Can yoga help me lose weight fast?

Can yoga help me lose weight fast?

Q: I have a problem with my cervical spine due to long office work.

I heard from colleagues that yoga practice can improve this occupational disease, and I would like to try it.

But considering that you are a male, gentleness is not very good, and I am a bit worried.

I wonder if this situation is suitable for me?

  A: After the weather turned cold, more people started practicing yoga.

Regarding yoga, unfamiliar people usually have some misunderstandings, like this kind of question raised by Mr. Li.

  Many people think that a soft body is good for yoga.

actually not.

Yoga emphasizes moderation, and does not pursue the magnitude of movement completion. As long as the practitioners do their best, they can get the desired effect.

And through long-term practice, people’s softness can also be improved.

  Because most of the women who practice yoga in China make women think that yoga is the patent of women.

You know, the original inventors and practitioners of yoga were mostly men, and many well-known yoga masters were also men.

In some countries in Europe and America, even men practice yoga more extensively than women.

There is a male trainer in our hall. Although his weakness is lacking, after a few months of exercise, his movements have become more standard and the progress is very obvious.

  From the perspective of weight loss, the effect of yoga may not be immediate, but it plays an important role in our physical health.

An office worker like Mr. Li may not have an urgent need for weight loss, but instead focuses on decompression and fitness. Choosing yoga can help relieve stress by regulating endocrine, especially for cervical spine disease.

A female member with a severe cervical spinal canal problem has improved her condition through yoga practice, and the “giggle” between cervical vertebrae has also eased.

  For good results, it is important to keep practicing.

Each complete yoga exercise can help you relieve fatigue and rejuvenate, so that your entire body from the internal organs, glands to muscles, bones, and even the brain can be massaged and relaxed.

Ten diet pills for health improvement

Ten diet pills for health improvement

Anemia refers to a large decrease in red blood cells in the circulating blood throughout the body to below normal.

Clinically, it means that the concentration of hemoglobin in venous blood exceeds the normal standard for patients of the same age group, gender and region.

Diet therapy is one of the effective means to treat anemia.

The following foods are beneficial for improving the symptoms of anemia and supplementing the hematopoietic function, and should be replaced.

Anemia is generally manifested as paleness, pale nails, shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, yellow hair, dizziness, light menstrual flow, and so on.

The daily diet of anemia patients should pay attention to eat high protein, vitamin B and vitamin C foods and iron-rich diet.

Beneficial fruits are apples, dates, litchis, bananas and more.

In addition, you should eat more foods such as black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, black beans, sesame, etc., which is good for nourishing blood.

The therapeutic medicinal diets that are beneficial to prevent anemia are introduced as follows: 1.
Cook 500 grams of coccal bone in water, add 50 grams of jujube and 100 grams of shiitake mushrooms, cook for another half an hour, add salt and a small amount of seasoning, drink soup and eat meat.

2.Litchi, jujube, mulberry seeds are cooked with glutinous rice in proper amount, and eaten in the morning and evening.

3.Longan meat, 100 grams each of rehmannia glutinosa, add the right amount of water, simmer for about half an hour, add 30 grams of Ejiao, a small amount of brown sugar, and mix well before serving.

4.Pig heart and sheep heart pieces, boil until cooked, add about 100 grams of black fungus, cut carrots into 100 grams, stew in the right amount of seasoning.

5.Remove the head and feet of a pair of toads, add 50 grams of white ginseng, 100 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 100 grams of angelica, and 100 grams of Shayuanzi, fill the jar with white wine and soak in Chinese medicine for about one centimeter.After that, add honey orally, 1?
2 times.

The general symptoms of anemia are as follows: 1. Weakness: fatigue, drowsiness, caused by muscle hypoxia.

For the most common and initial symptoms.

2. Pale skin and mucous membranes: the influence of factors such as the distribution and diastolic state of the skin, mucous membranes, conjunctiva and skin capillaries.

It is generally believed that the color of the tarsal membrane, palm-sized fish, and nail bed are more reliable.

3. Appetite loss, abdominal flatulence, nausea, constipation, etc. are the most common symptoms.

Foods that improve anemia: Foods that improve the quality of proteins such as eggs, milk, fish, lean meats, shrimp and beans.

Vitamin D foods are fresh fruits and green vegetables such as jujube, apricots, oranges, hawthorn, tomatoes, bitter gourd, green bell pepper, lettuce, green bamboo shoots, etc.

Vitamin C is involved in hematopoiesis and promotes iron absorption and utilization.

Front-end iron foods Chicken liver, pork liver, beef and sheep kidney, lean meat, egg yolk, kelp, black sesame, sesame sauce, black fungus, soybeans, mushrooms, brown sugar, rapeseed, celery and so on.

Iron is the main component of blood, and many people with iron-deficiency anemia are common.

