Medicated diet for rain

Medicated diet for rain

The climate warms in spring, but it is windy and dry, often with skin, dry tongue, and cracked lips. Therefore, you should eat more fresh vegetables and juicy fruits to supplement the body’s moisture.

Eat hot porridge to nourish the spleen and stomach.

Since spring is the beginning of the growth of all things, you should eat less greasy things to prevent the Yang from leaking out, otherwise the liver will grow too much, which will damage the spleen.

In the Qianqianfang, the health expert Sun Tang of the Tang Dynasty said: “On the 72nd day of spring, the acid is increased in the province to increase temper.

In the five elements, the liver is wood, the taste is sour, the spleen is soil, and the taste is sweet. Wood is better than soil.

Therefore, the spring diet should eat less sour, eat more sweet, to nourish the spleen.

Replace chives, toon, lily, pea seedlings, wormwood, amaranth, spring bamboo shoots, yam, yam, taro, radish, coriander, sugar cane, etc.

However, those who have a cold should choose according to their own height.

  In addition, Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are the “source of the day after tomorrow”, “the source of qi and blood biochemistry,” and the strength of the spleen and stomach is an important factor that determines a person’s health.

  Therefore, in addition to paying attention to evacuating the liver and regulating qi and helping yang, regulating the spleen and stomach is also a major point.

  Taking “Yu Shui Yang Sheng Tang” three days before, during, and after the rain and solar terms, has symptoms of nourishing and spleen and stomach, can adjust the small imbalance of viscera, qi and blood, and prevent and reduce the incidence of diseases.

  Specific method: Take 15 grams of Tremella, 15 grams of walnut kernels, millet amount, 30 grams of wolfberry, and take 200 ml daily at 10 am.

  In the rainy season, surprise is coming.

Therefore Yan Yanchuan specially recommends several nutritious and healthy recipes for this period.

  桂圆阿胶红枣粥  [配料]粳米100克、桂圆肉20克、阿胶10克、枣(干)10克。  [Method]First, wash the rice, soak it with cold water and swell, drain the water; take a large cup, pour boiling water, put gelatin and white wine in small cups; sit the small cups in boiling water until the gelatin is dissolved;Remove longan meat, wash, and red dates to remove the kernels; add about 2000 ml of cold water and longan and red dates to the pot, cook over medium heat to add excess water; add rice, boil over high heat, and cook slowly with low heatPorridge; add melted gelatin and stir well.

  [Efficacy]Yiqi nourishing yin, nourishing kidney and strengthening body, activating blood and nourishing blood, moisturizing beauty.

  红枣首乌粥  [配料]何首乌50克、粳米100克、红枣5枚,红糖适量。  [Practice]Put Polygonum multiflorum into a casserole, add 1000 ml of water, fry for another 15 minutes with simmering heat, remove the residue and take 500 ml of thick juice. Put the rice and red dates into the casserole to cook porridge.

After the porridge is finished, add brown sugar to taste.

  [Efficacy]Yiqi and blood, nourishing liver and kidney.

  凉拌双耳  [配料]水发银耳、黑木耳各100克,盐、味精、白糖、胡椒粉、麻油适量。  [Methods]The fungus is water-fed, the black fungus is used to remove impurities, washed with water, boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes, and then cooled in cold water for 5 minutes.

Put the above condiments into a bowl and mix thoroughly with cold water according to personal taste.

  [功效] 益气补血、养肝益肾。

Woman wearing dirty panties brings bad results

Woman wearing dirty panties brings bad results

Underpants, this precious little personal item mentioned is inextricably linked to health.

You can be embarrassed to say it, but don’t be embarrassed to understand its hidden dangers. If you ignore it accidentally, you may unknowingly come into close contact with the disease!


hzh{display:none;}  一条脏内裤平均带有0.One gram of fecal microbiologists has done a lot of research on washing machines, and a pair of dirty underwear has an average of zero.

1 gram of feces, excretion of toxins include hepatitis A virus, rotavirus, Salmonella and Escherichia coli.

If you wash multiple dirty underwear at the same time, it may bring 10 million E. coli to the drum of the washing machine and contaminate other clothes with water quality. Long boots may cause eye congestion, itchy skin, and difficulty breathing.

  One gram of feces contains 10 million viruses. One gram of feces contains 10 million viruses, one million bacteria, 1,000 parasite cysts and 100 eggs.

Although some bacteria and viruses are good for the human body, most bacteria and viruses are harmful to people.

Especially when feces contaminate water, food, tableware and clothing, most harmful microorganisms can enter the body and cause harm to people.

  As early as 1964, Dr. Cameron of the United Kingdom inspected the underwear of 940 men in Oxfordshire, England, and found that the underwear of these people had different levels of fecal contamination from “wasp-colored” to “massive feces”.Dr. Melun lamented: “So many people in our country have complained about such trivial things as a trace of tomato sauce on the tablecloths in the restaurant, but at the same time they are sitting in dung-laden underwearEat beautifully on luxurious chairs.

“Disease caused by underwear: 1. This is the third time that young Ms. Chen has visited a gynecological clinic this year. Why?

It’s not because of the vaginal vaginitis.

Strange to say, Ms. Chen usually likes cleanliness, hygiene, and life very well, but vaginitis is her special love to patronize her, making her suffer.

After talking with the doctor in detail, Ms. Chen learned that it was the fault of wearing tight polyester briefs.

