Aojiahua (002614): ODM and independent brand bistable growth massage chair jumped to the top category

Aojiahua (002614): ODM and independent brand bistable growth massage chair jumped to the top category

Key investment events: (1) In 2018, the company realized operating income, net profit attributable to mothers and net profit after deductions to mothers were 54.

47, 4.

39 and 3.

42 trillion, an increase of 26 each year.

86%, 27.

22% and 30.

91%; realized gross profit margin and net profit margin were 36.

26% and 8.

13%, at least 0 respectively.

74 and increase by 0.

15 pct; (2) 2019Q1, the company’s corresponding data is 12 respectively.

43, 0.

37 and 0.

09 million yuan, an annual increase of 20.

18%, 30.

07% and 172.

21%; realized gross margin and net profit margin are 36 respectively.

72% and 2.

90%, increase by +0 each year.

33 and -0.


Overall situation: ODM + independent brand dual drive, achieving stable growth in performance.

(1) Self-owned brands, with a short-term growth rate of 16%, and the main business revenue share of 42%: 1) The company’s massage chair business has developed rapidly, achieving revenue of 20.

96 ppm, an increase of 62 in ten years.

86%; 2) Total sales growth of “OGAWA”, “FUJI” and “COZZIA” increased by 34.

15%; 3) “OGAWA” online and all-channel efforts, a total of 1.1 billion sales revenue at home and abroad, an increase of 38.

55%, of which domestic growth was 69.

91% (offline growth of 4都市夜网5.

60%, online growth of 154.

65%); 4) Mitsumi Ward Master Chair sold more than 37,000 units worldwide in 2018.

(2) ODM: an increase of 34% year-on-year, revenue accounted for 57%: 1) global ODM business sales growth increased by 33.

78%; 2) The ODM massage chair business in the Korean market is close to US $ 30 million, an annual increase of 162%, and the sales of the ODM massage chair business in the United States is up 54%. Subsequently, South Korea will be the largest international incremental market for the company.

The company’s overall profitability is maximized and stable.

In 2018, the company’s expenses, tax rate and profit performance are as follows: (1) Management expenses increased by 42 over the same period of the previous year.

96%, mainly due to the company’s increased talent introduction and 杭州桑拿网 implementation of the second phase of equity incentives; (2) R & D expenses increased by 36 over the same period of the previous year.

32%, mainly due to the company’s introduction of talents, increased core technology and new product development and promotion; (3) financial expenses decreased by 121 compared with the same period last year.

00%, mainly due to fluctuations in the exchange rate between the US dollar and the RMB; (4) Asset impairment losses increased by 230 over the same period of the previous year.

22%, mainly due to the increase in bad debt losses of accounts receivable based on aging over the previous year.Overall, the company’s gross profit margin was 36.

36%, down 10 in ten years.

74 pct, mainly due to the increase in prices of upstream raw materials; the company’s period rate rose by 28.

12%, down one year.

68 pct; realized net interest rate is 8.

13%, basically flat for one year.

Domestic revenue accounts for over 20%, and massage chairs have risen to become the company’s largest category.

(1) In terms of regions, the proportion of domestic revenue has reached 23.

39%: Domestic sales and distribution respectively realized sales revenue.

74 and 40.

$ 7.5 billion.

33% and 15.

49%; gross profit margins are 33.

86% and 37.

51%, with annual growth of -3.

11 and 0.


(2) In terms of products, massage chairs have become the company’s largest category: in 2018, the company’s massage chairs, massage small appliances, home medical care and healthy environment achieved sales revenue of 20 respectively.

96, 20.

66, 2.

32 and 5.

84 trillion, a year increase of +62.

86%, +11.

26%, -14.

27% and 43.

60%; gross profit margins are 49.

14% /-1.

81 points, 28.

28% /-2.

88 points, 31

42% / + 1.

88pct and 27.

71% /-0.

88 points.

Profit forecast and rating: The company is a leader in the field of national massage equipment. The ODM business has developed steadily and the independent brand business has grown rapidly. We have adjusted the company’s performance. It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021 will be 5.



6 trillion, currently (2019/04/28) the corresponding corresponding PE is 19 respectively.

5, 15.
2 and 12.
1x, for a period of time a “prudent overweight” rating.

Risk warning: (1) systemic risk; (2) exchange rate fluctuation risk; (3) original price rise risk; (4) new product sales are less than expected.