Obvious copper food Copper’s physiological function is involved in hematopoietic, copper deficiency can also cause iron absorption disorders and reduced hemoglobin synthesis.

The above food should be carefully adjusted in the daily diet, and try to achieve some kind of food.

Do not drink tea while taking iron during anemia to avoid interference with iron absorption.

Anemia diet recipe: 1. Fried pork liver with celery Ingredients: 200 grams of pork liver, 300 grams of celery (or 200 grams of spinach), 25 grams of soy sauce, 20 grams of sugar, 10 grams of rice wine, 30 grams of wet starch

Production: 1. Remove the pork liver fascia, cut into thin slices with a sharp knife, stir the pork liver slices with starch, rice wine and refined salt, and set aside.

2. Remove celery leaves, take six or two stems, wash them with water, and cut into three-centimeter-long sections.

3. Heat the oil pan over high heat, pour in cold lard, boil it to 60% oil temperature, add it to the liver, stir it, and when it changes color, pour the oil into a colander.

4. Keep the oil in the pot to season, continue to heat, stir-fry the celery, add soy sauce, sugar, refined salt, stir with wet starch before cooking, pour into the liver, stir fry a few times, drizzle a little fragrantVinegar, ready to serve.

Features: Pork liver is tender and refreshing, celery has a strong aromatic flavor, sour flavor, and delicious taste.

Role: 25 mg of iron per 100 grams of pig liver, 8 grams of iron in celery.

2 mg.

Each serving of fried pork liver with celery consumes 74 mg of iron.

The invention is particularly beneficial to women.
Second, the practice of bloody red jujube porridge: 50 grams of bloody glutinous rice, ten red dates and the right amount of rock sugar, boil together to make porridge.

Function: blood.
Third, longan lotus seed soup practice: 20 longan, 50 lotus seeds, add an appropriate amount of water, cook until the lotus seeds are soft and cooked.

Function: spleen strengthening, soothe the nerves, nourish blood.

Fourth, the practice of longan porridge: 15 grams of longan meat, ten dates, 50 grams of rice previously, in order to cook into porridge.

Function: Nourishing the heart and strengthening the spleen, most suitable for those with anemia and insomnia.

V. Red Date Sheep Bone Glutinous Rice Porridge Material: Sheep Bone Skull 1?
2 (pork bones are also available), 30 red dates, and a cup of glutinous rice: 1. Smash the lamb skull (or pork bones).

2. Red dates are pitted.

3. Add the above materials to a pot and cook in a pot.

Efficacy: spleen and blood, nourishing kidney and bones.

Six, lamb bone porridge practice: first pulverize the fresh lamb bone, add decoction of water, discard bone, and use soup to replace porridge.

Porridge is added with onion, ginger, salt, etc., and eaten.

Function: Good effect for those with anemia and chills.

Seven, gelatin, sesame, walnuts, and glutinous rice: First, 250 grams of gelatin are mashed, 250 grams of sesame and 150 grams of walnut meat are pounded together, and then add 50 grams of longan meat, an appropriate amount of rock sugarSteam over two hours.

Eat two spoons each time.

Function: This product has the effect of nourishing kidney, soothing nerves and nourishing blood.

Eight, ginseng jujube soup materials: 5 red dates, 10 grams of ginseng slices, 1 small piece of rock sugar.

Functions: 1. Jujube: sweet, warm, tonifying and nourishing qi, treating deficiency, replenishing the heart and lungs, replenishing blood, and nourishing beauty and anti-aging.

2, ginseng: sweet and warm, can be a great source of vitality, Qi Wang is the essence of natural energy.

Method: 1. Wash the red dates, put them in a small pot with ginseng slices, add a cup of water, and simmer for 1 hour.

2. Add rock sugar to be dissolved.

Nine, wolfberry Nanzao pot egg materials: 20 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 10 jujube, 2 eggs.

How to do it: 1. Put the Chinese wolfberry, Chinese jujube, and eggs in the pot and cook together.

2. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells and remove the eggs for another 10 minutes.

Efficacy: tonic, tonifying qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Ten, carp blood soup material: 4 black beans, 2 ginger, 2 slices of ginger, 10 jujubes, 1 carp, a small piece of peel, pepper amount.

Practice: 1. Carp descaling, gills, fins, internal organs clean, add less oil to the pan, and fry until golden brown.

2. Remove the black pandan and clean it, put it in the pot, do not put oil, fry until the bean coat cracks, then wash it with water and use it for future use.

3, the red dates are pitted, the ginger is peeled, the rind is cleaned and set aside.

4, boiled and boiled, first add black beans, red dates, tangerine peel, ginger and simmer for 10 minutes, then turn to low heat for an hour and a half, and finally add carp and cook for 30 minutes.

Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing blood, nourishing liver and kidney, improving eyesight and soothe the nerves, strengthening spleen and invigorating qi, diuretic and swelling.

Tip: It is best not to drink tea for people with anemia. Drinking more tea will only make the symptoms of anemia worse.

Because of the iron in food, it enters the digestive tract in the form of + 3-valent colloidal iron hydroxide.

Through the action of gastric juice, high-priced iron can be converted into low-priced iron before it can be absorbed.

However, tea contains carbonic acid, which easily forms insoluble residual acid iron after drinking, thereby preventing the absorption of iron.

Secondly, milk and some medicines that neutralize stomach acid can hinder the absorption of iron, so try not to eat it with foods containing iron.

Top 5 Therapeutic Effects of Chestnut in Golden Autumn


Top 5 Therapeutic Effects of Chestnut in Golden Autumn

Sweet and delicious chestnuts have been a precious fruit since ancient times. They are the best among dried fruits. They are called “five fruits” with peach, apricot, plum, and jujube. It shows that people love and know chestnuts.

Jinqiu chestnut and kidney and spleen is a special product of China, known as the “King of Dried Fruit”, and it is also called “Ginseng Fruit” abroad.

  The carbonization of dried chestnuts reached 77%, and that of fresh chestnuts was as much as 40%, which was 2% of that of potatoes.

4 times; the protein content in chestnut is 4%?
5%, vitamin B1.

Rich in B2, vitamin B2 is at least four times that of rice. It also contains 24 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. Fresh chestnuts contain more vitamin C than tomatoes that are acceptable for vitamin C richness.Many times!

Chestnuts are also very comprehensive in minerals, including potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and manganese.

Chestnuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, minerals, can prevent hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis and other diseases. It is an anti-aging and long-lasting tonic.

  Chestnut contains riboflavin, eating chestnuts often is good for children with sore mouth sores and adult oral ulcers.

  Chestnut is a dried fruit variety with high carbohydrate content. It can supplement the heat energy of human complications and help slight metabolism. It has the effect of nourishing qi and spleen and thickening the body.To avoid eating too much, especially those with diabetes, it will not affect the stability of blood sugar.

  Cosmetic effect After peeling and breaking chestnuts and blending it with honey, it can be applied to the face to remove wrinkles and make the skin smooth.

  Therapeutic effect 1.

Yiqi Bupi Chestnut is a dried fruit variety with high glucose content, which can provide staggered heat energy for the human body.


Cardiovascular diseases Chestnuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, multiple vitamins and minerals, which can effectively prevent and treat hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, which is beneficial to human health.


Strong tendons and bones are rich in vitamin C, which can maintain the normal functions of teeth, bones, blood vessels and muscles.


Stomach and thick intestine chestnuts are eaten raw, 5 to 8 capsules per day, suitable for those who vomit blood and blood in the stool.


Delaying aging, eating raw chestnuts sooner or later, is good for kidney loss and urination.

Boil porridge with 10 chestnuts, pig kidneys, barley kernels, and rice to treat waist and leg weakness caused by general kidney deficiency.

But we must pay attention to people with diabetes; infants and young children, weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, people with rheumatism should not eat more.

Pig skin

Pig skin

Pig skin, pigskin or pigskin.

In Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile Diseases, there is a “pig skin soup” recipe, and the herbal medicine has “hanging hooves.” Folks often use Chinese herbs to cook clothes with pig’s feet.

Pig skin and trotters are used for acute medicinal purposes.

It is recommended that meat processing plants make comprehensive use, collect trotters (pig claw shells), process them into animal glue, expand the source of glue, and eliminate the tight supply of Ejiao.

  The taste is sweet, flat and non-toxic.

  Ingredients: Both pigskin and trotters contain protein, trace amounts, and at the same time have animal gum.

  Function and blood, moisturize the skin.

Treatment of vomiting blood, bleeding blood, women’s blood dry, irregular water, leaking in the collapse.

  [血友病,鼻衄,齿衄,紫癜]  猪皮1块或猪蹄脚1个,红枣10-15个,同煮至稀烂,每日1剂。  [妇女产后贫血,乳汁缺乏]  猪蹄脚1-2只煮服(加少量食盐)。  [失血性贫血,痔血,便血,妇女崩漏下血]  猪皮60-90克,加水及黄酒少许,用文火久煮至稀烂,以红糖调服。  [疲劳过度引起耳鸣耳聋]  猪皮、香葱各60-90克,同剁烂,稍加食盐,蒸熟后一次吃完,连吃3天。  [糖尿病,口渴、尿多、饥饿]  新鲜猪胰子1条,洗净于开水中烫至半熟,以酱油拌食,每日1条,有胰岛素作用。  [老烂脚]  用徇猪汤(杀猪退毛的水),趁热洗患部,每天1次,连续洗一个月。  [百日咳]  猪胆粉每次0.3 grams, 2-3 times a day, delivered with sugar water (bile powder processing method: pig bile drying, grinding powder, 219 grams of this powder and the same amount of starch, 500 grams of white sugar, mix and obtain).

