[After the Chinese New Year, it will grow fleshy, you can shave it for three days with one bite!

[After the Chinese New Year, it will grow fleshy, you can shave it for three days with one bite!

The annual Chinese New Year holiday is over. Do you miss the joke again and again, “every Spring Festival fat joke” joke?

In winter, in order to save body temperature, the human body will automatically store the aunt to winter, which is human instinct.

Coupled with the New Year’s big fish and meat is indispensable, everyone’s weight is definitely going up.

And many middle-aged and elderly friends will have symptoms of high blood lipids and high plasma.

Today, I will introduce a kind of food to everyone, eating it can shave off our body’s excess oil, everyone must be curious, what kind of food is it?

In fact, it is the bamboo shoots we often eat. Today, I will talk to you about the efficacy and value of bamboo shoots.

Eat it and shave for three days!

Weight loss, blood fat reduction depends on it!

[Bamboo shoot culture]Chinese people have a long history of eating bamboo shoots. In the Book of Songs, bamboo shoots have become food: “It’s so good, bamboo shoots and puff.

“As early as the Shang Dynasty, bamboo shoots have become food on people’s tables.

In the book “Bamboo Spectrum” by Dai Kai of the Jin Dynasty, more than 70 bamboo varieties and different flavors of bamboo shoots were introduced.

Song Qing Deqing monk Zan Ning recorded more than 80 varieties of bamboo shoots in his Bamboo Shoots.

Some people say that bamboo shoots are always a good food, but also an elegant food.

It is very in line with the mood and taste of the literati, pine, bamboo, and plum are called the three friends of the cold, and bamboo naturally becomes a symbol of innocence.

China has a history of bamboo culture, and bamboo shoots are a “part” of the population in bamboo culture.

It brings the charm of bamboo culture into the field of diet.

Historically, literati Mo Ke has sung, and Su Dongpo has poems: “It is better to eat without meat than to live without bamboo.

No meat makes people thin, no bamboo makes people popular.

If you are not thin and not bad, you should burn bamboo every day.