Dispel the wind and cold food gourmet smooth ginger hit milk

Dispel the wind and cold food gourmet smooth ginger hit milk

This winter is especially cold. At this time, it is best to eat a bowl of hot desserts. Among them, ginger milk is the best.

Lily usually likes making desserts, and ginger bump milk is the first dessert she learned.

She said that a small bowl of ginger smashed milk was sweet, spicy, fragrant and slippery, and tasted “wonderful.”

In addition, Lily also reminded everyone that ginger juice also has the effect of dispel the wind and cold, delicious and healthy, eating a bowl into the stomach, the whole person will be a lot warmer.

  Ingredients for cooking: 150ml fresh milk, ginger, gauze (1 piece) Seasoning: freshly squeezed ginger spoon about 15ml, 20 grams of sugar, one piece of gauzeInto small grains.

  2 Ginger wrapped in gauze, squeeze out ginger juice and serve in a bowl, set aside.

  3 Pour fresh milk into the pot, cook over medium heat, and stir with a spoon while cooking until the pot is frothing and you can turn off the heat.

  4 Add caster sugar and stir with a spoon for 20?
30 seconds until all sugar has melted.

  5 After stirring the ginger juice, pour the fresh milk into the ginger bowl.

  6 wait 3?
4 minutes, put a spoon on top of ginger milk. If the spoon does not sink, you’re done.

Let SALSA Burn May Passion

Let SALSA Burn May Passion

May, the warmest day of the year.

Do you feel the restless agitation in your body?

The passion in your body that is going to be sprayed out but still nowhere is stirring your mind.

So, jump to Salsa!

  In May in Beijing, whether it is a popular gym, a new dance club, or a night dancing bar, Salsa is definitely the leader, and it is currently the most popular indoor sports fashion.

Salsa, which originated in Cuba, comes from the street. Latin musicians improvise on the street, smelling dances, and the air is filled with passion and joy.

With the same proportions as Rumba, Samba, and Latin dance, Salsa is more casual in costumes and dance skills, does not require a fixed dance partner, and is more enthusiastic and unrestrained.

This is the first time Salsa was fascinated by urban white-collar workers.

Step on the strong rhythm of Latin music, swing, turn around, shake your shoulders, stretch your arms, twist your waist, give up, release yourself in this early summer.

At present, there are three types of venues in Beijing where you can jump Salsa. Different places have different feelings.

  The origin of Salsa Salsa originated in Cuba, the birthplace of Latin dance. The original meaning of “Salsa” refers to a kind of oil in sauce.

“Salsa” is not only a dance, but also a social, musical, and cultural driving force.

It is like a game, a game that everyone can participate in, and it continues to spread to all corners of the world with great entertainment, which makes people happy.

  Salsa is an exotic folk dance that pays more attention to the release of the body and freewheeling.

It’s not like people watching and walking away from the national standard dance, nor is it as boring as the three-step and four-step in the ballroom dance. It is also different from the Latin aerobics popular in the gym.

Salsa can be said to be the leader of the family. It can be happy and fitness, full of entertainment, and enjoy viewing and social functions. It can be a person dancing or two and more people participating at the same time.

  There are certain things in the world that you cannot resist once you get in touch.

Salsa is like that.

As long as you give yourself a chance to try, it’s hard not to fall in love with it.


There are many coaches and courses, and great selectivity. Finding your favorite coach is the most important for persisting in practicing Salsa; 2.

Large amount of exercise, rapid body shaping, waist and abdominal weight loss effect is obvious; 3.

Free, casual, without companions; 4.

5. Warm up with a treadmill, relax with yoga, high comprehensive index;

After sweating, I have a hot water shower + steam bath.

  For the crowd: Caring for anyone who cares for themselves There are certain things in the world that you cannot resist once you touch them.

Salsa is like that.

As long as you give yourself a chance to try, it’s hard not to fall in love with it.
When Salsa music from Cuba sounds in the main gym of the Bollywood Gym, the strong and dynamic rhythm “seduces” your limbs and torso. Involuntarily, you will start Salsa following the dance movement of the coach.

  For beginners, the first thing you need to do is relax your body and don’t compete with your knees and hips.

Just keep up with the coach’s beats and pace, and you can make beautiful Salsa dance steps.

Don’t underestimate the basic pace of training, whether it can jump out of Salsa’s feeling, it depends on this first level.

  The buttocks, waist, hips, and thighs are the main body parts targeted by Sals, and they are also difficult to exercise in other sports.

Without the reminder of others, you will soon experience the feeling of finding your own waist and waist in Salsa class.

Continuously twisting the series of movements, not only make you sweat in a short time, and immediately have the wonderful feeling of tightening the waist.