Top three hot pots Don’t miss the beautiful hot pot in winter

Top three hot pots Don’t miss the beautiful hot pot in winter

“Go eat hot pot!

“It’s time for another conversation like this!

Vegetables like cabbage and green onions, konjac noodles, dietary fiber in konjac, collagen from chicken bones .

It can completely warm the body. Depending on the ingredients added, it can also make the hot pot very effective in terms of beauty.

However, there are many different types of hot pots, but which one is not good for beauty is not clear.

Here, I would like to introduce you to the top 3 hot pots.

Why not take a look at it and choose a beauty pot that everyone will be happy with?

No. 1: Salt shabu-shabu No. 2: Tomato pot No. 3: Soymilk pot, Kimchi pot, Korean hot pot, cheese pot flatly popular “salt shabu-shabu” The salt that attracted much attention since 2011Alas.
The fermented seasoning is mixed with salt and water. The enzyme contained in the coriander can break down the starch and protein of the ingredients to make the food more delicious and softer.

Compared to its own taste, salted tincture can add ingredients to delicious seasoning.

For example, it is widely used in meat, fish and vegetables.

And not only that, the salt tincture, which is a fermented food, also has a pleasing effect on beauty.

(1) Lactic acid bacteria can clean up the intestinal environment and relieve constipation, which can prevent acne. (2) Polyphenols extracted during the fermentation of polyphenols can eliminate active oxygen that causes the body to age.GABA can reduce stress (4) Vitamin B6 can reduce premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and eliminate fatigue. You can also enjoy salt shabu-shabu easily at home.

Will someone gradually fall in love with this chicken’s tender texture and sweet vegetables this winter?

Tomato pot with undefeated popularity Since the publication of the research result of “tomato is beneficial for the treatment of metabolic syndrome”, it is a very popular tomato pot for both women and men.

Tomatoes contain balanced vitamin C and vitamin B.

Moreover, people looking forward to the rosy complexion and whitening effect brought about by the antioxidant effect of lycopene should not be in the minority?

Lycopene can increase collagen that maintains skin elasticity. Compared with supplementation alone, lycopene is more effective when used with yogurt or cheese that can become lactic acid bacteria or oil.

Add rice to the final hot pot, and then gradually cook the rice with cheese. It will be delicious and the beauty effect will rise sharply.

In addition, the tomato pot is also suitable for green vegetables. It can increase the absorption rate of lycopene. It is also recommended to add green broccoli, pumpkin and sweet pepper.

It can be said that the soy milk pot that is definitely not wrong can be said to be the representative of the beautiful muscle pot, soy milk pot.

The vitamin B group contained in soy milk can be said to produce beauty vitamins that cannot be metabolized by beauty muscles, which can maintain the normal operation of cells and promote skin metabolism.

In addition, soy isoflavones have effects similar to estrogen’s estrogen and can maintain smooth skin.

In addition, women’s good helper “soy milk” also has an effect on weight loss!

Soybean peptides can promote slight burning, and soy saponins can stimulate the satiety center and prevent overeating.

It is delicious and beautiful, and has weight loss effects. There is really no reason not to choose a soy milk pot.


Yoga posture is prone to error

Yoga posture is prone to error

Here are some of the mistakes that yoga practitioners often see. If you make these mistakes, you will easily hurt yourself. Some problems will appear immediately, and some will take years to erupt, so be careful.

  First, I ‘m too nervous, the number of exercises is too repeated. Some friends who are just practicing yoga classrooms, fall in love with yoga practice, and maybe some yoga classrooms are attracted by the unlimited number of practice sessions on a regular basis.The cheaper it is, and I want to see the results of the exercise immediately, but I don’t know that it is dangerous.

When the body is not strong at the beginning of the exercise, the body accumulates fatigue every day when it is practiced, and it is often hard to recover and work in class. If the young people can still tolerate it, those over the age of 30 can’t stand it.The teacher encourages you to continue to practice with injuries as a daily routine. That is really a fire, it is unbearable!

  It is recommended that the initial practice should not exceed three days a week, and gradually increase the number after one or two months. Don’t think that some yoga teachers practice effectively every day. People will control strength and weight.

  Second, too tight back bend Many yoga teachers will be good at calling back. When you meet this kind of teacher, she will also encourage you to work hard when you get back bend. I hope you hit your buttocks as soon as possible.

You need to know that this is a very dangerous movement. Over time, the soft tissues between the spine will be damaged, and the spine will only develop in one direction, and the other directions will be restricted.