Military ETFs are active, trading volume surged by nearly 60% last week

Military ETFs are active, trading volume surged by nearly 60% last week

Source: Hong Kong and 淡水桑拿网 Macao Original Title: Trading in military ETFs was active last week. Trading volume soared by nearly 60%. With the promotion of macro-policy and the catalysis of market hotspots, the stock market welcomed the “opening door” in September.

Military industry stocks continued their strong momentum. More than 20 military stocks, including Recco Defense, AVIC Telecom, and Aerospace Development, touched the ups and downs, and the military index gained 6 consecutive years.

In the first-tier industry of CITIC, the defense industry sector gained 9 in the past 5 days.

35% is the largest increase in CITIC’s 29 first-tier industries in the near future.

  Funds are also actively investing in the military industry sector through public funds. In the past week, the trading of military-industrial open-end index funds (ETFs) has become 杭州夜网 increasingly active, and the volume and price of intra-market transactions have risen.

  The military ETF’s active trading data shows that as of last Friday, the total weekly turnover of 5 military ETFs, including the newly-listed Rich National Military Leading ETF, Cathay Pacific Securities ETF, Penghua National Defense ETF, and GF China Securities Military ETF, were excludedIs 12.

4.6 billion, an increase of 57.

8%; total weekly volume is 1503.

870,000 hands, a surge of 53.

6%; from the average weekly turnover rate, the average turnover rate of 5 military ETFs is 4.

49%, a month-on-month increase of 1.

45 averages.

  Last week, the rich nation’s leading military ETF was listed. The 7 billion product scale has increased the trading activity of the military ETF market by an order of magnitude.

Data show that the turnover of the leading ETF of the rich nation military industry ETF is as high as 18.

4.5 billion, with a turnover of 1796.

520,000 hands, exceeding the sum of the other five military ETFs’ trading volume and turnover, and ending the closing on September 2. Since the fund’s listing last Monday, the total turnover has reached 21.

6.9 billion yuan.

  However, some of them are that with the increase of the sector, the military ETF as a whole has a clear net redemption phenomenon.

Data show that as of the end of August, the overall size of the six military ETFs was 94.

100 million yuan, up from 102 at the beginning of the week.

The scale of 8.8 billion shrinks 8.


Among them, the wealthy military leader ETF listed earlier this week shrank by 8 per week.

800 million, shrinking by 12.

5%; Penghua National Defense ETF also decreased by 1 in the same period.

5.0 billion, a shrinking range of 14.


  A fund source in Shanghai said that the recent rise in the military industry sector has not ruled out that some investors have chosen to “get out of their pockets.” Therefore, the rapidly increasing military ETF may appear to shrink more and more.

ETFs are instrumental products. Investors invest in ETFs in stages based on factors such as industry assessments and policy catalysis. In fact, they use the characteristics of the product’s investment vehicles to realize the asset allocation function of investors.

  In addition to on-site index funds, the performance of off-site military theme funds has also performed well.

Data show that as of the end of August, 22 military theme funds (A, C combined calculations) had an average return of 3 last week.

77%, significantly more than other sectors.

Among them, Huaxia military safety rose by up to 5 per week.

2%, Boshi military industry theme, Penghua CSI Air and Space integrated military industry rose by more than 5%, weekly increase of more than 3% of the military theme funds only 17, accounting for up to 77.


On the whole, in the first eight months of this year, the average theme fund of the military industry rose 29.

63%, showing a clear money-making effect.

  Multi-factors catalyze the military industry market. Several participants said that the surge in the military industry sector was mainly affected by the rising industrial prosperity, the acceleration of asset securitization reform, and the low value of the industry itself, thereby increasing the allocation needs of institutional investors and the development of the “National Day parade”The future investment value of the military industry sector is still worth looking forward to.  A fund manager in Shanghai was very optimistic about future investment opportunities in the military industry sector. He believed that the first is that the budget of the national defense budget will maintain a steady growth and focus on equipment costs, and the prosperity of the military industry will gradually increase in the future; and the second is with overseas military enterprises.The proportion of asset securitization ratios above 70%, and the domestic military industry’s asset securitization ratio still has room for breakthrough and improvement. Third, the existing military industry has undergone several rounds of adjustments since 2015. The changes are in the bottom area of history, and the investment value is becoming more prominent.