Single practice, double cooperation and multiplayer combination make the 60-minute Salsa lesson as if the blink of an eye is over.

The most interesting thing is that everyone looks at each other’s “strange faces” with each other, and laughs into a ball.

And the coach with a charming smile became the dance partner scrambled by female members.  If you want to be comfortable and sexy when jumping Salsa, you can choose sports shoes with soft soles. You must wear tight elastic clothing on the upper body so that you can see the trajectory of your waist and waist. You can wear loose and comfortable pants on the lower body.better.

Prepare a bottle of water, replenish a small amount of water, and keep prolonging, you will find a surprise change in the waist and abdomen.

Ten diet pills for health improvement

Ten diet pills for health improvement

Anemia refers to a large decrease in red blood cells in the circulating blood throughout the body to below normal.

Clinically, it means that the concentration of hemoglobin in venous blood exceeds the normal standard for patients of the same age group, gender and region.

Diet therapy is one of the effective means to treat anemia.

The following foods are beneficial for improving the symptoms of anemia and supplementing the hematopoietic function, and should be replaced.

Anemia is generally manifested as paleness, pale nails, shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, yellow hair, dizziness, light menstrual flow, and so on.

The daily diet of anemia patients should pay attention to eat high protein, vitamin B and vitamin C foods and iron-rich diet.

Beneficial fruits are apples, dates, litchis, bananas and more.

In addition, you should eat more foods such as black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, black beans, sesame, etc., which is good for nourishing blood.

The therapeutic medicinal diets that are beneficial to prevent anemia are introduced as follows: 1.
Cook 500 grams of coccal bone in water, add 50 grams of jujube and 100 grams of shiitake mushrooms, cook for another half an hour, add salt and a small amount of seasoning, drink soup and eat meat.

2.Litchi, jujube, mulberry seeds are cooked with glutinous rice in proper amount, and eaten in the morning and evening.

3.Longan meat, 100 grams each of rehmannia glutinosa, add the right amount of water, simmer for about half an hour, add 30 grams of Ejiao, a small amount of brown sugar, and mix well before serving.

4.Pig heart and sheep heart pieces, boil until cooked, add about 100 grams of black fungus, cut carrots into 100 grams, stew in the right amount of seasoning.

5.Remove the head and feet of a pair of toads, add 50 grams of white ginseng, 100 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 100 grams of angelica, and 100 grams of Shayuanzi, fill the jar with white wine and soak in Chinese medicine for about one centimeter.After that, add honey orally, 1?
2 times.

The general symptoms of anemia are as follows: 1. Weakness: fatigue, drowsiness, caused by muscle hypoxia.

For the most common and initial symptoms.

2. Pale skin and mucous membranes: the influence of factors such as the distribution and diastolic state of the skin, mucous membranes, conjunctiva and skin capillaries.

It is generally believed that the color of the tarsal membrane, palm-sized fish, and nail bed are more reliable.

3. Appetite loss, abdominal flatulence, nausea, constipation, etc. are the most common symptoms.

Foods that improve anemia: Foods that improve the quality of proteins such as eggs, milk, fish, lean meats, shrimp and beans.

Vitamin D foods are fresh fruits and green vegetables such as jujube, apricots, oranges, hawthorn, tomatoes, bitter gourd, green bell pepper, lettuce, green bamboo shoots, etc.

Vitamin C is involved in hematopoiesis and promotes iron absorption and utilization.

Front-end iron foods Chicken liver, pork liver, beef and sheep kidney, lean meat, egg yolk, kelp, black sesame, sesame sauce, black fungus, soybeans, mushrooms, brown sugar, rapeseed, celery and so on.

Iron is the main component of blood, and many people with iron-deficiency anemia are common.

Obvious copper food Copper’s physiological function is involved in hematopoietic, copper deficiency can also cause iron absorption disorders and reduced hemoglobin synthesis.

The above food should be carefully adjusted in the daily diet, and try to achieve some kind of food.

Do not drink tea while taking iron during anemia to avoid interference with iron absorption.

Anemia diet recipe: 1. Fried pork liver with celery Ingredients: 200 grams of pork liver, 300 grams of celery (or 200 grams of spinach), 25 grams of soy sauce, 20 grams of sugar, 10 grams of rice wine, 30 grams of wet starch

Production: 1. Remove the pork liver fascia, cut into thin slices with a sharp knife, stir the pork liver slices with starch, rice wine and refined salt, and set aside.

2. Remove celery leaves, take six or two stems, wash them with water, and cut into three-centimeter-long sections.

3. Heat the oil pan over high heat, pour in cold lard, boil it to 60% oil temperature, add it to the liver, stir it, and when it changes color, pour the oil into a colander.