  Sometimes even though the teacher does not correct the backbend, the book will also want to practice well, I hope it can be as good as the photos in the book, please think twice, there are many knots in the spine, and you often do not know how to control the bodyPractice is also the part that is the easiest to bend. The other spine has not been trained. How can you imagine the poor spine?

  For example, when the book trains to the wheel, it ‘s hard to lift up the body. As soon as I am happy, I want to lift the body desperately, and the result is the tired and softest part of the lumbar spine.

Two reasons to tell you why hair loss is easy

Two reasons to tell you why hair loss is easy

Guide: Most people have problems with temporary hair loss, but if you have an unusually large amount of hair loss, you need to understand this problem.

Is it due to stress, or is there a health condition?

A series of damages and doubts about hair loss will be answered immediately!

  Hair loss is a health problem?

  The only source of nutrition for hair is the microvessels below the hair follicles, so it is very important to have healthy hair roots, because the hair follicles in the hair roots are the place where hair performs metabolic activities and is where hair grows and develops.At the source, most of the water in the hair is provided by the hair follicle. The hair follicle is like a faucet. “As long as the faucet is turned on, water will flow out continuously and hair can continue to grow.” In fact, this view is wrong!

  There are about 100,000 to 50,000 hair follicles on each person’s scalp. The number and density of hair follicles are determined at birth and will gradually decrease with age. Each hair follicle can only grow 20-25 hairs in its lifetime.After that, it will “die” as if reducing its vitality, and no longer grow any hair.

Hair is to people, just like many natural resources are “non-renewable” to the earth. Once consumed, it is difficult to reverse.

  Just like skin aging, hair loss is caused by a variety of reasons. If it is only a result of sub-health, hair loss will quickly regenerate. As long as you understand that your hair problem is a symptom, you can use dailyHair conditioner is reversed!

But if it is permanent hair loss caused by the disease, there is no possibility of hair growth.

  Reasons for hair loss: Sub-health leads to reduction of hair loss Most women’s hair loss is due to weak hair quality and excessive mental stress, which has caused sub-health problems to replace hair loss, not hair loss.

The erosion of the natural environment and improper hairdressing in daily life will cause fragile hair quality. In addition, factors such as work pressure, emotional anxiety, and irregular life of OLs may break the normal “natural nature” of hair loss, resulting in thoroughHair loss.

This type of hair loss problem can be significantly improved by using a special anti-hair loss shampoo product.

  I want to know if I am distorting my hair. Once I have judged whether the following characteristics appear in my hair: 1. The mental pressure is relatively large, the hands and feet are always cold, and the forehead is shifted or completely dropped.Lead to local blood circulation disorders, which can cause hair ecological changes and malnutrition.

  2. The hair is not as dark and shiny as before, and the hair is also thin and brittle, and it is very easy to knot. This may be caused by the sun or wind, or the hair is often fragile, so it is easy for you to comb your hair.Comb a lot of hair.

  3. Occasionally, although there is a lot of hair loss at one time, there is no obvious “fragile” change in the hair. Don’t worry, this is due to sudden changes in hormone levels in the body.

  Say goodbye to shortening your hair loss. Preventing spring is a high season for hair loss. Because the day and night in spring are high, the capillaries of the scalp shrink, and the nutrition supplied to the hair is relatively reduced. The nutrition supply is insufficient, and the hair begins to “lay off”.Shortening hair loss arises initially.

Therefore, how to prevent hair loss is the most important thing.


Tips for preventing hair loss: Anti-hair loss scalp SPA comes from life. The stress of work makes people emotionally unstable, worried and uneasy, and it will cause hair loss over time.

In addition to adjusting your mood, you can enjoy a hair loss prevention scalp SPA once a week at a professional hair salon to relieve the pressure on the scalp, thereby consolidating the hair and enhancing the elasticity of the hair.


Tips for preventing hair loss: The key to choosing a nutritious shampoo for strong hair is to protect the internal and external health of the hair.

Most of the hair loss of women comes from physiological hair loss, fragile hair loss and postpartum hair loss, and any kind of hair loss inducement will lead to insufficient nutrition supply inside and outside the hair, lose benefits, and become easily broken.

Therefore, it is also essential to choose a care product that can effectively moisturize the hair core and significantly improve the health of the hair.


Tips for preventing hair loss: Do hair masks once a week prevent hair loss?

Of course it’s not that simple!

In addition to choosing a hair mask with strong hair, it is more important to change some massage techniques to promote blood circulation in the scalp. In conjunction with massage exercises for healthy hair, remember to use it as a hair mask!