  Tight-fitting polyester briefs with tight crotch and hip wrap are a kind of fabric with very poor breathability, which will not allow perineal sweat to evaporate, but mix with vaginal and urethral secretions. If you can clean it in time, it will easily cause perineal erosion.And infection.

  2. Zhang Shaofen, a woman living in rural areas in the suburbs, has been suffering from mycotic vaginitis for many years.

The doctor suspected that her vaginitis was related to the underwear she was wearing.

She shook her head and said, how can you cause underwear if you wash your underwear once every three days and two days?

The doctor asked again, do you usually iron your underwear with boiling water or bask in the sun?

Dr. Zhang heard the doctor say something, and some nicknamed it: “I didn’t burn it, and I didn’t get it.

How can a woman’s panties hang in the sun?

“Who knows, she said the cause.

  At present, some women are still conservative, so I’m sorry to put the underwear in front of the door and in the sun, so I had to dry it in a shade.

It is inevitable to breed some bacteria and molds because it cannot be disinfected by sunlight.

Wearing such underwear, it is inevitable to develop fungal vaginitis.

  3. Wang Fuli is a woman who is very housekeeper.

In order to save water, she divided the family’s clothes into three categories: men’s underwear as a category, family’s outer clothing as a second category, women’s underwear, and a family’s socks as three categories.

When washing clothes, she still washed according to three categories.

So the last thing I washed was always women’s underwear and socks.

Later, she suffered from vaginitis and suffered repeatedly.

The doctor told her that the cause of the illness was wearing unclean underwear.

  It is reasonable for Wang Fuli to wash clothes, clothes, socks, bacteria and mold on her underwear and cause repeated infections of vaginitis.

  4. Li Nan, 40 years old, was originally a woman who did not value appearance and dress.

Later, after she and her husband divorced and divorced, she became even less particular about dressing, and often wore underwear. She thought, “Who knows if underwear is worn inside?

“However, her vagina is very sensitive, often making her” unclear “to taste the pain of inflammation.

  The panties close to the anus are often infected with some bacteria and viruses. If they are not separated, it will definitely increase the chance of female reproductive tract infection.

  Why can’t I wash my underwear?Where is the misunderstanding?

  1. Some people use a plastic cover to cover the clothes immediately after using the washing machine. This can easily breed bacteria or mold.

  2. The clothes should not be soaked in the washing machine for a long time or the dry clothes should be piled up in the washing machine drum. This will also easily breed mold, which is even more inappropriate in summer.

  Experts recommend the correct method of washing underwear: the secondary pollution of the washing machine is serious, disinfection, and antibacterial are very necessary.

The drum, the inner wall of the washing machine, the small bag containing the hair balls, and the joints between the internal parts are all places where dirt and dirt are hidden.

Therefore, it is best to check the washing machine for odors and moldy molds before washing. If there is, you should use water or an appropriate amount of 84 disinfection water to “wash” the washing machine before you start washing.

In addition, the small bag containing the hair balls should be cleaned regularly.

  When washing, it is best to separate bedding and other clothes from other clothes, and underwear and socks are best to be washed by hand.

If there is an infectious disease at home, you must wash your clothes separately, soak or wipe the inner tube with disinfectant water after washing.

After using the washing machine, do not cover it immediately, it is better to ventilate it, and then dry it.

The washing machine cannot be used (at least a month or two), it should be cleaned with detergent or disinfectant before using.

  Special reminder: In order to prevent the breeding of bacteria, the clothes should be removed within 30 minutes after the laundry is finished. Once more than 1 hour, the clothes need to be washed again.

Generally, a new washing machine should be cleaned and disinfected every two or three months after using it for half a year.

What is the way to prevent myocardial infarction?

What is the way to prevent myocardial infarction?

What is the way to prevent myocardial infarction?

Myocardial infarction is a common and very harmful disease, so early prevention, only early prevention can eliminate the risk of myocardial infarction, and then specifically prevent myocardial infarction in the end?

Methods for preventing myocardial infarction 1. Control blood pressure and hypertension. Patients with coronary heart disease have some risk of stroke and myocardial infarction. Aspirin can be used under the guidance of a doctor to prevent complications.

2, pay attention to warm winter indoor and outdoor temperature difference, therefore, patients with cardiovascular disease must pay special attention to keep warm.

Especially for the elderly with reduced physiology and reduced disease resistance, the disease is more likely to attack or relapse.

3, it is not appropriate for morning and morning cardiovascular disease patients to exercise in the higher temperature period, such as noon or afternoon.

Try to avoid morning exercises. Patients should arrange their exercise time reasonably, control the amount of exercise, and avoid strong physical activity.

4, a light diet Many people like to eat hot pot in winter, do not know that hot pot is a high-fat and high-salt diet, old fire soup is also a high-fat diet.

Patients with cardiovascular disease should avoid high-fat, high-salt, high-cholesterol foods and excessive tonic. Choose light, salt-free foods, eat more fruits, and avoid over-satisfaction.

5, take special care when taking a bath, do not take a bath in the case of a full meal or age.

The water temperature is better than the body temperature, and the bath time should not be too long. When the patient with severe coronary heart disease is bathing, it should be carried out with the help of others.

6, to avoid overwork, especially to avoid lifting too heavy items.

Myocardial infarction may be induced in elderly patients with coronary heart disease.

7, relax and enjoy a happy life, be able to take care of anything.