4. Keep the oil in the pot to season, continue to heat, stir-fry the celery, add soy sauce, sugar, refined salt, stir with wet starch before cooking, pour into the liver, stir fry a few times, drizzle a little fragrantVinegar, ready to serve.

Features: Pork liver is tender and refreshing, celery has a strong aromatic flavor, sour flavor, and delicious taste.

Role: 25 mg of iron per 100 grams of pig liver, 8 grams of iron in celery.

2 mg.

Each serving of fried pork liver with celery consumes 74 mg of iron.

The invention is particularly beneficial to women.
Second, the practice of bloody red jujube porridge: 50 grams of bloody glutinous rice, ten red dates and the right amount of rock sugar, boil together to make porridge.

Function: blood.
Third, longan lotus seed soup practice: 20 longan, 50 lotus seeds, add an appropriate amount of water, cook until the lotus seeds are soft and cooked.

Function: spleen strengthening, soothe the nerves, nourish blood.

Fourth, the practice of longan porridge: 15 grams of longan meat, ten dates, 50 grams of rice previously, in order to cook into porridge.

Function: Nourishing the heart and strengthening the spleen, most suitable for those with anemia and insomnia.

V. Red Date Sheep Bone Glutinous Rice Porridge Material: Sheep Bone Skull 1?
2 (pork bones are also available), 30 red dates, and a cup of glutinous rice: 1. Smash the lamb skull (or pork bones).

2. Red dates are pitted.

3. Add the above materials to a pot and cook in a pot.

Efficacy: spleen and blood, nourishing kidney and bones.

Six, lamb bone porridge practice: first pulverize the fresh lamb bone, add decoction of water, discard bone, and use soup to replace porridge.

Porridge is added with onion, ginger, salt, etc., and eaten.

Function: Good effect for those with anemia and chills.

Seven, gelatin, sesame, walnuts, and glutinous rice: First, 250 grams of gelatin are mashed, 250 grams of sesame and 150 grams of walnut meat are pounded together, and then add 50 grams of longan meat, an appropriate amount of rock sugarSteam over two hours.

Eat two spoons each time.

Function: This product has the effect of nourishing kidney, soothing nerves and nourishing blood.

Eight, ginseng jujube soup materials: 5 red dates, 10 grams of ginseng slices, 1 small piece of rock sugar.

Functions: 1. Jujube: sweet, warm, tonifying and nourishing qi, treating deficiency, replenishing the heart and lungs, replenishing blood, and nourishing beauty and anti-aging.

2, ginseng: sweet and warm, can be a great source of vitality, Qi Wang is the essence of natural energy.

Method: 1. Wash the red dates, put them in a small pot with ginseng slices, add a cup of water, and simmer for 1 hour.

2. Add rock sugar to be dissolved.

Nine, wolfberry Nanzao pot egg materials: 20 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 10 jujube, 2 eggs.

How to do it: 1. Put the Chinese wolfberry, Chinese jujube, and eggs in the pot and cook together.

2. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells and remove the eggs for another 10 minutes.

Efficacy: tonic, tonifying qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Ten, carp blood soup material: 4 black beans, 2 ginger, 2 slices of ginger, 10 jujubes, 1 carp, a small piece of peel, pepper amount.

Practice: 1. Carp descaling, gills, fins, internal organs clean, add less oil to the pan, and fry until golden brown.

2. Remove the black pandan and clean it, put it in the pot, do not put oil, fry until the bean coat cracks, then wash it with water and use it for future use.

3, the red dates are pitted, the ginger is peeled, the rind is cleaned and set aside.

4, boiled and boiled, first add black beans, red dates, tangerine peel, ginger and simmer for 10 minutes, then turn to low heat for an hour and a half, and finally add carp and cook for 30 minutes.

Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing blood, nourishing liver and kidney, improving eyesight and soothe the nerves, strengthening spleen and invigorating qi, diuretic and swelling.

Tip: It is best not to drink tea for people with anemia. Drinking more tea will only make the symptoms of anemia worse.

Because of the iron in food, it enters the digestive tract in the form of + 3-valent colloidal iron hydroxide.

Through the action of gastric juice, high-priced iron can be converted into low-priced iron before it can be absorbed.

However, tea contains carbonic acid, which easily forms insoluble residual acid iron after drinking, thereby preventing the absorption of iron.

Secondly, milk and some medicines that neutralize stomach acid can hinder the absorption of iron, so try not to eat it with foods containing iron.

What to do if you criticize a child

What to do if you criticize a child

Affected by various factors, the number of adolescents and children with psychological problems is on the rise.