  Obviously, the overall allocation of the defense industry sector by institutional investors such as public funds is also at a historically low level.

  Shen Wan Hongyuan Securities research report shows that, as of the end of the second quarter, among the heavy stocks of ordinary stocks, mixed stocks, and flexible allocation funds, the military stock market accounted for only 0.

62%, compared to the proportion of military stocks in the entire market, it is currently in a significantly underweight state.

  The theme fund manager of a large-scale public fundraising military industry in Beijing said that the fund allocation of military industry sectors such as public fundraising is related to the industry’s earning effect. In 2014, the performance of military stocks was outstanding and the proportion of public fund allocation was large.The proportion of resistance military stocks allocation is also getting lower and lower, and the increase in the demand for institutional fund allocation in the future will also help to further promote the market of military stocks.

  ”The military industry sector is also a good configuration direction for event-driven investment. Under the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the National Day military parade and other short-term event-driven factors and key time interruptions, the military industry sector is expected to continue to receive funding attention.

“He says.

Called don’t mind the Philippines to terminate the Visit Force Agreement

Called “don’t mind” the Philippines to terminate the “Visit Force Agreement”

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, February 12 (Reporter Liu Pinran and Liu Chen) The US President stated for the 12th consecutive day that he did not mind the Philippines’ decision to terminate the “Visit Force Agreement” with the United States a few days ago, saying that the move would save the US economy.

  The above statement was made as early as the day when the White 杭州风月网 House answered media questions.

He said that his views are different from others, and that the Philippines’ willingness to terminate the agreement does not matter, and the US will save a lot of money because of this.

  Shortening also noted that he maintained a very good relationship with the Philippine leaders, saying that the Philippine colonies had been assisted by the United States during the fighting against extremist armed groups.

  The previous comments are in stark contrast to the statement made by Secretary of Defense Esper on the 11th.

Esper said on the 11th that the Philippine side’s decision to terminate the “Visit Force Agreement” was regrettable and in the wrong direction. The United States will conduct careful study of the criteria and try to resolve the issue 180 times in the future.

  Philippine President El Salvador Panello responded to Esper’s statement on the 12th, arguing that the Philippine move is in the right direction and should have been so long, and is in line with Philippine President Duterte’s independent foreign policy.

  The Philippine Foreign Ministry announced on the 11th that the Philippines has formally decided to terminate the “Visit Force Agreement” signed with the United States that day.

The agreement, which was signed in 1998, stipulates the conditions, scope of activities, and convenience provided by US soldiers, military-related personnel, and military equipment to the Philippines, including the contents of antique military exercises on both sides.

According to the agreement of both parties, if the agreement is to be terminated, either party can notify the other party in writing through diplomatic channels, and the treaty will automatically terminate after 180 days of notification.

  At present, the Philippines and the United States have the Common Defense Treaty signed in 1951 and the Agreement on Strengthening Defense Cooperation signed in 2014.

Original title: Unanimously said “don’t mind” the Philippine side terminated the “Visit Force Agreement”

Wet hair turns on air conditioning and sleeps

Wet hair turns on air conditioning and sleeps

The summer is hot, and many people are used to showering before going to bed, then wet their hair, turn on the fan, and sleep on the air conditioner. After waking up the next day, they feel headache or runny nose.

This is because during the day, the person’s yang is the weakest at midnight. In summer, the human body consumes a lot of energy and is easily tired. The ability to resist the disease is reduced.Qi condense when it is cold, and if it persists, it will lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis, and meridian obstruction.

  If you sleep in the air-conditioned room after washing your hair, and blow to the cold air on the right side, it will be cold and humid, and you are most likely to get sick.

You will feel numbness and numbness in the scalp with tingling pain in the middle of the night.

In the early morning the next day, I will have a headache.

In the long run, a disease called subscalp venous plexitis is about to occur, and physical examination can touch the local scalp to thicken, thicken, and even swell up the subcutaneous mass.

Taiwan Fat Burning Recipe: Red Wine + Cheese

Taiwan Fat Burning Recipe: Red Wine + Cheese

It is said to be very popular in Taiwan and can lose 7 kg in 3 weeks!

Especially effective for aunts with waist and hips!

Share it with everyone, try it together!

  The method is: drink a small glass of red wine before going to bed.

  The Taiwanese mm who used this method all reacted very thin, much faster than Apple to lose weight and are thin aunts!

