How to overcome the five benefits of getting up early

How to overcome the five benefits of getting up early

Everyone should have this feeling. If you wake up in the morning and wake up, you may get worse when you get up early. Is this true?

In fact, there are Canadian psychology studies that show that people who get up early have better temper, stronger happiness, higher life satisfaction, and can get uplifted, relieve emotions, improve efficiency, and quickly metabolize and strengthen immunity.Good looks.

  The so-called “one day is in the morning.”

In fact, if you try to be a diligent “early riser” every day, you will find a lot of unexpected happiness: the road to work is good!

Buy early and don’t line up!

In the morning, the wind and the face of the Buddha feel extraordinarily refreshing, and even the flowers and plants on the roadside are full of glory!

Or on the weekend morning, get up early, watch the sun rise in the sky, and give yourself and your family a breakfast. You will find that a simple morning rise makes you happy.

  The top five benefits of getting up early: better temper.

The latest survey found that people who go to bed early and get up early are more emotional.

In a survey of 6,436 people, early risers were more likely to be able to work harder, solve problems more smoothly, and be more cautious.

  Happy mood.

Usually, people who get up early have a more happier psychological feeling than night owls, and with the increase of age, the advantage of getting up early is more obvious.

  Improve human immunity.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine or Western medicine, the habit of going to bed early and getting up early is beneficial to health.

Getting up early can improve the body’s immunity, and sleeping late or sleeping is a major blow to immunity.

Get up early to help people reduce stress and better plan their day.

  Moderate diet.

A study by Northwestern University found that “night owl” eats 248 more calories per day than others, and eats more fast food, and fruit and vegetables do not absorb as much as early people.

Sleeping forever will always eat more and eat later.

To avoid obesity, getting up early and getting up early is a very convenient and healthy way.

  Keep your weight.

The United States surveyed 2,200 adolescents about sleep and weight, and found that people who get up late are more than twice as likely to get obese, and early children, no matter how much they sleep, have a chance to get worse.

  How do people who are used to bed overcome the temptation of the bed and become an early riser?


Ample sleep is a necessary condition for getting up early. Sleep is an important change in people’s lives. We need to sleep, which means we need air.

Sleep helps the body restore strength and energy while guarding people’s health.

We need 7 per person per day?
9 hours of sleep time to help invigorate yourself.

If you are tired, give yourself ample and comfortable sleep, and the next day you will wake up in the morning.


Getting up early requires people to overcome the temptation of staying up late. Before going to bed, will you watch mobile phones, TV and use your laptop?

These electronic devices will exploit our sleep time, so we don’t want to get up the next day.

It can be seen that in order to ensure sleep time, people stay away from electronic products at least one hour before going to bed.

In addition, we feel tired and sleepy should be prepared to sleep, rather than deliberately stop sleep.

People tend to cause fatigue signals from the brain. They think that they have to sleep and should continue to work. I don’t know that this means that sleepiness is constantly being consumed in the long wait until we finally sleep in bed and sleep.Nothing.

Refused to stay up all night, you can become a person who gets up early.


The state of sleep at night determines the early rise of people. The expected environment has a certain impact on people’s sleep. It is similar to the smell of printed books, the taste of chamomile tea or the taste of lavender before going to bed.Habits can help you get back to sleep.
In addition, a clean, clean and serene environment can also relax people’s brains and go to sleep.
Only if you sleep well, you are willing to wake up the next morning, instead of staying in bed and spending this time.


Planning for life after you get up early If people are full of expectations for something, then he will be more actively involved.

If you want to get up early, you can try to plan your day and set something for you to look forward to.

For example, reading, meditation, fitness, bathing, eating breakfast, or making friends about activities in the morning is a good choice, which will make you look forward to getting up early.

  Through the above benefits about getting up early, how to share early, I hope to help everyone’s physical and mental health.

Autumn bowl of health porridge

Autumn bowl of health porridge

For thousands of years, porridge has been loved by the people of the country and has never been bored.

Porridge can regulate appetite, increase appetite, and replenish the body’s moisture.

It is delicious, easy to eat, nutritious and easy to digest. It is really a good health care product.

The beauty of porridge is that it is between rice, vegetables and soup.

There is a full stomach of rice, a delicious and refreshing dish, and no appetizing soup.

Porridge is suitable for both breakfast and nightingale, because the starch in the porridge is fully combined with moisture, providing both heat and moisture, which is easy to digest.

  Starting from a daily, a large bowl of porridge, fasting stomach, the gas is easy to make, not sticky, very soft, and the stomach and stomach, the most delicious diet.

Drinking porridge nourishes the stomach, but it does not increase the burden on the digestive system, nor does it lead to obesity.

Drinking porridge in the evening can also help sleep, which is similar to drinking milk.