  Tips: Steps to prevent hair loss in head massage: Before using shampoo, wet the hair with 40 degrees of warm water, choose a shampoo specifically for hair loss and hair loss, insert your hands into the hair, and rub the roots with your fingersAnd the scalp, and the ends of the hair are divided into bundles and gently rubbed with fingers. After all the rubbing is completed, rinse with warm water; Step 2: Gently squeeze the excess water from the hair and massage the cleaned scalp gently, so thatPrepare to receive dense and nourished hair to relax; Step 3: Take an appropriate amount of hair mask and press open with the palms of both hands to warm the temperature of the palm to activate the active ingredients, then massage the scalp with your fingers for 5 minutesFocus on massaging the least part of the hair and the thinnest part of the hair, then comb through with a wide-tooth comb to make the hair easier to absorb nutrients; Step 4: After 10-15 minutes, apply 40 degrees of warm water to the hairRinse the hair mask until there are no foam.

  Hair loss cause two: permanent hair loss caused by physiological diseases Hair loss caused by physiological diseases is permanent hair loss, which is a serious health problem, such as seborrheic dermatitis, endocrine disorders, malnutrition, etc. These are pathologicalHair loss, pathological hair loss leads to reorganized hair loss caused by sub-health!

General hair care is difficult to work with pathological hair loss, you need to seek the help of a professional doctor!

  If you want to know whether you have permanent hair loss, just judge whether the following characteristics appear in the hair: the number of hair loss: for several days, almost every day, more than 100 hairs are lost.

  Scalp condition: only slender short hair is present at the part of the hair loss, which is round or irregular, as small as nails, as large as coins or size, and many different;Inflammation such as small acne, the hairline is clear, and the hair follicle mouth can be seen.

  Sudden time: often occurs after overwork, lack of sleep or mental stimulation.

Unexpectedly, she suddenly found that hair loss was very serious.

  Hair morphology: The hairline is shifted backwards, and the hair at the edge of the hair loss area is often loose and easy to pull, and the pulled out hair is thick and thin.

The new hair grows thin and soft at the beginning, showing a pale yellow or off-white color; after a long time, it gradually becomes thicker, harder, and blacker, and finally the same as healthy hair.

  Judgment result: If most of your answers are “yes”, then it belongs to hair loss and you should go to the hospital for treatment.

Medicinal diet therapy, teach you to eat butterfly spots

Medicinal diet therapy, teach you to “eat” butterfly spots

Butterfly spot, also called chloasma, occurs in the face of middle-aged women and pregnant women. It is a pigmented skin disease.
Appears as light brown or light black spots, mostly distributed in the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, nose, lips, etc., generally without conscious symptoms and systemic symptoms, but it is the enemy of beauty.
  Modern medical research believes that the occurrence of butterfly spots is not only related to endocrine and metabolic disorders, certain wasting diseases, but also to diet.
Therefore, paying attention to diet conditioning is a basic method for controlling butterfly spots.
In addition to usually eat more fruits and vegetables and foods rich in vitamin C, not to eat spicy fried food, you should also use medicated diet to prevent and control.
Here are a few medicated therapies that teach you to “eat” butterfly spots.
  100 grams of soy beans, 100 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of red beans, and sugar.
Wash and dip the above three beans to fullness, mix and stir the juice, add an appropriate amount of water and boil.
Season with sugar and drink 3 times a day.
  Shenqi cream tincture 100g ginseng, 200g astragalus, 100g Ophiopogon, 50g paeony.
Shred the raw materials, add an appropriate amount of water to fry, remove the residue and extract the juice, condense with a gentle fire to form a paste, and then add honey equal to the thick paste to obtain the paste.
Take 1 tablespoon daily in the morning and evening.
  Red date radish soup with carrots 50 grams, red dates 30 grams, wolfberry 15 grams, the amount of rock sugar.
The red dates, carrots, and wolfberries are washed and placed in a pot. Add an appropriate amount of water and cook until they are ripe. Add sugar to taste and serve.
  Red dates, cherry porridge, red dates 50 grams, peanuts 30 grams, cherries 50 grams, brown sugar amount, 100 grams of japonica rice.
Soak the red dates and peanuts for 20 minutes. Put the pitted cherry and rice together in the pot to cook porridge. When the porridge is cooked, add brown sugar to taste and serve.
  Pork kidney porridge 1 pair of pig kidney (removed fascia, chopped), 200 grams of japonica rice, 100 grams of yam (peeled and chopped), and 50 grams of barley kernels.
After slicing the chopped pork kidneys with blood, add water to yam, barley kernels, and japonica rice, add the appropriate amount of salt and monosodium glutamate to the porridge with small fire, and eat.
  Mulberry honey paste mulberry 100 grams, black sesame 50 grams, Polygonum multiflorum 30 grams, angelica 20 grams, 20 grams of Ophiopogon, 20 grams of habitat.
Put the medicine into the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for 30 minutes to extract the medicine once, repeat 3 times, and then combine the 3 times, condense to a thick paste, add honey 1 times, mix again, and mix againBoil and cool in tins after cooling.
1 spoon at a time, rinse with boiling water, take morning and evening.
  300 grams of walnut milk, walnut kernel, 200 grams of milk, 200 grams of soy milk, 200 grams of black sesame.
Put walnut kernel, sesame, milk and soy milk in a blender and stir. After boiling, add a small amount of sugar to taste, or you can stir in raw eggs while boiling.
Take 1 small bowl twice a day, morning and evening.
  Qibai Beauty Cake: 50 grams of white lentils, 50 grams of white lotus seeds, 50 grams of white poria, 15 grams of white chrysanthemums, 50 grams of yam, 200 grams of flour, and 100 grams of sugar.
Grind lentils, lotus seeds, Poria, yam, and chrysanthemums into fine powder, mix with flour and add fresh yeast to ferment, add white sugar when it is ready, knead into small balls and steam for 30 minutes.
  Babao Freckle Congee 10g, Coix Seed 10g, Lotus Seed 15g, Raw Yam 30g, White Lentil 10g, Chixiaodou 15g, Jujube 10g, Japonica 200g.
Except for the rice, cook for 40 minutes with the right amount of medicine and water, then put the rice with the porridge and season with rock sugar.
Take 1 small bowl each morning and evening, and Jiufu works very well.
  Betel nut liqueur 20 grams of betel nut, 20 grams of orange peel, 10 grams of green peel, 5 grams of amomum, 10 grams of rose, 1500 ml of rice wine.
Grind the medicines into coarse powder, put them into yarn bags, immerse them in rice wine, cook for 30 minutes, add a small amount of rock sugar, remove the medicine bags, and store the wine in bottles.
Take 20 ml each time, 2 times a day.
Pregnant women are prohibited.
  Astragalus braised turtle with astragalus root 50 grams, wolfberry 30 grams, turtle 500 grams.
First wrap the astragalus slices with gauze, wash the wolfberry, cut the turtle into the internal organs and cut them into the same pot. Add an appropriate amount of water.
Stew and remove the residue. Season with ginger, spring onion, monosodium glutamate, refined salt, etc. and serve.
  Manna skin juice syrup 100 grams of Sydney, 200 grams of sugar cane, 300 grams of grapes, 100 grams of honey.
Wash the Sydney juice, sugar cane, and grapes, remove the residue, and mix with honey and bottle.Take 1 tablespoon daily in the morning and evening with warm water.