According to conservative estimates, at least 30 to 50 million children currently have behavioral problems.

Children’s psychological problems are mainly manifested in behavioral abnormalities and psychological abnormalities, such as ADHD, learning difficulties, depression, ignorance of interpersonal relationships, running away from home, obsession with Internet cafes, making bad friends, and even violent crime.

Psychologists believe that the increase in the number of “problem children” is a consequence of external factors.

Society, family, and school are the three main factors that cause children’s psychological problems.

  Death because of a single criticism!

-Children’s Psychology: The test of flowers, which has been tested by wind and rain, is gradually expanding, but Mr. and Mrs. Qin of Qingdao will never see their daughters enter the examination room.

On the evening of March 9, a lady suddenly rushed into the emergency center of the Eighth People’s Hospital of Qingdao and shouted “Come and rescue my daughter!

“The medical staff immediately rescued for more than an hour and eventually pulled the girl back from the death line.

  The writer read the third grade, the girl who should have a happy future, but because of his father’s criticism, he mad to drink half a bottle of pesticides.

The father of this girl Xiaoli (pseudonym) is Mr. Qin. According to him, Xiaoli usually studies very hard, maybe because of an exam, her academic performance has declined.

On the 9th, Xiaoli occasionally turned on the computer to play games. For the sake of learning, Mr. Qin severely criticized her for wasting time, but never expected that she would choose to die to fight her father back.

  Psychologists analyze that the reasons for the children’s demise are, first, that parents’ criticisms are too harsh and they are too harsh on the children, and another reason is that the children cannot face the criticisms correctly, and they have encountered psychological barriers, and they do not know how to resolve them.

While parental teaching methods should be blamed, children’s mental health has become an unavoidable social problem. More and more children are being tortured by psychological problems that have been discovered or hidden, and when conflicts have intensified,The consequences could be disastrous.

  It is understood that due to various factors, the number of children with mental disorders is currently on the rise.

According to statistics from the Department of Psychology of Qingdao Women’s and Children’s Medical and Health Care Center, 10 years ago, the number of children’s consultations in the Department of Psychology of Women’s and Children’s Medical Care Center was about 70 a month, which is just the workload for two days now;Many people, five times the previous year in 2004, there is no off-season in the hospital psychological counseling year round.

  Kuang Guifang, director of the Department of Psychology of Qingdao Women’s and Children’s Medical and Health Care Center, said that the currently recognized age range of children in China is 1 to 12 years, but through improving living standards and increasing children’s psychological problems, most psychological consultations extend the age range of children to 18Under age, research shows that most of the psychological problems that occur between the ages of 12 and 18 are directly related to the age of 1 to 12.

According to her, the hospital surveyed more than 600 children between the ages of 3 and 6 and 30% of them had psychological problems.

At the same time, according to the hospital’s admissions, children with psychological problems in school age are the largest, accounting for 80% of the total number of doctors, and preschool children are gradually increasing.

  According to conservative estimates, at least 30 to 50 million children currently have behavioral problems.

They are mainly manifested as behavioral abnormalities and psychological abnormalities, such as ADHD, learning difficulties, depression, maladjustment, ignorance of interpersonal relationships, running away from home, obsession with internet cafes, truancy, premature sexual behavior, making bad friends, and even violent crime, etc., ifWithout effective intervention at an early stage and letting it develop, it may lead to maladaptation in adulthood, crimes and mental illness.

  Experts believe that: the external factors are the children’s psychological problems in the kindergarten of Quebec. A 6-year-old boy caught a genital injury of a 5-year-old girl in the same class as a result of reading bad information on the Internet;I always suspect that the gas valve at home is not closed properly. After seeing the psychologist, the parents understand that the child’s excessive pursuit of security is because every time the child plays the wrong piano, the mother will slap and the child’s heart is always shrouded in fear;A 12-year-old girl who had lived with her stepdad for many years suddenly fell in love. What puzzled her parents was that she was a particularly well-behaved child at home. Psychologists solved the mystery. Because of the fear that her stepdad did not like her, she faced her fromShe dare not coquettish, but this pressure restraint made her never realize the care of the opposite sex . Wang Guanjun, an associate professor of psychology at Qingdao University School of Medicine and vice president of the Qingdao Psychological Counselors Association, pointed out that the increase in the number of “problem children” is an external factor.Caused.

Society, family, and school are the three main factors that cause children’s psychological problems.

  Wang Guanjun said that children’s psychological conditions are easily affected by external environmental factors. In the process of children’s growth, bad social information is the main cause of children’s psychological unhealthy, such as the rapid development of transformation technology. Children spend every day on computers, televisions, and VCDs.More and more time.