Drink porridge in the cold night, when the hot and porridge flows from the mouth to the abdomen, the numerous pores in the body are like ironing, warm, and dripping.

The porridge can also help treat various diseases, health care, and make people prolong life.

  The folk porridge songs circulating by the people are the crystallization of the wisdom and experience of the people, and comprehensively summarize the effects and vivid images of various porridges.

  ”If you don’t sleep, cook porridge and white lotus; if you want good skin, rice porridge cook red dates; shortness of body and weakness, porridge and yam; control platelets, peanuts and porridge; lack of qi, glutinous rice glutinous rice; cure bad breathDisease, litchi can remove roots; clear high fever, porridge plus reed root; high blood pressure dizziness, carrot porridge spirit; to protect liver function, simmer porridge wonderful; thirsty upset, porridge plus kiwi; suffering from beriberi,Rice candy boiled porridge; gastrointestinal diarrhea, walnut porridge stew; dizziness and hyperhidrosis, porridge plus coix seed; constipation to make up the gas, porridge is very suitable; summer heatstroke prevention, lotus leaf with porridge to cook;Ming, porridge with celery.

“Does porridge grow fat?”

  I often hear people say that the four major obstacles to weight loss: soup, sugar, lying, hot.

Porridge at least accounts for its two soups, hot, sweet porridge will have sugar.

There is an old saying in China that “drinking water all over the fat”, and not to explore its meaning, many people will think, drinking water is still the case, drinking porridge is absolutely impossible.

The nutritionist pointed out that drinking porridge will not gain weight, first because the porridge is less water and the starch content is not high.

And because of the water, it can increase the body’s metabolism and promote digestion and absorption.

Porridge is not only rich in nutrients, but also like water. It has the function of cleaning the body organs. A bowl of porridge will make you feel comfortable.

Therefore, the doctor who usually recovers from a serious illness will ask him to drink porridge and eat lightly.

Porridge is actually the best performance to regulate the recovery of human tissue function.

Therefore, porridge has the power of tonic, but there is no fate.

Drinking porridge in the morning and evening is a good choice.

  What should I drink in the autumn? Chinese medicine health experts advocate eating porridge every morning in the fall. For example, Li Ting of the Ming Dynasty thinks: “Gaichen starts to eat porridge, push Chen Zhixin, and raises stomach, and produces fluid, which makes people refreshed and refreshed.”small.

“So, what kind of porridge should be better in the fall?”

  Sugar cane porridge “Fostering the Family Book” with fresh sugar cane, squeezed juice about 100?
150 ml, the right amount of water, with the previous rice porridge.

The porridge function of this medicine is clearing heat and fluid, nourishing yin and moistening dryness. It is suitable for the recovery period of fever, the upset and thirst caused by lack of fluid, lung dry cough, dry stool and so on.

  Huang Jing porridge “Dietary Record” selected clean Huang Jing 10?
30 grams, when simmering the juice, go to the slag or use fresh yellow essence 30?
60 grams, washed, cut into pieces, fry the concentrated juice, to the slag, with the previous rice porridge, porridge into the amount of sugar can be added.

This medicated diet supplements the spleen and stomach and moistens the heart and lungs.

Applicable to spleen and stomach weakness, body fatigue, diet, lung deficiency, dry cough or dry cough without phlegm, lung phlegm and hemoptysis.

  Yuzhu porridge “porridge spectrum” first wash 50 grams of fresh fat jade bamboo, remove the roots, chop the fried juice to the slag, or use Yuzhu 20 grams of decoction to the slag, into the previous rice, add waterCook the right amount into a porridge, add the rock sugar after the porridge, and boil it slightly.

  This medicine porridge nourishes the lungs, stimulates the lungs, quenches thirst, applies to lung yin injury, lung dry cough, dry cough less sputum or no sputum or high fever, polydipsia, dry mouth, yin deficiency, low fever, suitable for all kinds ofA complementary diet therapy for heart failure in patients with heart disease.

  Shashen porridge “porridge spectrum” first take sand ginseng 15?30 grams, fry the medicinal juice, go to the slag, into the rice porridge, add the rock sugar and cook as a thin porridge when cooked, or use fresh sand ginseng 30?
60 grams, washed and sliced, fry the concentrated juice with the previous rice, rock sugar porridge to take.

This medicated diet nourishes the stomach, moistens the lungs, cures the phlegm, and relies on cough. It is suitable for lung heat and dryness, dry cough or sputum, lack of lung qi, lung and stomach yin deficiency, long-term cough, dry throat, or fever.
  Zhuyu Erbao porridge “Medicine dying in the West” first cooked 60 grams of raw coix seed to roast, and then will be raw yam 60 grams chopped, 30 grams of persimmon cream into small pieces, cooked into a paste porridge.

