Six tips for office fitness

Six tips for office fitness

White-collar workers in the office spend most of their time working in chairs while working at their desks, so it is important to keep yourself in the correct sitting position.

Choose a chair with a backrest and armrests. When working, keep your two forearms parallel and aligned at 90 degrees to your feet.

Alternatively, you can put a soft cushion on the lower part of the back.

  When copying documents When copying documents, you can relax your neck and shoulder muscles while waiting, turn your head rhythmically, etc., and thus your limbs.

These exercises can especially relieve the pain of cervical spondylosis.

  Minimizing the intensity of physical exercise in the elevator can help people strengthen their heart function.

Therefore, it is necessary to guide the elevator as little as possible and use the stairs instead.

But in some closed office buildings, it is not suitable for staircase movement.

Because, in a place where air is not flowing and is relatively dirty, “taking the stairs” easily causes the heart, brain to be hypoxic, and increases the burden on the heart, which is not good for the kidneys or liver.

  Don’t rush back to the office immediately after lunch after lunch.

A short walk after meal not only helps digestion, but also helps you relax all parts of your body and mood; or for a long hour after meal, it can effectively prevent the accumulation of dead bodies.

  Do squat exercise with your feet separated by a longer distance from your shoulders, then slowly squat by holding the chair with both hands, and get up to extend.

Do this 10 times repeatedly, and continue to do it 10 times after a break. This exercise can help you strengthen the muscles of your thighs and buttocks, and it can also improve the curve of your lower body.

  When drinking tea or coffee, get up and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee.

When making tea or coffee, you can take a single leg in turn to extend and raise one leg up; or stretch your legs close together, bend over, and let your palms touch the ground.

Easy wrinkle remedies

Easy wrinkle remedies

What the natural-loving ladies are most reluctant to see, if the annoying little wrinkles do not know when and when they have creeped up to the corners of their eyes and brows, it is indeed a surprisingly big headache.

Please do n’t be nervous. Here are some simple and easy wrinkle removal methods. You do n’t get in the way. If you insist on avoiding them, you may be pleasantly surprised!

  Rice ball wrinkles.

hzh {display: none; }  当家中香喷喷的米饭做好之后,挑些比较软的、温热又不会太烫的米饭揉成团,放在面部轻揉,把皮肤毛孔内的油脂,污物Inhale until the rice balls become greasy and dark, and then wash them off with water. This will allow the skin to breathe and reduce wrinkles.

  Chicken bone wrinkle skin The majority of the dermal tissue is composed of elastic fibers. Once the skin is skinless, it loses its elasticity and wrinkles gather.

Chicken skin and cartilage contain a large amount of titanium sulfate, which is the most important component of elastic fibers.

Wash the leftover chicken bones and cook them with chicken skin. In addition to being nutritious, regular drinking can eliminate wrinkles and make the skin delicate.

  Fruits, vegetables, wrinkles, bananas, oranges, watermelon rinds, tomatoes, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables have the most natural moisturizing and wrinkle removing effects. They can also be made into a facial mask to smooth the face and wrinkles.

  For pig trotters, use old sow trotters (if you ca n’t find a common trotter), wash it and cook it into a paste. Apply it to your face when you go to bed at night, and wash it the next morning.Will have a clear wrinkle effect.

  Beer wrinkle beer has low alcohol content, contains acid and bitter acid, stimulates appetite, helps digestion and clears heat.

Beer also contains a lot of vitamin B, sugar and protein.

Appropriate amount of beer can enhance physical fitness and reduce facial wrinkles.

  Tea wrinkle-removing tea contains more than 400 kinds of rich chemical ingredients, which mainly contains tea?

Phenols, aromatic oil compounds, carbohydrates, proteins, various amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and pectin are natural bodybuilding beverages. In addition to increasing health, they can also keep the skin smooth, delay the appearance of wrinkles, and reduce wrinkles.To prevent a variety of skin diseases, but should pay attention to not drink strong tea.

  Chew to wrinkle Chew gum daily?
In 20 minutes, facial wrinkles are reduced and the complexion looks rosy.