Excessive exposure to movies, computer games, and the Internet has led to a marked decline in academic performance, and even absenteeism and truancy. At the same time, some children also show some obvious personality defects, such as irritability, jealousy, waywardness, and narrowness.

  In fact, family factors are especially so.

The idea of “looking at the child and becoming the dragon and looking at the woman into the phoenix” has made some parents often ignore the differences in their children’s personality and force them to constantly learn about various things. Instead, they have rebellious psychology and lose confidence and interest in learning.

The increase in the number of marriage breakdowns is another family cause of psychological problems in children.

The loss of parental care has become an abandonment or even a punching bag for both parties. The child develops into a psychological disorder, even a psychological abnormality, and a distorted spirit due to excessive depression.

  In addition, most schools are still exam-oriented education. In order to improve the rate of enrollment, students adopt the tactics of sea. Students use heroes to test success or failure. One-sided recognition of students ‘intellectual development goes beyond the cultivation of emotional quotient, which has helped fuel the development of children ‘s psychological abnormalities.Cause children to face frustration and do not know how to face it, can not turn stress into motivation, so that extreme behavior occurs.

  Kuang Guifang, director of the Department of Psychology of Qingdao Women’s and Children’s Medical and Health Care Center, reminded that children’s temperament can be divided into two types: easy-to-raise, slow to intermediate, and difficult-to-raise.

Easy-to-raise children are naturally good-naughty, have more positive emotions, and adapt quickly; middle-slow children have slow adaptability, patience, and psychological changes are not easy to detect; hard-to-raise children are crying and persistent.

Compared with the ratio of easy maintenance, the psychology of intermediate and difficult maintenance is more fragile and more susceptible to problems caused by external factors.

  ”In the name of love”-Children’s psychological problems are exposed to family education. Crisis psychologists point out that family education is the most important factor in the education of children, and the current wrong education concept of some families has become an indispensable cause of children’s psychological problems.Ignored factors, especially family education in the name of “love”.

  Xiao Ming (pseudonym), a sixth grader in a primary school in Qingdao, always runs away from home, and his family is distressed.

Not long ago, an unexplained father brought his children to a department of psychology in a hospital.

The words of the doctor, the child and the parents awakened the confused parents.

  Father: “Doctor, see if there is something wrong with this child’s brain. Run away from home at every turn. There is nothing I can do with his mother!Doctor: “How is your relationship with your child?”

“Father:” Ah!

甭 mentioned!

I have fought this child since he was born!

This child is very stingy. When I was stingy, I would sting him and fight him for 12 years. Now I ca n’t fight him!

Doctor: “Why run away from home?”

Do you know if dad is worried?

“Child:” He didn’t worry about me, he hit me when I had memory!

I hate my dad!

“Doctor:” Why beat a child?

“Father:” I think this child has a lot of bad problems. I worry that he will fail to learn in the future, and he can’t become a master!

“Child:” I asked my classmates, my parents of good friends never hit them, only I was beaten at home every day!

“Dad:” Recently, I also felt that he hated me, so I dared not hit him. I wanted to talk to him, but he didn’t listen to me anymore.

“Doctor:” Parents discipline their children out of responsibility, but many people take the wrong approach. Children do n’t understand why dad hits him. Although the parents are responsible, the child feels that the family cannot bear him.He didn’t even get the approval of his family and could not enjoy the warmth of this family, so he went away again and again.

The psychiatrist told reporters that there are too many similar situations, and the wrong way of family education may lead to psychological deviations in children.

Many parents have the concepts of “filial piety under a stick”, “not playing without a stick”, and “trees hitting the natural straight”. In fact, parents love children very much, but stick-style parenting methods actually hurt childrenEverything is in the name of love, but the result of love produces hate.

At the same time, the opposite way of education, that is, parents do not love children in principle, Bai Yi Bai Shun is another cause of children’s behavior problems, so family education is appropriate to go to either extreme.

  Associate Professor of Psychology of Qingdao University School of Medicine and Vice President of Qingdao Psychological Counselors Association believes that among educational, stern and laissez-faire education methods, the incidence of psychological problems among children in educational families is the lowest.

However, due to the lack of knowledge of children’s mental health education by most parents, and even the children’s behavioral thinking appears obvious signs, parents often fail to detect or cause sufficient awareness in a timely manner.

Wang Guanjun believes that in family education, parents should try their best to strengthen communication and exchanges with their children, create a harmonious family atmosphere, master the standard of education, and avoid children’s psychological “nutrition” or “excessive nutrition”.

  Working together to make children have a “beautiful mind” Psychologists point out that children must first be adults. In today’s society, high-level competition is the competition of psychological quality.