  The porridge function of the medicine supplements the lungs, strengthens the spleen, and nourishes the stomach. It is suitable for the yin deficiency and internal heat, labor and dry cough, stool diarrhea, loss of appetite and other substitutes for spleen and lung qi deficiency.

  When the raw porridge “Drinking is about to be” will cut 25 grams of fresh Radix Rehmanniae (fresh), use a proper amount of water to boil on the fire for about half an hour, then pour out the juice and re-cook it once; concentrate the liquid to about 100 ml., spare; 75 grams of the previous rice wash, boiled into white porridge, mixed with raw juice when hot, and can be added with a small amount of white sugar to taste.
This medicated diet has the functions of nourishing yin and stomach, cooling blood and spleen, and can be used for yin and tidal heat, night sweats, chronic cough, hemoptysis, less food, weight loss, fever, upset, thirst and sleep, and it is difficult to eliminate.disease.

  In the early autumn, many places are still hot and steamed, so that the spleen and stomach are empty and the resistance is reduced. If you can eat some warm food, especially hot medicinal diet is very beneficial to the body.

The reason is that the former rice or glutinous rice, which is an important component of the medicated diet, has always been excellent in spleen and stomach, and complements the function of the gas.

For example, “Materia Medica” is known as the “longest grain, and people must rely on their lives.”

“The diet with the interest rate” said: “Previous Mi Ganping, should cook porridge, porridge rice is the world’s first tonic.

“Do you cook porridge? ● Do you need to add alkali to porridge?

  There are rice porridge and polenta.

Adding alkali can destroy the protein film outside the starch granules, fully dissolve the starch, make the porridge sticky and soft, but destroy the rare vitamins in rice.

Hawthorn can be used instead of alkali, the effect is the same; if it is corn porridge, the opposite is true: adding alkali is necessary.

Because alkali is added, the rich niacin contained in the corn can be released from the combined state, thereby improving the absorption and utilization rate, leading to the occurrence of ecdysis.

  ● Pay attention to the order of the pots that are not easy to boil, such as beans, starchy raw materials; lotus seeds must first remove the pain; raw almonds, walnuts are best soaked first, peeled to bitter after the pot; raw peanuts, 藕, lily, etc., when the ripening is finally added, in order to maintain a crisp feeling; when cooking bean porridge, before the rice is put into the rice, the beans are boiled into the cold water, and the beans are “excited” and sometimes easy to flower.

Then put the rice into it.

Before the rice kernel is boiled, it should be soaked until it is bright, so it is easy to cook, no need to have too much heat, just put it in a few minutes before the pot.

When cooking porridge, you should put salt, chicken essence, oil and other condiments after the rice porridge is thoroughly cooked. Finally, when the cold dishes are hot porridge, the dish will be exuded, and the vegetables are still fresh and tender.Nutrition will not be lost.

  ●What is the standard of porridge?

  To make a pot of porridge is very simple, but not easy.

There are five main elements of delicious porridge. See if you have done it?


Raw rice porridge is better than eating rice directly into porridge for many years.


Use round rice porridge, easy to cook and soft, good taste.


Adding broth is a little secret of porridge nutrition.


The high temperature gelatinizes the delicious, this is the chemically famous Maillard reaction.


It is best to use fresh rice to cook porridge, the ingredients should be fresher, otherwise the porridge will not be delicious.

  There are more and more ways to cook porridge. Home pressure cookers, rice cookers, and even microwave ovens can take on the task of porridge. The method is usually cooked and cooked.

  The cooking method is to first boil it until it is rolled out, and then use a small fire to slowly collect the porridge soup until it is thick.

Porridge should not leave the fire.

And the porridge with high requirements must always be cooked to a small fire.

The method of simmering is to heat up to a boil, then pour into a covered wooden barrel, cover the lid, and simmer for about 2 hours.

This method makes the porridge scent more pure and thick.

Cooking is often used in the home.

In addition, the production of color porridge, as well as the method of mixing the ingredients into a variety of ingredients, such as sashimi porridge.
You can also fry the ingredients first, then add the broth and water into the soup to cook the porridge.

When making porridge, you should pay attention to the water to be added once, and the porridge can be used in one go to achieve the blending of rice and water.

Can the rice used for porridge be soaked in water 5?
6 hours, then the pot, can also be washed directly after the pot directly.

Cooking in the first dipping can shorten the time of porridge, but soaking easily leads to loss of nutrients.

If there are herbs in the formula that cannot be eaten directly, you can first cook the Chinese medicine into a medicinal juice, filter out the precipitate and then add rice or noodle porridge, or first research the Chinese medicine into a powder, then cook the porridge and rice together;In the case of the body shape crack, the knife should be processed first, then the porridge is cooked in the pot to make the porridge thick and thick.
  Home Changqing porridge production method: Put rice and adzuki beans into the kettle one night in advance, add appropriate amount of boiling water, and eat the next morning.

