.

  Professional EQ is the specific performance of the above five aspects in the workplace and work. Professional EQ is more focused on understanding and grasping the work emotions of yourself and others, and how to handle interpersonal relationships in the workplace, which is a manifestation of professional emotional ability.
  How to improve your professional emotional intelligence?

  First, the cultivation of mentality is to understand your emotions at work in order to control your emotions and maintain a good working mentality.

The requirement of professional emotional intelligence for professional emotion is to maintain a positive working attitude.

What kind of work mentality is considered positive?

Positive work attitude is manifested in the following aspects: 1. Work status must be positive.

Come to work with energy every day, meet with colleagues and take the initiative to say hello and show a happy mood.

If anyone who comes to work meets you, you are a listless face. When you talk, you have energy and no emotion, you will never get the appreciation of your superiors, and you will not attract the favor of your colleagues.

  2. Work positively.

Being active means being proactive. Competent employees should achieve the following “five initiatives” in their work performance: ① proactively discover problems; ② proactively think about problems; ③ proactively solve problems; ④ proactively assume responsibilities; ⑤ proactively take extra responsibility.

It is no exaggeration to say that achieving five initiatives is the five magic weapon for workplace employees to obtain high vocational and high salaries.

  3. Be positive in your work.

A positive work attitude means facing problems encountered at work and actively looking for ways to solve them, rather than trying to make excuses.

“The success and the excuse will never live under the same roof,” said Chen Anzhi, a master of success.

People who are used to making excuses will never succeed.

  4. Work positively.

Have strong self-confidence in your work, believe in your abilities and values, and affirm yourself.

Only those who work with sufficient conviction will fully tap their potential and earn more development potential for themselves.

  Second, the cultivation of the way of thinking should learn to control the negative emotions at work.

Controlling emotions means mastering the meaning of emotions and controlling emotions at two levels, not simply self-control.

Because controlling emotions is easy to say, it is often difficult to do it, and you even forget to control yourself when you encounter a problem of intense reaction to your emotions.

To control one’s emotions, one must also change his or her emotions towards things by changing his or her way of thinking, and look at the problem in a positive way of thinking, so that negative emotions can be automatically converted into positive ones, so as to achieve self-control of his own emotions.

  Cultivate positive thinking in the way you work.

A positive way of thinking is to deal with interpersonal relationships and things at work with an open mind, including multi-directional thinking, reverse thinking, lateral thinking, and forward thinking.

Understanding the emotions of others requires reverse thinking, that is, reverse thinking. The emotional quotient of reverse thinking is empathic thinking or empathic thinking. It is necessary to stand in the perspective of the other party and understand the inner feelings of the other party.

  Handling relationships with superiors, colleagues, and subordinates requires empathy.

For example, I worked hard to complete a job, and I wanted to get a positive praise from my superior. Unexpectedly, because of a little bit of error, I was denied by the superior and criticized, but I felt imbalanced and complained.Thinking from a superior’s point of view, as the superior wants the results of the subordinate’s work, and his hard work is not affirmed and there is nothing to be frustrated.

Dealing with co-worker relationships also requires empathy. From the perspective of others, no matter how incomprehensible a person is, he has his own inner cause and motivation. Only when he is good at understanding each other’s ideas from the perspective of the other person can he realize a win-win situation.Communication and build good interpersonal relationships.

  Third, habit cultivation The cultivation of good professional habits through the cultivation of mentality, thinking mode, and behavior is the only way to improve professional emotional intelligence and achieve breakthrough development.

To succeed, you must have the habit of a successful person.The key to changing bad habits is to break through your comfort zone.

The habit formed by a person is his comfort zone. To change bad habits, he must break through his own comfort zone, consciously find something awkward for himself, dare to apply some pressure for himself, and strive to break through his previous psychological comfort zone., Develop positive professional habits.

  To cultivate positive professional habits, you must break through the following psychological comfort zones: 1. Break through the emotional comfort zone: When you lose a long-term salary opportunity that should belong to you, you are upset and restless, and you want to find a superior evaluation or either “Talk about a statement “; when a subordinate has done something wrong, you can’t help refusing to blame it; when your superior criticizes you, it is difficult for you to keep a smiley face, and emotions are human emotionsInstinctual response to external stimuli, but if you do not control negative emotions, often venting emotional outcomes is not good for you.

There are several kinds of negative emotions that should be absolutely avoided in the workplace: no and complaints, dissatisfaction and anger, resentment or hatred, insults, fear of failure, arrogance, etc. These are all fatal injuries that affect personal career development.

  There are many ways to regulate my emotions. The most important thing is to strengthen myself. My emotions in the workplace do not belong to me completely. I must control my emotions!

  2. Breaking through the comfort zone of communication: Each person’s personality temperament determines the way he communicates with others. Some people speak quickly, while others should be silent when they should express their opinions.In the limelight, they often interrupt the personality of others unconsciously. Some people are used to passively waiting for instructions from their superiors. Some people like to actively ask for and communicate when they encounter problems. Everyone is used to communicating with others in their own way.

  To achieve empathic communication, you must consciously change your usual communication style and learn to actively listen to each other.

Good job communication is not necessarily to convince the other party or to really understand the other party’s ideas.

Even when arguing, it must be a benign transformation of things that are not for people, and personal attacks and evil words cannot be conducted. This is the most important phenomenon to be avoided in interpersonal communication in the workplace.

  3. Break through the comfort zone of communication: People are used to interacting with people who have their tempers, so no matter what organization they are in, there are certain organizations and groups, which is normal.

However, in the workplace, people must deal with people in all organizations and external customers, and they must learn to adapt to different personalities.

Breaking through the comfort zone of communication is to consciously deal with people of different personalities, just like actively seeking to chat with people of different personalities.

Seems very simple, in fact, most people in the workplace are difficult to do.

Once you try to meet someone with a different personality, it seems like a small breakthrough, but it will help improve your workplace emotional intelligence.

  Fourth, a good work attitude and thinking mode of behavior cultivation must be reflected in work behavior.

At the same time, for your own work behavior, you must follow the following two basic action specifications: 1. Work behavior should be goal-oriented.

The first is to understand the company’s goals, and the second is to formulate clear personal goals and combine the company’s goals with the personal goals to form a joint force for professional development and advance each other.Personal goals to promote the development of the company’s career, this is a shortcut to achieve personal career development in the workplace.

  In some cases, personal long-term goals are not always consistent with the goals of the company you are serving now, but since you work for this company, you have to turn all your experiences into the wealth of your personal career development.Your personal stage goals must obey your work goals.

  2. Work behavior should be result-oriented.

To be result-oriented is to think about problems from the perspective of achieving results, and to do some of our own work from the perspective of completing results.

Results-oriented is both a method of thinking and a behavioral habit.

The only result-oriented approach is to pursue positive results and actively seek ways to achieve them.

If you face a job, if you think you are “unable” before you do it, and your thinking interferes with your ability, then you may not be able to do it.