Honey diet three days speed thin

Honey diet three days speed thin

Every morning, lunch, and dinner are replaced by honey water or honey tea. You can’t eat or drink anything else.

During weight loss, you can eat 150-200g of honey every day, at least 150g part of the diet to lose weight; if you feel hungry or tired, you can directly eat honey or honey water, you can instantly replenish your body’s nutrients and restore your spirit.

  How to decide the number of days to lose weight?

For obese people, the three-day weight loss method is ideal. It should be implemented once a month. If you want to lose 10-20 pounds if you exceed the standard, you can do it twice a month, at least 6-7 pounds.

  If you have reached the ideal weight and want to prevent rebound, you can choose to take 2 days to lose weight. It is enough to carry out 2 times a month.

Want to regulate the stomach, net bowel detoxification, it is recommended to carry out a diet one day a week.

Friends who practice yoga, two meals a day replaced by honey water, is the best for health; and the half-fasting method of one meal a day is only aimed at improving physical fitness, and it takes 3 months to half a year to see the weight loss effect.

If you know your personal physique, you should first consult a dietitian or physician.

  The first day of breakfast: honey sugar a cup of lunch: honey green tea two cups, one tablespoon honey afternoon tea: two tablespoons honey dinner: honey rose flower tea two cups after the test: the next half feels the stomach is very active, making a squeaking sound, at nightThere is a defecation phenomenon, but the whole day is empty, very unaccustomed, eat a spoonful of honey on the belly when you are hungry, but after eating, the slight dizziness and soft hands and feet disappear quickly.

  Breakfast the next day: a cup of honey green tea for lunch: a cup of honey mint tea, a spoonful of honey afternoon tea: a cup of honey water dinner: a cup of honey black tea, a spoonful of honey after the test: the next day, feeling hungry relieved a lot, began to adaptAnd the number of bowel movements is much higher, and the abdomen has no sense of buzz.

  Breakfast on the third day: honey sugar a cup lunch: honey citrus tea a cup of afternoon tea: a tablespoon honey dinner: honey rose tea cup after test: feel light, spirit is also good, feet edema is also significantly improved; and appetiteFine, every cup of honey water or tea, do not feel hungry, said a name, weight 6 kg, after a few days to keep a list of food and easy to digest food, there will be unexpected surprises.

Look at the blood type and decode your health

Look at the blood type and decode your health

Do you know that blood type has a great impact on human health?

People with different blood types often have different physical characteristics and health status, and will show different resistances when dealing with various diseases.

Today we are talking about the physical characteristics of people with AB blood.

  - The physiological form of AB blood type reveals that the blood type of AB is the same as that indicated by AB. The physical characteristics of people with partial blood type A and blood type B are the latest in some blood types.

In terms of dietary characteristics, it can be adapted to both animal protein and plant protein, but it shows a sensitive body that is not well digested.

Therefore, people with AB blood type are also called sensitive evolutionary complexes. These blood type people are less likely to suffer from digestive tract diseases, but in the mental aspect, the risk of illness is more than three times higher than that of other three blood types.

  The physical characteristics of AB blood type humans have the characteristics of type A blood or type B blood because the characteristics of type AB blood contain both type A blood antigen and type B blood antigen.

However, in terms of physiological characteristics, people with AB blood type are very similar to those of A blood type, but rarely have the characteristics of type B blood.

  In terms of the immune system, people with AB blood type inherit the characteristics of type A blood, their immune function and resistance are not very strong, and they are highly vulnerable to a variety of diseases and viruses, and type A blood is susceptible.Disease, most of the type AB blood is also prone to suffering, especially cancer and cardiovascular disease, the incidence of AB blood type is relatively high.

  In the digestive system, since there are both type A antigen and type B antigen on the red blood cells in the AB type blood, the range of agglutination reaction with different foods is greatly increased, so the function of the human digestive system of the AB blood type is not very strong, the stomachThere are few digestive enzymes, the content of gastric acid is relatively low, and the digestion and absorption of certain nutrients are relatively slow.