It is very suitable for “lazy beauty” who likes to sleep back in the morning.

Gastrointestinal disease high season season health needs attention

Gastrointestinal disease high season season health needs attention

The high-yield season of chronic diseases needs to pay attention to the fall of the autumn, and our body functions change and change the climate.

What kind of consequences are we should pay attention to and prevent?

Hurry and follow TV Jun to quote what the doctor said!

Chronic health care in the high-risk season of chronic diseases needs to pay attention to Chen Zhuo, deputy chief of science and education department of the First People’s Hospital of the county, affected by the current season, the incidence is more, mainly infectious diarrhea, acute pneumonia and other digestive diseases.

Because in this season, the temperature is hot, the bacteria multiply quickly, the food is more susceptible to pollution, and overeating and drinking is also the most important cause of the endangered index of stagnation.

It is said that TV Jun understands that infectious diarrhea and acute pancreatitis are one of the main reasons. In order to let the public know more about the situation and seek medical treatment in time to avoid delays, Dr. Chen also gave us a detailed explanation!

Chen Zhuo, deputy chief of science and education department of the First People’s Hospital of the county, usually has symptoms related to the digestive tract, such as nausea, refusal to vomit, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. Some serious infections may be accompanied by systemic symptoms such as fever and fatigue.Sore muscles and so on.

In the case of acute pancreatitis, it is usually the initial manifestation of abuse of vomiting and acute upper abdominal pain.

In response to the above symptoms, people’s lifestyle should be adjusted, what prevention?

Chen Zhuo, deputy section chief of the Science and Education Department of the First People’s Hospital of the County, suggested that prevention should be carried out in three aspects. The first is to ensure the safety of food sources. If you choose to make fresh and safe ingredients, if you go out to dinner, choose a sanitary quarantine

The second is to pay attention to personal hygiene, cut nails, wash hands before and after meals.

The third is to avoid bad habits such as staying up late, overeating, drinking and reducing resistance.

For more exciting content, please lock in the “Golden Hall News” tonight at 20:05.

Skillfully eating, fueling the body

Skillfully eating, fueling the body

Let the thin body become healthy and plump is the beauty of thin women.

Some people mistakenly think that it is quite wrong to make “skinny” into “fat”, that is, to achieve the beauty of the body, so blindly eating a lot.

Many women not only do not have “beauty”, but instead suffer from chronic diseases because they “eat too much.”

  What is the correct diet?

  Nutrition experts and gym instructors agree that thin women can follow the following dietary methods to help the body look good.

  Eating less and eating more is an important way to increase weight. Most people who are thinner are weaker in the stomach. Eating too much at a meal often causes gastrointestinal indigestion.

You can increase the number of meals to 4, 5 or more, but it must be moderate, so as to avoid excessive weight gain and suffering from obesity, it will not be worth the loss.

When you are eating a nutritious diet, you don’t have to be as jealous as obese people. Choose a nutritious food to eat. Eat more protein, traces, vitamins and minerals such as lean meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables, and fruits., soy products, honey, nuts and so on.

  But be careful not to eat too much crude fiber food.

The fiber contained in the food will swell and swell during the passage through the digestive tract, increasing the volume of the food and slowing down the speed of the upper digestive tract and the small intestine, so it is easy to cause satiety and reduce food intake.

A woman with a thin body drinks a cup of orange juice at rest, which helps the stomach to provide more stomach acid and effectively promotes digestion and absorption of food.

Do not do housework or work immediately after using the meal. You should sit down or lie down for a while, at least half an hour before you can start working.

  Enjoy the joy of snacks in addition to the height of the scattered, enjoy the joy of snacks.

Usually, you can put some snacks containing certain concentrations, such as biscuits, jellies, potato chips, mung bean cakes, sausages, whole milk powder, chocolate, etc., in the place where you can reach them.

When you eat orange, orange and other fruits, and add juice in the whole milk powder, it can help the body to deliver more content.

  Nighttime eating at night, some short-term early storage is easier to store. The ability to break down the body during sleep is weakened. Eating cakes before going to bed, ice cream, sesame cakes and other high-protein snacks are better than eating during the day.

Nutritionists reminded that it is not appropriate to eat too much at night, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach, which is not conducive to health and sleep, and has no side effects for the body.

Tomato potato soup helps to slim down

Tomato potato soup helps to slim down

[Introduction]Cook a simple soup and want to have a strong taste. Try using a tomato.

Stir the tomato juice out of the juice, let out the scent, then pour it into the water to boil. Then you want to put some meat on the plate. It is also good to make an egg flower, or the simplest underground vegetables, the taste is very rich.