  It sounds incredible, but both samples are burning Aunt’s stuff, and according to the doctor’s research, Xiao Huang and Xiao Hong are the perfect match for weight loss!

  Detailed information: Full fat high calcium cheese with wine to lose weight can increase the metabolic rate and is beneficial to burning teenagers.

As long as you eat 3 meals normally, within 30 minutes before going to bed, eat 1-2 slices of cheese or 50g cheese, and drink a glass of 50-100cc red wine, you can lose 7 kg in 3 weeks.

  According to research, daily intake of fixed calcium can effectively lose weight, so cheese with a high concentration has even become a weight loss holy product.

Because the ratio of cheese ingredients to breast milk is close, plus the absence of glucose and calcium is easily absorbed by the body, and the short-chain amino acids produced by the fermentation of proteins can increase the metabolic rate.

  Ingredients: 1-2 pieces of cheese or 50-100 cc of cheese. Cheese and cheese contain medium- and short-chain fatty acids, protein, and calcium, which can effectively promote metabolism and improve thyroid function to achieve a slight effect of burning.

  Red wine Red wine contains alcohol, tyrosine and other ingredients, has a good heat production effect, can promote metabolism, and will not be stored by the human body.

  A small reminder: Dr. Guo Yuzheng said that there are many types of cheese on the surface of the city. Choose dials, high calcium content, low sugar, and naturally fermented or smoked cheese.

Instead of processing more alternately, there are added flavors such as strawberry, lemon, blueberry and other cheeses.

According to the doctor’s instructions, full-fat high-calcium cheese can lose weight. Choose 5 kinds of cheeses at the supermarket, and the doctor will evaluate 1 package of cheese with 100g as the unit, sugar below 5g, and lipid above 25g.Come to lose weight cheese.

  Additional benefits: You can also sleep during the first 30 minutes. Dr. Guo Yuzheng suggested that eating cheese with red wine within 30 minutes before going to bed, mainly because red wine contains alcohol, can help you fall asleep.

While sleeping, the metabolism is slow and the body temperature is low. Eating cheese and drinking red wine can produce heat and accelerate metabolism. It can consume the body slightly while sleeping to achieve the effect of weight loss.

  Dietitian recommendations: Better diet control Basically, cheese contains protein and glucose; alcohol with alcohol has a thermogenic effect and can increase blood sugar.

1-2 slices of cheese with red wine, conversion is very low, only 129 calories, plus diet control, it is easier to lose weight.

  Any body constitution can be used with cheese and wine to lose weight. It is good for burning waist and hips slightly. For those who want to lose weight, try it.

In addition, except for those who do not like cheese and cheese, or those who are allergic to red wine, it is not suitable for any physique.

Top three hot pots Don’t miss the beautiful hot pot in winter

Top three hot pots Don’t miss the beautiful hot pot in winter

“Go eat hot pot!

“It’s time for another conversation like this!

Vegetables like cabbage and green onions, konjac noodles, dietary fiber in konjac, collagen from chicken bones .

It can completely warm the body. Depending on the ingredients added, it can also make the hot pot very effective in terms of beauty.

However, there are many different types of hot pots, but which one is not good for beauty is not clear.

Here, I would like to introduce you to the top 3 hot pots.

Why not take a look at it and choose a beauty pot that everyone will be happy with?

No. 1: Salt shabu-shabu No. 2: Tomato pot No. 3: Soymilk pot, Kimchi pot, Korean hot pot, cheese pot flatly popular “salt shabu-shabu” The salt that attracted much attention since 2011Alas.
The fermented seasoning is mixed with salt and water. The enzyme contained in the coriander can break down the starch and protein of the ingredients to make the food more delicious and softer.

Compared to its own taste, salted tincture can add ingredients to delicious seasoning.

For example, it is widely used in meat, fish and vegetables.

And not only that, the salt tincture, which is a fermented food, also has a pleasing effect on beauty.

(1) Lactic acid bacteria can clean up the intestinal environment and relieve constipation, which can prevent acne. (2) Polyphenols extracted during the fermentation of polyphenols can eliminate active oxygen that causes the body to age.GABA can reduce stress (4) Vitamin B6 can reduce premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and eliminate fatigue. You can also enjoy salt shabu-shabu easily at home.

Will someone gradually fall in love with this chicken’s tender texture and sweet vegetables this winter?