The acquired relationship between a person’s acquired behavior and the mental health of childhood, so that children can have a “beautiful heart” requires the concerted efforts of the entire society.

  Childhood is an important period in the process of individual development. It is a period of life foundation. In order to cultivate children’s very healthy personality and good social adaptability, and promote the coordinated development of children’s physiology, we must pay attention to children’s physical health, and more importantly,It is to understand the mental health of children.

  Education experts point out that educating children is not a spoiled child.

If you are really “afraid of being in your mouth and afraid of falling out of your hands”, the children you educate are bound to be arrogant, selfish, or overly dependent, with no ambition.

However, educating children cannot take too strict discipline.

At every turn, scolding and scolding, and adding evil words, will inevitably hurt the child’s self-esteem and limit the development of children’s independence and creativity.

Educating children must have a sense of appropriateness and importance.

At the same time, family education must also achieve unified thinking and requirements among family members, even if there are differences, children can be made victims.

  Children are like new seedlings unearthed, and they are carefully expanded and watered to grow into a pillar.

As parents and teachers of the gardener, it is necessary to master certain knowledge and methods of proper child rearing.

Children before school age, living at home, have a narrow range of interactions and few objects. Parents and loved ones mostly care and tolerate their children. After entering school, the range and objects of children’s interactions are expanding and complicated.Recognizing is another environment.

Parents and teachers must cooperate closely and support each other to explain the problems in children’s learning and life selectively in order to obtain a good educational effect.

In addition, in response to the psychological problems that have emerged in school students, the school has established psychological teachers and counseling rooms to disperse and guide children, so that children can talk to them, share children’s joy and distress, and eliminate the problem in its budding state.It’s a good thing that works.

  Government departments should also incorporate mental health work into national economic and social development plans, and gradually equip all colleges, universities, and primary and secondary schools with trained psychological teachers to transform them into alternative courses for mental health education.

Speed up the training of mental health professionals in order to vigorously disseminate mental health knowledge and increase the level of awareness of children’s mental health in the entire society.

  Children’s mental health sets up a “protective net” on three sides every Friday and Friday afternoon. As soon as the bell of the second class rang, the children of Qingdao Guizhou Road Primary School flocked into the classroom waiting for mental health education.Activity Course.

Each class in the class will carry out activities with different themes: “Blasting of merit”, where everyone concentrates on the strengths of each classmate; “role-playing”, students calmly analyze how to eliminate the troubles in their hearts; sketch script “Social fear conference consultation”In middle school, every student is a doctor and prescribes .

  It is understood that Guizhou Road Primary School was one of the early schools in Qingdao that provided psychological courses. In response to the psychological problems exposed by elementary and middle school students at the schooling stage, the Qingdao Education Department requires that schools provide psychological courses, counseling rooms and psychological teachers for parents.Establishing a “parent school” preaching group and other measures set up a three-sided “protection net” for children’s mental health in Qingdao.

  Guizhou Road Primary School is located in the westernmost part of the southern district of Qingdao. The school district is composed of ordinary workers and migrant merchants. The parents ‘cultural level is generally low. Most parents of the school work hard for their livelihood.Some of them were left to the care of the elderly, and some were let go.As a result, the child’s psychological imbalance is caused, and this phenomenon becomes more and more serious with age.

According to Li Yi, a professor at this elementary school, the school conducted psychological health tests on students in grades 4 to 6, and the results showed that 166 of the 661 children tested had psychological problems, accounting for 25 of the total.

11%, prominently manifested in not knowing how to get along with friends, tired of learning, and conflict with parents’ emotions.

  Shao Lan, a language and psychological teacher at Guizhou Road Primary School, told reporters that since 1997, Guizhou Road Primary School has begun to divide students’ mental health education into some ideological and moral education. The head teachers of each class of the school also serve as psychological counselors and hire QingdaoA professor of psychology at the School of Education is responsible for children’s mental health research.

The “mental health counselling center” and “whispering corner” specially set up by the school have become places for children to talk to each other or their teachers.

Last year, the school took the lead in compiling a professional textbook for children’s mental health-“Navigation of the Heart” in Qingdao, which became a fun mental health education activity class by approaching children’s lives to achieve the purpose of preventing psychological problems.

According to the latest statistics from the school, the proportion of “problem students” in this school has decreased by about 9% over the past 8 years.

  Nowadays, children’s mental health education has also “opened up” in Qingdao. Su Wenjie, deputy director of the Basic Education Department of the Qingdao Education Bureau, said that like Guizhou Road Primary School, half of the primary and middle schools in Qingdao have opened school-based courses on mental health education.In Qingdao, there are schools with full-time and part-time psychological counseling teachers and psychological counseling rooms, which have grown from several in 2001 to all schools in 2004. Among them, schools with full-time psychological counseling teachers accounted for half of the total. Some schools even have teachers.There are more than two full-time psychological teachers in the case of a tight schedule.