  Angelica Lily Rabbit 15g Angelica, 50g Lily, 10g Tianqi, 250g rabbit meat.

Wash and chop lily, Angelica sinensis, Tian Qiyan, put it into the steaming bowl with the rabbit meat, add an appropriate amount of water, simmer until it is cooked through the water and heat, season the soup and eat the meat.

Life and stomach common sense 4 strokes health care in place

Life and stomach common sense 4 strokes health care in place

Our stomach is working every day. For modern people, getting stomach problems seems to be sparse and common, but whether you are already troubled by stomach pain, or you do n’t have stomach problems and overeatingIn the state, you must incorporate the essence of nourishing the stomach.

If you are a pure breakfast forgetfulness, you may have many reasons for not eating breakfast, but don’t forget, your age may have reached the time when maintenance is needed. In addition to grease and powder, metabolic tract functions also need conditioning.

So, take action in the morning to nourish your stomach from now on .

hzh{display:none;}  酸奶养胃  谢蕊蔓性别:女年龄:28岁拓展经理  “以前早上忙得连滚带爬的,哪还有时间吃东西啊!Get up at 5:30 and go to work at 8:30.

Xiao Man’s previous life never seemed to have the concept of “breakfast”.

However, one night three years ago, because of excessive drinking, Xiao Man had stomachache in the middle of the night, so she had to call 120 and the ambulance sent her to Beijing Chaoyang Hospital.

In fact, before that, Xiao Man’s stomach had some faint pain, but she only took medicine when she was in pain, and her habit of skipping breakfast had not been changed.

It wasn’t until she was taken to the hospital by an ambulance that Xiao Man used the word “strenuous” for her stomach problems.

  ”A friend told me to drink yogurt in the morning. For two years, I have been drinking a bottle of yogurt in the morning. The symptoms of stomach problems have improved significantly.

But I still don’t understand why such a small bottle of yogurt will have such great effect?

“Expert comment: Drinking yogurt in the morning is good for the human body. Yogurt is easy to digest, and even neutralizes the attacking factor gastric acid, protecting the gastric mucosa.

Milk can also nourish the stomach, and people with gastric ulcers can relieve symptoms by drinking milk.

  Bai Kaishui Yangwei Zhang Jing Gender: Female Age: 30 years old Screenwriter “Remember that when I was in elementary school, my stomach often hurt terribly.