Tomato pot with undefeated popularity Since the publication of the research result of “tomato is beneficial for the treatment of metabolic syndrome”, it is a very popular tomato pot for both women and men.

Tomatoes contain balanced vitamin C and vitamin B.

Moreover, people looking forward to the rosy complexion and whitening effect brought about by the antioxidant effect of lycopene should not be in the minority?

Lycopene can increase collagen that maintains skin elasticity. Compared with supplementation alone, lycopene is more effective when used with yogurt or cheese that can become lactic acid bacteria or oil.

Add rice to the final hot pot, and then gradually cook the rice with cheese. It will be delicious and the beauty effect will rise sharply.

In addition, the tomato pot is also suitable for green vegetables. It can increase the absorption rate of lycopene. It is also recommended to add green broccoli, pumpkin and sweet pepper.

It can be said that the soy milk pot that is definitely not wrong can be said to be the representative of the beautiful muscle pot, soy milk pot.

The vitamin B group contained in soy milk can be said to produce beauty vitamins that cannot be metabolized by beauty muscles, which can maintain the normal operation of cells and promote skin metabolism.

In addition, soy isoflavones have effects similar to estrogen’s estrogen and can maintain smooth skin.

In addition, women’s good helper “soy milk” also has an effect on weight loss!

Soybean peptides can promote slight burning, and soy saponins can stimulate the satiety center and prevent overeating.

It is delicious and beautiful, and has weight loss effects. There is really no reason not to choose a soy milk pot.


Women’s skin needs caress every inch

Women’s skin needs caress every inch

The hot sun, the rising temperature, and various injuries make summer the natural enemy of women’s skin.

This season, women need to caress most, from head to toe, every inch of skin desires care.

  Let your hair block the sun ● Source of injury: As soon as summer arrives in the pool, many people like to soak in the rippling pool, which is cool and pleasant.

In fact, the reflectivity of water in the face of ultraviolet light is almost 100%.

In other words, swimming in the open-air swimming pool is more of a double test than exercise in the sun.

In addition, the bleach (salt object) and salt contained in the water in the swimming pool are alkaline, which will damage the hair scales and cuticle of the skin, making the hair rough, knotted, and dry.

  ● Caressing method: Moisturizing Many people know that their skin needs to be moisturized, but they don’t know that their hair should also be moisturized.

In the summer, the best weapon for hair against the sun is to nourish and moisturize.

Kao (China) has researched Chinese hair for many years and found that the hair of Orientals is round and thick, and ordinary added nutrients are not easy to penetrate into the hair core, and it is more difficult to repair.

Therefore, protection becomes particularly important.

For general protection, you can choose some high moisturizing care products, some Yaxianzi “smooth moisturizing” series products, the biggest benefit of this series is that in addition to nourishing, it also adds 50% of moisturizing ingredients-camellia oil andKorean Ginseng Extract.

Blocks 100% of the pool’s exposure in the water-oil balance.

  Jade back to exfoliate ● Source of injury: horny, acne Remember in Zhang Yeyi’s sexy jade back in “Yan Ban”.

In summer, you need to wear a backless dress or a halter top, and there is a little acne on the scene.

The cause of acne at the top may be horny.

Although the front-end skin is less exposed, it is not easy to clean, and most people think that the back-end is not dirty, so there is no need to deliberately clean it.

In fact, the upper part is also easier to sweat, the pores are more likely to be blocked by sweat, and the stratum corneum is long.

  ● Caressing methods: care, massage, always pay attention to clean the back when bathing.

It is best not to use the traditional hard loofah tendon, which will scratch the skin. You can use a soft body brush to clean the hard-to-touch back.

Every two weeks, you can use the exfoliating massage cream to massage gently.

Exfoliating the skin, the skin breathes smoothly, and the acne naturally does not grow.

If you already have acne, you can buy some anti-inflammatory lotion designed for acne skin, such as containing alcohol, salicylic acid and other ingredients, which can inhibit oil secretion, calm and astringent skin, and can be used in daily maintenance.

  Powder neck soothes wrinkles ● Source of injury: Sweat The powder neck is an important part of revealing a woman’s age, and it is also the most likely to be ignored by skin care.

This part is where sweat accumulates more. The salt in the sweat and the dust stuck to it by the sweat in the air constitute erosion to the skin.

There was sweat, but I didn’t pay attention to cleaning, I hurt, but I didn’t pay attention to care, and the wrinkles creeped up to the woman’s neck.