Although it is also acceptable for animal protein, it is difficult for people with AB blood type to have strong food adaptability like O blood type, so it shows symptoms of slow metabolism and low efficiency, and it is easy to be due to animal protein.Rich in plasma and cause cardiovascular diseases.

  In addition, the blood of AB blood type people is relatively thick, which is beneficial to blood coagulation, and also increases the risk of coronary heart disease and cerebral thrombosis in people with AB blood type.

The blood type of human adrenaline is also high, and when the pressure comes, the content will increase a lot, pay attention to remove the pressure as soon as possible, and restore the normal psychological state.

  The changes of AB blood type people According to the development of blood type, AB blood type is the latest blood type on the earth, which appeared in less than 1000 years ago. It is the Indo-European nationality and “carrying” type B blood that “carry” type A blood.The descendants of the Mongolian combination.

People with AB blood type inherit the ability to resist disease, and their immune system is more resistant to bacteria.

At present, there are very few people with AB blood type, which accounts for about 2% of the population.
5%, and shows the characteristics of complex physiological structure.

  From the first level, AB blood can be said to be the most progressive blood type, with the strongest adaptability.

Although it is a more complex blood type, it is not compatible with other blood types.

However, because it carries a complex antigen, the characteristics of the dual antigen and the blood type of the AB are sometimes like the human characteristics of the A blood type, sometimes like the characteristics of the B blood type human, or sometimes the fusion.

This variety of properties sometimes enhances some of the body’s physiological functions, sometimes creating conflicts.

  This composite manifestation of AB blood type.
The main diet may vary, but diet may affect this composite performance of AB blood type people.

Basically, most foods that are detrimental to A blood type or B blood type may not be suitable for AB blood type people, but there are some exceptions, such as foods containing hemagglutinin.

Hemagglutinin is a hemagglutinin that gels all blood types, but seems to be quite suitable for AB blood type people, probably because hemagglutinin is blocked by double-effect A and B antibodies, and tomatoes are one.a food containing hemagglutinin.

  The AB blood type is easily deficient in the nutritional AB blood type like a stable and balanced balance, and various nutrients are balanced in the body.

This may be related to the wide range of food intake of AB blood type people.

  However, anything that looks perfect is flawed.

People with AB blood type are not easy to lack nutrients, but due to their own physiological characteristics, vitamin C and mineral selenium are still the foods that AB blood type should pay attention to.

  AB blood type human diet characteristics AB blood has the dual blood group characteristics of type A blood and type B blood, to a certain extent, it combines the dietary characteristics of type A blood and type B blood, but AB type blood is not completely inherited ACharacteristics of blood type or B type blood.

Some foods that are good for type A or type B blood, AB blood type may not be acceptable.

For example, meat-based foods, people with B blood type can not only eat, but also have benefits, but for people with AB blood type, they can’t digest and absorb well, and they can’t eat too much.

This is because the AB blood type human digestive system is very similar to the A blood type, the function is not very strong, and the gastric acid content is relatively low, so it will affect the digestion and absorption of animal protein.

  In general, people with blood type A or blood type B can eat, and people with AB blood type can basically eat it, but only some foods should pay attention to the weight and number of times.

All people who are harmful to A blood type or B blood type, AB blood type should also pay attention.

In addition, all processed foods, such as bacon and bacon, are prone to gastric cancer in people with AB blood type with low gastric acid content, so it must be avoided.

People with AB blood type need to absorb natural, fresh and pure food, which is very important for the health of AB blood type people.

Because such foods can greatly enhance your immune system function and your own resistance, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of those deadly diseases.

The experience of successful fattening (first stage)

The experience of successful fattening (first stage)

Anyone who knows me knows that my fattening slogan has been called for two years and has not been successful.

It was really exciting until the end of this year!

  The first two years I thought that eating more and sleeping would be fat, and it turned out to be wrong!

Everything varies from person to person!

  My gastrointestinal absorption function is not very good, so eating more will not be fat.

So this year, with the advice of my friends, I started to drink salt water bottles every day, and now I have already drunk the 15th bottle!

It feels really effective, and the appetite is much bigger!