  I tasted this tomato potato soup today, the material is very simple, but the nutrition is very good, and the beauty slimming effect.

  Seasoning: Oil: 1 tbsp, chicken powder: 1/2 teaspoon, salt: moderate, 3?
4 people practice: 1.

Wash the tomatoes, each cut 6 petals; 2.

Wash the potatoes and cut them into thin slices; 3.

Wash the onions and cut into chopped green onions; 4.

Put a tablespoon of oil in the hot pot. Add the tomato juice and fry until the oil is 60% hot. When the aroma is strong, pour in 4 bowls of water and boil. Add the potato and cook 8?
After 10 minutes until cooked, mix the salt and chicken powder evenly, and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

  Efficacy: slimming, beauty, and anti-aging.

  ● 靓 心 心 水 薯 薯 切 切 切 切 切 切 切

  ●Gourmet Science Hall Potatoes Guangdong people like to call potatoes “potato”, but it is actually not “potato” (Guangzhou words have stupid, old-fashioned meaning), it is with rice, wheat and other ranks in the world 5One of the big agricultural products, with high nutritional value, is called “the perfect food”.

There is a saying that people rely on potatoes and whole milk to maintain their health and health, because the nutrients of potatoes are very comprehensive and the nutritional structure is reasonable, but the amount of protein, calcium and vitamin A is slightly lower; and this is just the right use.Fat milk to supplement.

From the concept of medicinal value, Chinese medicine believes that potatoes have a stomach and a tone, benefit Qi and spleen, strengthen the body and kidney, reduce inflammation, promote blood circulation, reduce swelling and other effects. Little potato is really not easy!

  For the beauty of the lady, the potato also has a good skin care effect, the Germans have long liked to use the surface of the steamed potato juice to remove the tanned skin.

Daily common potato chips are applied for 20 minutes, which can be used to reduce the swelling of the lower eyelids. It can also be used for facial swelling, stretching the facial skin, eliminating wrinkles and making the entire face smooth and tender.

  There are many varieties of potatoes, which are different all over the world. The common ones in China are Chinese yellow-skinned potatoes. It has yellow-skinned white meat, high starch content, and water can also be imported. It is easy to fry and stew.

Classic home-cooked diets include vinegar and potato, potato ribs, potato roast beef, and more.

The Southeast Asian-style curry condiment, which was gradually popular in the past, is indispensable to the appearance of potatoes. Due to the simple cooking, it is now loved by many families.

  Let’s take a look at two Western-style potato dishes: 2 buttered potatoes, 2 potato chips, 30 grams of butter, 20 grams of cream, cheese, salt, sugar, shallots, olive oil, milk, eggs, bacon.Broken all aspects.

Peel the potatoes and cut into large pieces and put them in the oven for 4 minutes (fire), then add the cream and mix well with the spoon; put it in the food bag and cool it by hand (do not press it completely, so there is the taste of the potato), put into the container and then into the egg, a small amount of milk, salt and sugar to taste; burn the hot pot with butter and olive oil, add the shallots of the shallots to the potato and mix well, and put the bacon into the small dish.Then sprinkle with cheese and preheat the oven at 170 degrees for 5 minutes. Finally, put the prepared potato into the oven, 170 degrees for 10 minutes (see the cheese turn yellow) Serve.

  1 potato salad, 1 egg, 50 grams of salad dressing, salt, 1 small cucumber, 1 small tomato (decorative).

Wash the potatoes and add them to the water to cook them. Use chopsticks to penetrate them. After peeling them out, peel them and put them into a pot and grind them into mashed potatoes. Add some water and mix well, so that the mashed potatoes will be smoother.Cook in boiling water, remove it into cold water, then remove the shell, crush the egg yolk into the mashed potatoes, cut the protein into small pieces, cut into thin slices of cucumber and cut into small pieces; remove the protein and cucumber grains and a half of the salad dressing (anotherHalf for decoration. Add to the salad pot and mix well with mashed potatoes, add seasoning with salt; pour the potato salad into a bowl and pour it into a ball; squeeze the potato salad with the remaining salad dressing and sprinkle someSesame and seaweed are chopped, and then decorated with cucumber slices and small tomatoes.