  At the same time, in order to extend children’s mental health education to society, since 1998, the Qingdao Education Department has also formed a “Parent School” lecturer group to make children’s schools become parents’ schools. The lecturer group hired university professors and retired.Basically, 20 teachers, including psychologists, teach classes to students’ parents in various schools, so that adults also know how to properly educate children.

At present, more than 1,300 primary and secondary schools in Qingdao have become parent schools.

  News link: Six psychological qualities should be adopted for children’s mental health. It is understood that there is no unified measurement standard for whether people’s mental health is healthy.

According to the characteristics of psychological activity of adolescent children each year, they should reach the following six mental qualities to achieve mental health.

  First, mental development is normal.

Normal development of intelligence means that the level of personal intelligence development is commensurate with actual age, and is one of the important signs of mental health.

IQ above 80 points is normal intelligence, IQ below 70 points is mental retardation, and intellectual development lags behind actual age is a mental developmental abnormality, often accompanied by low adaptive ability, is one of the primary reasons for children’s learning difficulties.

  Second, stable emotions.

Mental health adolescents have an advantage in positive emotional experiences such as optimism and satisfaction.

Although negative emotions such as sorrow, suspicion, failure, and frustration may also appear, they will not last long. They can properly express and control their emotions and keep them relatively stable.

  Third, you can know yourself correctly.

Have a good understanding of yourself, know the value of your existence, feel satisfied with yourself, and work hard to make yourself better.

We can carry forward our own strengths, fully understand our own shortcomings, and consciously work to overcome them.

He has his own ideals and is full of confidence in the future. He has made new achievements in all aspects of study and work.

  Fourth, have good interpersonal relationships.

Children and adolescents with mental health have positive and good interpersonal relationships.

Respect others, understand others, be good at learning their strengths and make up for their weaknesses, and be able to get along with others with a friendly and tolerant attitude.

They can be sincere and candid in front of others, so they can easily gain the trust of others, and build harmonious interpersonal relationships.

Prestige is high in the group, and life is fulfilling. They are classmates’ confidants.

  Fifth, stable and coordinated personality.

Personality is also called personality. Personality is expressed as a person’s entire mental appearance.

Mental health people have a sound “self”, have a correct understanding of themselves, can objectively evaluate themselves, and can effectively control and adjust their personality tendency and personality psychological characteristics.

The basic characteristics of a healthy personality are: a relatively stable emotional state, tenacity, perseverance, flexibility, strong sense of responsibility and good self-control.

  Six, love life.

Mental health people love life, can deeply feel the beauty of life and the joy of life, and actively look forward to a bright future.

We can give full play to our potential in life, and we will not lose confidence in life because of encountering setbacks and failures.

Able to correctly cope with real difficulties, timely adjust their thinking methods and behavioral strategies to adapt to different social environments.

Xiaobian recommend pearl powder to oily and white skin_1

I recommend pearl powder to oily and white skin

On hot summer days, MMs with oily skin and mixed skin can’t help repeating, so that the face of the MM that loves cleanliness is greasy every day, and some red and big acne often appear.Eighteen types of martial arts are useless, so below, Xiaobian will teach MMs a way to save money and easy to use, say goodbye to oily, but also your healthy and smooth skin!

  Xiao Bian’s recommended method today is pearl powder to remove greasy and white skin.

Friends who have never used pearl powder can first find a brand to apply for trial installation, and it is free!

If you use it, buy it again.

I use pearl powder from Longevity Birds. I can use it several times in a trial pack!

Be sure to rub a little bit of water or egg white with pearl powder before using it to test whether it is allergic, but the authentic pearl powder has a soft and skin-friendly texture, and there are still very few people who use it.

  First, get up early with pearl powder cleansing 1. First, wet the face with warm water, pour in the cleansing milk in the palm, and mix a small amount of pearl powder in the cleansing milk and mix with your fingers.

  2. After applying the adjusted pearl powder facial cleanser to both ends, massage gently in a circular motion in the direction of pore growth, not too hard, so as not to cause wrinkles.

Massage about 15 times, so that the facial cleanser with pearl powder spreads all over the face.

  3. After about two to three minutes of massage, wash with water at last, you can obviously feel the skin smooth.

Note here that you must mix pearl powder thoroughly. Another thing to pay attention to is to use warm water. This can ensure that the pores are fully opened, and can completely remove the greasy surface without making the skin’s natural moisturizing oil excessiveLost.