  In addition to regulating the stomach, nutrition should also keep up, a cup of soy milk, an egg, a fruit every morning.

Special attention is: soy milk and eggs can not be eaten at the same time, at least every hour or so.

Eat more high-protein and high-protein foods such as beef.

  It is not enough to achieve the above two points, and proper exercise is still needed.

Through exercise, you can further increase your appetite.

I now insist on a certain amount of BODY JAM, BODY COMBAT every day.

  My current weight is 67.

07 kg (data on June 21), compared with the previous 62 kg, increased by 5.

07 kg!

Every time I go to SHIMADZU, I am really happy to see that my weight has changed!

  Since my height is 180cm, the weight must be 70-72kg.

So my first stage is to reach 70-72 kg.

  I believe that in the near future, my second stage will be realized – the body shaping stage:) Friends cheer for me!

A variety of therapeutic methods recommended for arm odor

A variety of therapeutic methods recommended for arm odor

The stench is closely related to heredity. Parents have stinks, and children have stinking smells. This unpleasant smell makes it easy for patients to miss. To remove the stench, first of all, pay attention to your own hygiene.Take a bath and penetrate the gas clothes. In addition, you can try the therapeutic recipe.

You can also try the following four treatment methods for treating arm odor.

4 kinds of therapeutic methods of arm odor treatment method 1: 枇杷 leaf mung bean soup[material]50 grams of mung bean, 30 grams of medlar leaves, 20 grams of honeysuckle, sugar amount.

[practice]add appropriate amount of water in the pot, first add cilantro and honeysuckle, use low-fire decoction, go to the slag to take juice; add mung beans, boil into soup, and finally add sugar to taste.

【Efficacy】Treats the bad smell of lung and stomach.

Diet Method 2: Honey Silver Flower Dew[Material]White honey, 30 grams of honeysuckle.

[practice]add 300 ml of water to the pot, add honeysuckle, fry the juice with low heat, fry and remove the juice from the slag; add white honey after the juice is cooled, and mix well.

【Effect】Treats the heat and smells.

Diet Method 3: Salted fish head tofu soup[material]1 salted fish head, several pieces of tofu, 1 piece of ginger.

[Practice]Wash all the materials, salted fish head pieces are slightly fried and put into the pot with ginger, add appropriate amount of water and simmer for about half an hour, add tofu and roll for another 20 minutes.

【Effect】 Salted fish head has a sweet and warm effect, while tofu is cool and has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. It is very effective for stench and odor, gum swelling, odor and constipation.

Therapeutic method 4: raw reed porridge[material]30 grams of reed rhizome, 50 grams of rice.

[Practice]After the root is washed, add the sputum, add the appropriate amount of water and simmer for 15 minutes. Leave the slag to leave the juice. Add the rice and cook the porridge. Take 1 dose per day. It should be taken on an empty stomach every morning. About 5 doses are effective.

[Efficacy]Specializes in the stench caused by the swelling of the tongue or gums.

Tip: Usually eat more water, high-fiber foods, can speed up the speed of defecation, the toxins of the stomach are discharged, so that the toxins discharged through our sweat glands become less, and the stench can naturally be.

Therefore, patients with arm odors should eat more water, high-fiber fruits and vegetables, oranges, seeds, watermelons, melons, cabbages, etc.

Foot skunk 尴尬 small coup to ease

Foot skunk 尴尬 small coup to ease

Foot odor is because the sweat glands of the foot are more likely to sweat. In the sweaty condition, the bacteria on the feet multiply and decompose the keratin protein, together with the urea and lactic acid in the sweat, which will produce an odor.

  In order to alleviate this kind of cockroaches instead of soaking feet and cleaning socks every day, shoes should also be protected from ventilating places. In addition, Chinese medicine practitioners also have a way to relieve foot odor by diet conditioning.

  1, radish, water, foot odor, people can use half a white radish, cut into thin slices, put in the pot, then add the right amount of water, simmer for 3 minutes and then simmer for 5 minutes, then pour into the basinAfter the temperature is moderate, the feet are washed repeatedly, and even after washing for several times, the foot odor can be removed.