But still often do not eat breakfast.

Jingjing said she never went to the hospital for a gastroscopy because she was afraid of pain.

Later, when I was in college, I often forgot to eat because I often wrote articles overnight.

“At that time, several girls in our dormitory had been to the hospital for gastritis,” Jingjing said. “But since the habit of drinking a large glass of plain water on an empty stomach before breakfast every day, the number of stomach pains has decreased.

“Jingjing often thinks, can boiling water nourish the stomach?

  Expert comment: The boiled water does not have any nutritional ingredients, but after one night, the human body consumes some water, which can be used to supplement and balance the body’s water. The boiled water itself has no role in nourishing the stomach.

  Porridge Yangwei Li Jie Gender: Male Age: 34 years old Sales in foreign companies “I didn’t have stomach problems before, but since the sale, stomach problems have followed.

He was also admitted to the hospital for stomach bleeding.

“In the three years Li Jie has been selling, his performance has continued to improve, but his health has deteriorated.

“The doctor reminded me that I must have a good breakfast. I just opened a porridge shop in front of our company, so I arrived at the company half an hour early in the morning and went to drink a bowl of porridge.

Even if I have a constant business trip, I still drink a bowl of porridge in the morning.

“Drinking white porridge has become one of Li Jie’s habits. In his words, it’s like washing his face and brushing his teeth.

“I persisted for a year like this, and although it was more troublesome in the beginning, it became a habit over time.

What makes me the most bit is that for more than a year, I have almost never had a stomach problem.

“Expert comment: Porridge is easy to digest, especially Babao Porridge, which contains peanuts, almonds, sugar, etc., which has a higher conversion and richer, which is good for the stomach.

Fresh traces of peanut protein can effectively protect the stomach.

  Professional stomach nourishment guidance: Step 1: Establish the concept that breakfast must be eaten.

For office workers, from breakfast to lunch, it is a new job. Breakfast should pay more attention to nutrition and energy supplement. This is also to improve the work efficiency in the morning.

  Step 2: Identify breakfast foods that are good for your stomach.

There are three principles: easy digestion, anti-irritation, and multi-nutrition.

Such as: egg custard, egg soup, boiled eggs, soybeans, soy products, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Recommended recipe: 1 bottle of yogurt or half a pound of fresh milk, 1 oatmeal, 1 steamed or boiled egg, fruit (watermelon, banana) or noodles.

Suggested duration: About 20 minutes Special note: It is best not to eat fried eggs.

  Step 3: After breakfast, pay attention to the right amount of exercise, some small jogging or climbing the hillside.Intense exercise is not promoted here, because excessive exercise after eating will cause indigestion, and exercise after eating is not conducive to blood circulation.

The appropriate approach can be to drink the honey that nourish the stomach, then slowly walk around the park, or walk quickly in the green area, and look at the natural environment while walking, which is naturally beneficial to human body.

Weight loss yoga is still thin in winter

Weight loss yoga is still thin in winter

The coming of autumn and winter, the cold weather makes people not want to go out to exercise, but if you are doing yoga in a warm room, do you want to try it!

Below, I will take you to learn this simple but effective stovepipe abdomen yoga exercise, so that you can still keep thin in winter.

  Slimming yoga step1: Lie on your back on a mat or thick towel, hold your elbows in both hands, hold your knees, try to align your chest, adjust your breathing, and relax yourself.

  step2: Slowly exhale, raise your head at the same time, put your head and alignment on both sides at the same time, keep the posture for about 5 seconds.

Then slowly inhale while returning to the original position.

  Constipation Yoga can effectively alleviate constipation problems.

  step1: Lying on a cushion or thick towel, bend your left leg and try to move it closer to your chest, holding your left leg with both hands.

  step2: While exhaling slowly, raise your head, bring your head closer to the dark place while aligning, and keep your posture for about 5 seconds.

Then inhale and return to the original position.

  Repeat on the other leg.

  Thin waist yoga (1) step1: Lie down on a cushion or thick towel, bend your left leg to the side of your chest, hold your left foot on both hands.

The right leg does not need to be stretched, it can be in a natural state.

  step2: Inhale slowly, turn your left leg to the right, and press your left elbow with your right hand. At this time, your face is to the left, and keep this posture for 15 seconds.

Exhale slowly and return to the original position.

Repeat on the other leg.
  Thin waist yoga (2) step1: lying on a mat or thick towel, with both hands naturally placed in front of and behind the body, the left leg flexes his knees, the feet press the ground, the right thigh is pressed on the left leg and the right leg is worn from the left sideKeep your right foot on your left calf and right.

  step2: While inhaling slowly, twist your waist to the left and make your legs fall to the left. At this time, twist your face to the right and keep your posture for 15 seconds.

Exhale slowly, return to the original position, and repeat this action on the other leg.