This is because chewing energy-moving facial muscles changes facial blood circulation and enhances the metabolic functions of facial cells.

Reasonable lunch + fitness = healthy white-collar workers

Reasonable lunch + fitness = healthy white-collar workers

For many white-collar workers, fitness at noon is already fashionable.

Wang Xiaofeng, director of the Bluebird Fitness Fitness Technology Department, said that during lunch break, pay attention to eating less and more meals before and after fitness. Exercise can refresh your mind and the fitness effect is quite good.

  ”11:30 to 1:30 noon and 4:30 to 8:30 pm are the two peak schedules for the current gym.

“Wang Xiaofeng introduced.

In terms of physical functioning, 4:00 to 6:00 pm is the best golden order for sports, but office workers who have been busy for a day want to go home early after work, so the lunch break fitness has become popular.

  Take a lunch break to exercise, the traditional dinner notice is appropriate, but going hungry to exercise is even more wrong.

How to grasp the scale of lunch and then go to lunch break for fitness?

  Bodybuilders can prepare snacks in the office, eat fruits, whole wheat bread, and drink sports drinks about an hour before exercise to supplement the sugar consumed during exercise.

After the exercise, return to the office and eat properly.

It should be noted that after fitness, don’t be greedy, because the body’s absorption capacity is very strong after exercise, it is easy to grow meat if you eat more.

If you get hungry at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, you can eat a little bit more.

Eating less and eating more meals not only meets nutritional requirements, but also is very valuable for weight loss and bodybuilding.

  For fitness events, choose relatively static sports such as yoga, Pilates, jogging, etc., which are more suitable to relieve physical fatigue and improve physical fitness, and not cause sleepiness in the afternoon.

If you are doing your own exercises, half an hour of equipment training plus 15-20 minutes of cardio training on a treadmill or mountaineering machine is almost the same, and the intensity should not be too great.

  Time, noon fitness, 40 minutes to an hour each time, exercise three or four times a week will have a good fitness effect.

After the exercise, take a bath, and get refreshed into the afternoon work.

Why do babies lag when drinking milk?


Why do babies lag when drinking milk?

Illness papers ★ Respiratory or heart diseases: especially during the first two months after the baby is born, if the parents find that the child eats more than one hour for each meal, and it seems to be laborious in the process, it is easy to choke or keep spilling milkAfter sweating, you should be careful whether your child has breathing or heart disease.

The common question that parents often take care of such children is: Why spend so much time feeding each day, but the child eats very little, and the weight gain is not ideal.

  ★ Digestive diseases: 1, gastroesophageal reflux: Generally, the food we swallow will mix saliva, enter the stomach from the esophagus, stir with the gastric juice and grind it through the antrum, and enter the duodenum, and the gastric juice will flow back to the lower end of the esophagus.That is called “gastroesophageal reflux”.

Gastroesophageal reflux is a natural physiological response, and the esophagus itself has a corresponding protective function. Baby?
About 2 months, gastric acid will increase, at this time it is more likely to cause nausea, burning sensation due to gastroesophageal reflux, which affects the child’s expectation of eating and prolongs the residence time.

  2. Lactose intolerance: In short, lactose can not be digested and absorbed to produce abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other reactions.

Both breast milk and formula milk contain lactose. Parents will feel uncomfortable if they overdo it. Usually babies have a higher percentage of lactose intolerance.

And lactose intolerant babies often feel nausea, bloating, and diarrhea refusing to eat. Parents can find abnormalities in their baby’s bowel habits.

Usually two weeks after the baby is born, the formula baby will defecate once every two or three days, or two or three times a day, and the breast-feeding baby will have five or six times a day.

  3, intestinal colic: baby less than 4 months ago, because the intestinal wall nerves are not yet mature, the intestines are prone to peristalsis too fast, tangled and causing pain.

The peak of intestinal colic is 4 in the evening?
At 8 o’clock in the baby l?
At 2 months of age, the baby’s milk volume will gradually increase, and the chance of colic is relatively high.