  ● Caressing method: care, massage implanted skin is very sensitive, pay attention to cleaning frequently.

The main thing is not to let sweat stains stay on the skin as much as possible. You can use Avene soothing spray to relax the skin and keep it moisturized.

When going out, use a sunscreen specially developed for the skin on the neck. The application method is from bottom to top. Sticking to the massage can also prevent horizontal streaks and loose skin on the neck.

 Jinlian Run Yirun both feet ● Source of injury: old skin, horny feet bear the weight of the whole body, has been doing the work of walking, plus long-term wearing high-heeled shoes, thick cocoons on the soles of the feet have been accumulated in one place for a long time, but also accumulatedExcessive aging of keratin and calluse skin, this piece of maintenance work requires long-term struggle.

  ● Caressing method: Use a physical grindstone to exfoliate the feet, once a week, to avoid waxy, dull feet and thick cocoons.

In addition, wearing appropriate shoes and wearing shoes with high or narrow toes for a long time can easily cause improper force on the shoes and excessive friction to produce thick cocoons.

The conditioner is too clean and the dandruff keeps coming

The conditioner is too clean and the dandruff keeps coming

Fan Weixin, a professor of dermatology at the People’s Hospital of Jiangsu Province who has studied hair for more than 20 years, has studied foreigners’ hair for 6 years in Europe and the United States. After comparison, he found an interesting phenomenon: if foreigners have dandruff, it must beThere are more tops than the surroundings, and we Chinese have the most dandruff on the back of the head.

  ”Why is this happening?

Facing reporters, Fan Weixin asked himself: “The secret lies in the way of shampooing, especially the proper use of shampoo products.”

“Europeans and Americans wash their hair and take showers, and the water goes down from the top of their heads. Our Chinese people wash their hair, especially in the past, and are more accustomed to flushing their heads under the faucets.

But to say so, many people are even more wondering, shouldn’t the longer place be cleaner? Can dandruff be used?

Why is the fact reversed?

  Fan Weixin explained that whether it is a shampoo or a conditioner, to achieve its effect, some of it needs to be left on the hair and scalp after shampooing, which acts as a protective film.

The place where the shampoo was washed too clean did not have the best treatment effect at the earliest, so there was more dandruff.

  Of course, some people will worry that if they are not washed well, will the scalp and hair irritations be left behind?

Uvining, a senior beauty care expert, explained that we will consider this issue when designing toiletries. Therefore, as long as the correct shampoo and conditioner are used correctly, they should stay.They will stay, and those that should be washed away will be easily washed away.

  How to use shampoo properly?

Experts suggest that shampoos, especially anti-dandruff shampoos, must leave more dandruff on the scalp and massage with your thumb for a few more minutes.

When rinsing, both shampoo and conditioner can be washed to the extent that the hair does not feel oily. You must accept the smooth state of the hair and do not forcefully rush.

Watching moving shows is good for mental health

Watching moving shows is good for mental health

CCTV and other media programs such as “Moving China” have been highly praised by mental health experts.

Indeed, from the perspective of mental health, “moving” shows help to mobilize people’s positive emotions and upward emotions, and I encourage everyone to watch more.

  The “moving” program is very helpful to eliminate people’s disgust, irritability and worry about the ugly side of society, because it allows people to see the mainstream of society and see the true feelings on earth, naturally there is hope and confidence.

Parents and teachers should encourage children to watch “moving” programs.

  Learning to move is what life needs.

Otherwise, the more indifferent the society will be, the more boring your life will be, and mental health problems will occur.

How to learn to move it?

In addition to the “watching more moving shows” mentioned by the mental health experts above, experience with heart is the key.

In fact, everyone’s side has never been involved in moving, but just ignored.

More understanding of life, concern for beauty, and yearning for tenderness can gradually learn to be moved.

  We need to gradually work and live, leave some gaps for introspection and experience, for example, we can take time every week to ask ourselves “what is the happiest this week” and “what is the most moved this week”.
If we can let ourselves experience happiness from time to time and constantly feel the subtle movements in the hearts of others, our sensibility will naturally strengthen day by day.

  Take a closer look at the disadvantaged groups around you. Think about how many people are more difficult than yourself. I really should thank God for the people around me to have such a life. Therefore, it is easier to be moved while feeling the misfortune of others.And cherish the present happiness.