Change the way to add interest to running weight loss

Change the way to add “interest” to running weight loss

Do you feel that running is boring when you face the runway that you can’t see?
Are you willing to sleep in a warm and comfortable bed rather than going to the morning?
Has the treadmill become a place where you only want to look far and not want to play?
Are you really tired of running?
Try the tips below and it will add a little fun to your run!
  Opening a good head Everything is difficult at the beginning. At the beginning, you will inevitably feel that it is very uncomfortable to get up early in the morning, and you are very reluctant. Who doesn’t like the warm bed?
If you are defeated by this feeling, then well, you will never mention exercise again.
But if you overcome this feeling, stick to the beginning of the day, daily exercise will become a part of your life, as natural and simple as eating and sleeping.
  Change exercise time Are you used to running in the morning?
Then, try changing the running time to evening or evening.
A simple time shift will make your feelings and moods very different.
There are changes, there is fun.
  Adjusting the speed of movement In a single long run, you can try to change your speed.
After fully warming up, you should finish the first 800 meters at a faster speed, then gradually slow down and slowly run the second 800 meters with a slow speed. If you alternate, you will find that the usual long-distance running becomesEasy to fly.
  A little bit of dynamic music Listening to music while exercising, as long as it is your favorite and dynamic music, it will make you energy unlimited.
Go buy a new CD now, tape is OK, maybe those energetic dance songs will make you want to stop and stop.
  Finding a “like-minded person” Psychologists tell us that running with many people is easier and more enjoyable than walking alone.
Invite your friends to work out together, or join a running club where you will meet many “like-minded” friends.
  Replenish energy in time If you always feel physically exhausted during exercise, you are most likely underpowered.
Ingest foods high in sugar 90 minutes before exercise, and sugar will quickly replenish your energy.
At the same time, don’t forget to add energy after exercise, let yourself be full of energy and energy!
  Don’t forget to relax Running shouldn’t be a chore, just let yourself relax, such as a day or two of rest a week, so that your body and mind can be restored.

Elderly women’s health care knowledge

Elderly women’s health care knowledge

The ovarian function is degraded, the reproductive organs begin to shrink, the functions of various organs of the body generally decline, and the whole body has undergone degenerative changes.

Estrogen secretion is reduced, and a small number of metabolic disorders lead to a slight reduction or excessive skin.

Reduced melanin synthesis causes whitening and replacement of hair.

Endocrine changes cause age spots on the face and arms, back of the hand, etc.

Malnutrition occurs due to reduced food intake and poor absorption, resulting in dehydration of the subcutaneous tissue, subcutaneous drying, tearing, relaxation and wrinkles.

Older women are prone to osteoporosis or osteomalacia due to increased catabolism and insufficient calcium supplementation.

  On the psychological side, some elderly people are unable to adapt to the physiological degradation phenomenon, feel pessimistic and disappointed, there is a kind of “sunset is infinitely good, just near dusk” sigh, or suppressed by the fear of not long life.

In fact, aging is irresistible, but only by using a positive attitude to fight aging, strengthen diet and mental health and exercise, can overcome the aging process, enhance vitality, and maintain the vitality of youth.

  (1) Cardiovascular system: There are data showing that the heart rate is gradually slower from 30 to 80 years old, and the output per minute of the heart is correspondingly reduced. After entering the elderly, the cardiac output is reduced by about 30%, and the amount of oxygen obtained by all the cells in the body.Also reduced.

Therefore, the elderly should not do large-volume activities, so as to avoid insufficient oxygen supply, especially coronary artery insufficiency leading to myocardial infarction and even myocardial infarction.

The increase in elasticity of vasoconstriction gradually decreases, and the hardening of the vessel wall gradually worsens, so the elderly are prone to hypertension.

  (2) Digestive system: The elderly often have loose teeth and displacement, which affects the chewing function, making the food difficult to chew, affecting digestion and absorption, and in the long run, leading to lack of nutrition.

Because of the tooth defects, the elderly like to eat soft and chewy food.

These foods often destroy vitamins (vitamin foods) during overcooking.

The gastric acid secretion of the elderly is significantly reduced, and the reduction of gastric acid makes the decomposition of food incomplete, affecting the digestion and absorption of food.

  In addition, the activities of other digestive enzymes in the digestive tract, such as pepsin, trypsin and pancreatic microenzymes, are also reduced to varying degrees.

Due to the above characteristics, the elderly should pay attention to the diet, chewing slowly, food temperature and hardness should be appropriate.

The intestinal peristalsis of the elderly is slowed down, the food residue in the large intestine can not be discharged in time, and constipation is easy to occur. Therefore, the elderly should drink more water properly. Eat more supplemented cellulose vegetables and fruits often participate in some convenient sports activities to enhance fatigue and creep.Reduce or prevent constipation.

  (3) Urine system: The kidney is an important organ of the urinary system.

Its basic function is to generate urine and excrete metabolic waste in the body.

With the increase of age, the cell structure of the kidney tissue changes frequently, the weight of the kidney is also reduced, and the function is correspondingly reduced.

  (4) Respiratory system: With the increase of age, the lung capacity of the elderly is gradually reduced, and the ability of the lung to resist the invasion of the virus and various harmful substances is greatly reduced.

In response to these changes, the elderly should do more moderate breathing exercises and have the purpose of exercising respiratory muscle strength.