If parents find that their babies often cry in the evening and cheat for a long time without effect, they cannot ignore the possibility that the baby has colic.

  4, milk protein allergy: severe milk protein allergy usually after the baby is born 3?
It can be found in 5 days, but in mild cases, it may take more than 1 month, about 2 months, and manifestation.

Symptoms include nausea, bloating, and bloody mucus.

  ★ Swallowing problems: 1. Brain dysfunction: A baby with hypoxia, congenital brain deformity, and cerebral palsy at birth may suffer from brain dysfunction and affect his swallowing, leading to longer eating time.

The brain is still developing during the neonatal period, and the diagnosis of brain diseases is not easy. For cerebral palsy, symptoms are found in more than 3-6 months, and the slowest can be confirmed in 6 months.

  2. Laryngeal vein dysplasia: A small number of newborns do not develop well because of the larynx and neck, so it is easy to choke when drinking milk. In addition, it can not cooperate smoothly with the respiratory system. It is more laborious when drinking milk, and natural drinking time is longer.

  3, esophageal diseases: if there is a sack tube between the esophagus and the trachea, it is also easy to cause the baby to suckle, but this can be found immediately after birth.

In addition, such as esophagitis, long foreign bodies in the esophagus, lymph adenomas in the neck, and hemangioma can also affect the child’s swallowing function.

  Reason: In general, of course, the time to drink milk is an observation indicator, but if the child can reach the amount of milk that he should have a day, the weight is normal, there is no serious milk spill, the milk is laborious, the bowel movement is abnormal, and after drinkingShe also completely slept soundly after milking, most of the time without much problems, and in the opposite case, she needed to seek medical treatment early, which was evaluated by a pediatrician.

  Other reasons ★ Children are not adapted to new feeding methods: Most modern double-paid families have many mothers who are willing to breastfeed directly during confinement. Later, in order to return to the workplace, I hope that children will gradually get used to feeding with bottles (Built-in breast milk, regardless of formula milk), but after trying, if the child finds that drinking milk becomes procrastination, it may be because his knowledge of feeding is mainly the mother’s breast, once the mother switches to feeding with a bottle, replacement occursreaction.
  Reason: If the child’s expectation for the mother is direct feeding, the mother will naturally encounter difficulties when changing to a baby bottle.

It is interesting that if the father or nanny feeds the baby bottle at this time, because he does not have the same expectation for the other, he will not necessarily take it back.

In addition, feeding baby bottles with mother’s clothes can also reduce the distortion of the baby.

  ★ Nipple rehabilitation: There is a big difference between sucking mom’s nipple and pacifier. If the baby can’t change over, drinking milk will naturally be procrastinating.

  Reason: There are very few babies with nipple discomfort. If the child continues to be unable to switch over, they may finally consider feeding with a dropper or a cup.

  ★ Physiological anorexia: Frequently, infants are tired of formula milk. During the period of 3-4 months, because of better head control, they are easily attracted by the surrounding environment and are curious about other foods.Deficiency, and mommy also feels that the baby is very inattentive to drinking milk, or does not like drinking milk, drinking milk for a long time, and so on.

  Reason: If the baby has eaten normally and it appears like this in 3 or 4 months, parents should consider the possibility of physical anorexia.

  Physiological anorexia is a normal condition often found in formula milk babies. Generally, if it is just anorexia and there are no other diseases in the body, the development will continue to grow. Parents who are worried about the child’s insufficient milk intake can take advantage of himAt the time of feeding, that is, feeding under conditions that are less likely to be disturbed by environmental factors, the child usually concentrates on drinking milk.

If your baby’s weight is not ideal, you can consider starting to add groceries to supplement the nutrition that your baby lacks.

  In addition, in a noisy environment, parental disputes will affect the child’s emotions. To avoid them, parents can also put on some soft music or adjust the light when feeding, so that the baby can eat in a relaxed state.

Of course, if after adjusting the fact that the baby is still very tired of milk, you need to seek professional doctors as soon as possible.