  The second step after toner and pearl powder skin cleansing, the next step is to do facial homework.

Toners are essential.

First, put a small amount of pearl powder on the palm of your hand and pour in toner to mix well.

Gently massage while patting on the bladder until absorbed.

Finally, apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

Using pearl powder and toner together can calm the skin and make the skin no longer greasy.

It should be noted here that the amount of pearl powder must not be too much, otherwise the pearl powder will not be evenly mixed with the toner, and it will dry on the surface of the skin in close contact with the skin in the future, making the face look white.

  The third trick of pearl powder mask MM study, tired after a day of work, the skin also needs to rest.

Not only to maintain adequate sleep, but also the care of a mask.

You can DIY many kinds of masks with pearl powder.

Now I only introduce two types of sleeping masks that are suitable for high summer time.

  After cleansing, use auxiliary and appropriate amount of pearl powder (0.

15 to 0.

3g) Mix to form a mud, then evenly replace on the face, massage gently, add water if necessary, and wash off after 15 to 20 minutes.

  1. Egg white pearl powder mask half egg white + two spoons of honey + fresh lemon + pearl powderIn fact, it has the effect of astringent skin, anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle on the skin that often finds acne.

  2. Pearl powder + cucumber blending mask Firstly, a washed cucumber is crushed with a juicer, then the cleaned gauze is used to wrap the crushed cucumber and squeeze the cucumber juice into a small bowl.

If you don’t have a juicer, you can use a tool to mash the cucumbers in a bowl to extract cucumber juice.

Before extracting cucumber juice, it is best to wrap the washed cucumber with plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator fresh-keeping layer, and use it again, which will give people a cool skin feeling.

If the cucumber juice is relatively small, it is best to add a little pure water or mineral water, and then add an appropriate amount of pearl powder to mix well. Massage gently on the face for 2 to 3 minutes, and wash after 20 minutes.

Pearl powder cucumber mask can make skin firm, smooth and shiny.

In the hot summer, the pores are widened, and sweating is large, and the water loss is also large. This mask is not only whitening, oil control and hydration, but also shrinks the pores. The effect of calming the skin is also good.

  The MMs who love beauty may have three tricks and persist for more than two weeks to have healthy and smooth skin!

Nutritional principles of diet for women

Nutritional principles of diet for women

Being a woman, acne, moisturizing, sun protection, whitening, anti-aging are required courses for facial care.

So, how can we make the pink and delicate face never fade?

This site provides you with all kinds of beauty and skin care information, so that the beauty is always there, so that your youth will always be permanent!


Selection of staple foods and beans Various grains such as rice, millet, moderate grains, beans and soy products.


Selection of meat, eggs, milk, legumes trotters, skins, lean meat, animal offal, blood, chicken, seafood, milk and dairy products, eggs.


Vegetable selection Fresh tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, winter melon, loofah, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, celery, cauliflower, radish, rape, cabbage, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and more.


Fruit selection Orange, citrus, banana, red date, kiwi, cherry and other fresh fruits.


Various other vegetable oils, sesame, peanut, walnut, sunflower seeds, pollen, etc.

  Attachment: Nutritional principles of beauty and beauty recipes 1.

A proper amount of drinking water is about 70% of the normal human body. When the body is hydrated, dry skin and sebaceous glands will decrease, the skin will lose its elasticity, and even wrinkles will appear.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the amount of water absorbed per day meets the requirements.

Generally speaking, a person should drink at least 1200ml of water a day, especially female friends who love beauty. If you are conscious, you can drink more water, preferably boiled water.

Experimental research shows that cold water can help reduce muscle fatigue, eliminate fatigue, and rejuvenate people’s spirits. Therefore, cold water is economical, convenient, and healthy.


Eat more vitamins and trace element foods Vitamins play a very important role in keeping the skin smooth and delicate and preventing skin aging.

For example, vitamin A and vitamin B2 are irreplaceable substances to keep the skin smooth. If the human body lacks these substances, skin dryness, cracking, and desquamation will occur; vitamin C can promote collagen synthesis, protect skin elasticity and reduce melanin metabolismIt has the functions of keeping the skin white and delicate, preventing the appearance of wrinkles, and preventing skin aging; vitamin E has the effect of preventing pigmentation and can effectively reduce the generation of skin stains.

Various fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and trace elements.

The proportion can be increased in the daily budget.


Eat more foods containing iron. Iron is the main component of heme in the blood. Heme plays an important role in the transportation of nutrients. To keep the skin rosy and shiny, sufficient nutrients must be added in time. This requires blood in the blood.Heme is abundant, so foods expected to include iron are essential.