Eat more carrots and other foods that replace carotene and vitamin A to enhance the resistance of the respiratory tract and reduce respiratory diseases.

  (5) Skin: Free radicals generated during oxidation in living organisms can interact with some macromolecules in the body, such as phospholipids formed on phospholipids on biofilms to form a lipofuscin, blood of elderly women.The lipid peroxide increased with the year, and the activity of anti-free radical enzyme (SOD, GSH-PX) decreased, which reduced the ability of the body to scavenge free radicals.

Vitamin A and B vitamins, carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium can enhance the body’s anti-free radical effect, which is beneficial to delaying aging and anti-cancer.

  In general, elderly women experience an increase in age, and the functions of various organs of the body gradually decline. It is an irresistible natural law and a physiological process of sadness.

However, modern medical science tells people that using a reasonable, balanced and healthy diet and developing good habits can delay this gradual process.

Qigong Qiqi practice method

Qigong Qiqi practice method

Through the air.
Standing on both feet and shoulder width, the whole body is relaxed, the knees are slightly flexed, so that the Baihui, the perineum, and the two springs are connected in a line. The three points are in a straight line, and the eyelids are drooping, leaving a line of light.
  The qi qigong is one of the qigongs in weight loss. The so-called qi is the qi stagnation of the mind, and the three lines of the front, the middle and the back are used to achieve the purpose of running qi and blood, eliminating fat and strengthening the body, and for simple obesity.Weight loss treatment has certain benefits.
  Practice: Persistence.
Standing on both feet and shoulder width, the whole body is relaxed, the knees are slightly flexed, so that the Baihui, the perineum, and the two springs are connected in a line. The three points are in a straight line, and the eyelids are drooping, leaving a line of light.
Use the same limb to guide the movement and use a variety of mind activities to deflate.
  1 front, middle and back three lines a.

The arms are lifted from the side of the body, lifted over the top of the head, and the hands are illuminated by a hundred hearts. The palms of the hands are slowly moved down from the front of the body to the front of the lower abdomen (the following exercises are performed simultaneously at the same time).
The imaginary gas is divided into two lines from the left and right sides, and merges from the left and right ears to the throat. It is divided into two lines, which are descended to the breasts along the collarbone, confluent to the navel and down to the perineum; then separate, along the inside of the leg.Note the spring, and finally enter the ground three feet.

Imagine a tube from the Baihui through the perineum, the gas in the tube from top to bottom, and then divided into two with the leg, from the thigh bone marrow directly to the spring, and then into the ground three feet.

The imaginary spirit from Baihui along the spine to the life gate, and then divided into two lines, through the left and right ring jump points along the back of the two legs to fill the spring, into the ground three feet.
  2 front, middle and back three pieces of gas a.
The intentional qi qi from the Baihui through the face, chest and abdomen, the front of the legs directly to the spring, into the ground three feet.
  b.The imaginary gas starts from Baihui, passes through the internal organs and passes through the perineum, and then separates the spring from the legs and enters the ground.
  c.The imaginary gas begins at Baihui, passes directly to the buttocks through the back, and then bets the springs behind the legs and enters the ground three feet.
  3 whole body qi qi qi qi from the Baihui classic body to the spring, into the ground three feet.
  a.Station pile: connected, standing, upper limbs naturally drooping, legs slightly bent, chest with back, tongue tip lightly on the upper jaw, head straight, with a smile.
Relax your body, close your eyes, breathe naturally, and gradually reach deep, thin, and even.
Imagine that the fat in the body gradually decomposes, starting from the abdomen and gradually expanding to the whole body.
Stand for 10-30 minutes each time.
  b.Through the gas: the same as a.
The long-term practice gradually has the feeling of filling the lower abdomen and flowing inside the air; when the mind guides the gas, the parts of the whole body will gradually appear warm and airy, etc.; when the intentional gas is discharged into the underground by the spring, the springThe points will have a feeling of fever or hotness, which are normal reactions of the exercises.
  c.Revenue: I want to breathe all parts of the body into the small belly of Dantian, meditation “I want to receive power” three times, rubbing his face.

There are 30,000 dementia patients in Hangzhou

There are 30,000 dementia patients in Hangzhou

Experts believe that: drinking some wine, using more brains, eating more rain can prevent Alzheimer’s. Many people may not believe that there are more than 30,000 dementia patients in this beautiful city of Hangzhou.

Yesterday, more than 30 experts from 8 large hospitals in Hangzhou conducted a large-scale clinic in the People’s Hospital of Zhejiang Province, responding to the national “brain health tour lecture and large-scale clinic activities” called “Farewell to Forgetfulness, Stay away from Dementia”.

Many citizens signed their names on the “Heart Health Man’s Signature Long Volume”.