  2, oxytetracycline many people feel distressed because of foot odor, after many practices have proved: terramycin into the end, painted in the toe seam, each time to replace 1–2 tablets, can guarantee no more than half a month or soStinky.

  3, melon skin winter melon skin has the effect of cooling off the heat, spleen, dampness, can be used to treat kidney disease, lung disease, causing edema, abdominal distension, dysuria and other symptoms.

Washing your feet with winter melon skin soup to cure your athlete’s foot, and cure foot odor, kill two birds with one stone.

  4, alcohol every night before going to sleep, use a cotton ball or cloth head to smear a small amount of alcohol, evenly applied to the glue just removed, sneakers, to wear the next morning after drying.

After two weeks of persistence, the shoes will not smell bad.

  5, rice vinegar wash your feet, add 10 to 15 ml of rice vinegar in water, mix thoroughly, put your feet into soak for 15 minutes, once a day, continuous three to four days, foot odor can disappear.

  6, salt ginger water in the appropriate amount of salt and a few pieces of ginger, heated for a few minutes, wash feet without rubbing, and scrub for a few minutes, completely remove the foot odor, feet feel relaxed, can eliminate fatigue.

Autumn words health!

Autumn words health!

The autumn climate is dry, many elderly people will cough, because this day and night cough, Wu Hao has not sleep well for several nights.

How do you break down the cough that is day and night?

Autumn cough is due to the lack of water in the lungs. Many elderly people are particularly prone to coughing in the fall. Is cough related to the weather?

Autumn climate change is impermanent, especially the evil of autumn dryness is easy to invade the human body through the mouth, nose, respiratory tract and skin. It is involved in the lungs. At this time, if you are slightly careless, it is easy to suffer from a cold and cause dry cough.

Dry cough in autumn can not be considered as a problem of respiratory tract. Dry in autumn, the body is prone to lack of water, and the mouth and throat is also the easiest place to judge whether the body is dry. At this time, the body will remind us of the hydration by coughing.

In addition, the human body will remind us to replenish water through dry skin, constipation, and hoarseness.

Run the lungs can “eat out” then, how to adjust the autumn dry cough?

Tan Hantian said that the best way to moisten dryness is diet therapy. At this time, you can eat more white fungus, almond, sand ginseng, Sydney and other foods to moisten the lungs and relieve cough. You can also try the following therapeutic recipes to moisten the lungs and relieve cough.

Tremella jade bamboo stewed pigeon material: Tremella, 30 grams of Polygonatum, 1 pigeon, 2 pieces of ginger.

Practice: clean all the ingredients, the pigeons in the cold water pot, boil the fire, turn to low heat and cook for another 5 minutes or until the pigeons vomit blood; then remove and rinse with warm water to drain the water.

Put all the ingredients into the jar and add enough pure water; cover the jar, transfer it to the electronic stew, add enough boiling water, stew for 3 hours, and finally season with salt.

Efficacy: nourishing yin and clearing heat, can make dry cough less sputum, dry stool and other symptoms.

Fig Luo Han Guo 煲 pig lung material: 50 grams of figs, 1/3 of Luo Han Guo, 1 pig lung, the appropriate amount of dried tangerine peel: the pig lungs are washed with water and squeezed into the blood inside; the pig lungs are cut into pieces, and thenBoil in boiling water for 5 minutes. The boiled pig’s lungs are washed with water and treated to squeeze out the blood inside. The other materials are washed and prepared. After the boiled water is boiled, the pig lungs and other materials are fired and fired.Stew for 2 hours on low heat and season with salt.

Efficacy: Cough and lungs, suitable for patients with chronic pharyngitis.

Lily ginseng stewed Sydney material: Lily, sand ginseng each 30 grams, Sydney 1?

Practice: Wash the lily and sand ginseng, use the pear peeling to remove the pear core, and then cut into pieces.

Put all the ingredients into the stew, add the water, first boil it with a big fire; then use a small fire for about 1 hour, add the right amount of rock sugar to taste.

Efficacy: nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, suitable for chronic cough and cough and blood stasis.