  Alzheimer’s disease, also known as senile memory disorder, is a common chronic mental illness in the elderly. It has become the third biggest threat to human health after cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and malignant tumors.

Statistics show that there are currently about 5 million patients in China.

Zhejiang Province has entered an aging society in 2000, and there are currently 580 elderly people over the age of 60.

760,000, the proportion of the elderly population has reached 12.

92%, higher than the national 2.

8 averages.

The average annual growth rate of the elderly population in Hangzhou is as high as 6%, far exceeding the national average growth rate of 3%, and the population aged 65 and over reaches 60.

230,000, its entry into an aging society is 10 years ahead of other cities in the country.

Statistics show that there are more than 30,000 Alzheimer’s patients in Hangzhou.

  ”Farewell to forgetfulness?

The Dementia-Brain Health Tour Lecture and Large-scale Clinics were jointly organized by the China Geriatric Care Association, the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association Health Promotion and Education Committee, and Hangkang Pharmaceutical CCTV “Sunset Red” column, and on October 25th.The day was officially launched in Beijing, with the aim of raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease among the masses, especially the elderly, strengthening awareness of disease prevention, and mastering knowledge about preventive health care.

The five cities expected for the first phase of the event are: Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Hangzhou is the second stop of the “activity”.

“We hope that the elderly in Hangzhou can be as beautiful as the city of Berlin.

Li Shen, president of the China Association of Geriatric Care, is full of emotions.

  At the event site, experts believe that moderate drinking, using more brains, eating more fish, and taking cholesterol-lowering drugs can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, but also remind all elderly people that a healthy lifestyle is a good medicine for preventing diseases, and prevention is more important than treatment.

  During the activity, the deputy director of the Department of Neurology of Zhejiang Medical Association, Jin Shi, chief physician gave a special lecture entitled “Early Attack of Alzheimer’s Disease”. The medical institutions participating in the clinic were the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College and the Second Hospital., Shao Yifu Hospital and Zhejiang People’s Hospital, Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang Hospital, Zhejiang Tongde Hospital, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital.

Want to raise your liver healthily – eating more of these foods will help you get twice the result with half the effort

Want to raise your liver healthily?

Eat more of these kinds of foods to make you do more with less.

The liver is an important part of the visceral system of the human body. It has an important role in detoxification and is an important part of the human body’s metabolism. However, most modern living habits are not good, like staying up late, like to eat greasy food, like smoking and drinking., causing great damage to the body, especially the liver.

Always pay attention to your own liver.

Healthy liver, eat more of these kinds of foods to make you get twice the result with half the effort.

  1, mushroom liver is the main detoxification organ of the human body, mushroom has strong detoxification function, and has a good protective effect on the liver.

The selenium contained in mushrooms is not only high in quantity, but also easily absorbed by the body, so you should eat more, especially those who like to drink, mushrooms can help you stay away from liver disease.

  2, jujube experiments prove that daily drinking of jujube water for people with poor liver function, can increase the body’s serum protein for 1 week, thus achieving the effect of liver and detoxification.

Take 7 red dates or 2 longan eyes every day, add water to cook or heat into 500 ml tea, drink a cup a day to nourish liver blood, help promote metabolism, maintain health and squirm.

  3, medlar has Bushen Yijing, nourishing liver and eyesight, moistening the lungs and nourishing yin, used for kidney yin, liver weakness caused by lower limb weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, infertility, infertility, vision loss, shrinking Huang Wuhua, YinMany manifestations of blood deficiency and so on.

You can eat a variety of ways, such as making tea, soup, and cooking.

However, it should be noted that it is better to take a small amount of long-term use, not excessive.

  4, chicken liver “to the dirty liver chicken first”, chicken liver belongs to Gan warm food, can blood, liver, stomach, is a good choice for food to nourish the liver, stronger than other animals liver.

It is advisable to take 3 fresh chicken livers, 100 grams of rice, and take them with the porridge.

This method of food supplement is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with hepatic blood deficiency and those who have loss of appetite or dry eyes and tears.

  5, amaranth eat more leeks, can enhance the spleen and stomach of the human body, so that when the spring is warm and cold, remove the yin and cold, Yangyang protects the liver.

Because of the cellulose-containing cellulose, leek also has a laxative effect of increasing intestinal peristalsis, which is beneficial to clean the intestinal lumen.

However, amaranth heat to help the yang, yin deficiency or body sore is not suitable for consumption, because amaranth contains high protein, chronic kidney disease and gout patients should be used with caution.

  In the process of raising liver and protecting the liver, diet therapy is the most effective and safest method of maintenance. If you eat these nourishing foods, you can supplement the various nutrients needed for insulin, promote metabolism, maintain body health andCreeping.
Therefore, friends with bad livers must not miss it in life!